These wheelchair ramp plans will aid you come build and install a handicap ramp that's safe and efficient.

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Get approvals and permits

Most structure codes require a permit and inspection if the wooden ramp is 30 in. Or an ext above the ground. In addition, some places require frost-proof footings for permanently set up ramps, while others enable you to set the ramp on cure plywood pads if the for momentary use. Plus, numerous homeowner associations need design and also material preapproval before you can start the project. Inspect all those requirements and also get all her approvals and also permits fine before any trips come the lumberyard.

Build the wood ramp in modules

Building the ramp in location with long spans is a common DIY mistake. Lengthy spans are harder to readjust and difficult to reconfigure if the original style proves unworkable. Instead, develop individual modules and bolt them together at the vertical supports. Later on on, you deserve to disassemble and also sell the modules to recoup her investment as soon as the ramp is no longer needed.


Mind the gap

The two many important areas on a ramp are where the top landing butts up to the door threshold and also where the ramp transitions to the ground. The upper landing need to be level or within 3/8 in. That the threshold. A larger void will abruptly avoid the wheelchair’s former wheels.

Calculate slope and also end suggest for your accessibility ramp

Use the slope formula to calculate the ramp’s end point. For a residential wheelchair ramp slope, multiply the distance from the threshold come the floor by the desired slope. That’ll provide you the ending point from the house (not the yes, really ramp length), if the ramp is developed in a directly line. To identify the really ramp size to calculate a bill of materials, uncover the square source of the amount of the rise elevation squared and the street from the residence squared. Then include the lengths that the landings.

The crucial dimensions for a wooden ramp: Handicap ramp specs

Door landings have to be huge enough (at least 58 x 60 in.) to allow a wheelchair occupant to open up the door and earlier up without rolling onto the sloped area. Permit extra elbow room (12 come 24 in.) top top the take care of side for out-swing doors. A 58 x 60-in. Landing is adequate for 90-degree transforms (Figure A), yet must it is in 58 x 96 in. (Figure B) because that 180-degree switchback turns. If the ramp consists of long stretches, include an intermediate level landing as a remainder area.

Making the ramp as well narrow is also a usual DIY mistake. The ramp must have actually at the very least 36-in. Side-to-side clear room and a maximum 36-in. Spacing from the ramp floor come the peak of the handrails (Figure C).

Before you proceed, draw a thorough sketch of your ramp, mirroring ramp width, landing size and site location.

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Local codes trump our advice

Local structure authorities have the final word on all designs and specifications. Don’t wait until your ramp is built to find that that doesn’t meet your regional codes. Gain your plan reviewed through a local structure inspector an initial so you don’t have to redo your difficult work.