It"s that time the year, the time once plans are beginning to be produced the 2009 season. The upcoming season regularly has a method of sneaking up on teams, things obtain busy throughout the off-season with family and work, and before you understand it you have actually two weeks before the an initial race of the year. Trust me, the teams that will be competing for championships this comes year have currently got a head start. Very rarely will certainly you have a championship-caliber car or team that isn"t an ext than overly all set for the first race that the year.

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Circle track magazine is commonly known approximately the racing civilization for providing its readers with beneficial technical articles and also being the #1 source for advanced Racing Technology. Because that the 2009 season, one Track will certainly be taking on a substantial project: to show you, our readers, what it takes to build, race, and also maintain a championship-caliber car/team. Since I ran the "08 Hooters agree Cup season, us opted to stick v the 105-inch wheelbase car. This will offer us the adaptability to run in a competitive nationwide touring series such as USAR pro Cup or NASCAR Camping civilization Series. While that decision will certainly be reported in the coming issue, the goal will certainly be to complete for the championship.

This car will be documented throughout the course of the year, and we will certainly be mirroring the construct from the floor up, showing up in miscellaneous stories showing its progress. In the next few months ~ the construct is complete, we will be experimentation the car. We will certainly not only present you just how the auto ran, but additionally show the changes we made come the original setup. Lot of what we will do with the vehicle will it is in applicable to numerous forms of racing. So without more ado, here"s the very first in a long line of stories neighboring this upcoming season.

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The winter for many teams means one thing-getting your equipment ready for the following season. Many teams will have a choice, even if it is to build a brand-new chassis or to make enhancements to the chassis they currently have. Our chassis has actually been a really great car however it to be time to obtain a new one. The chassis to be close come 7 year old and has had actually three various teams call it your own. And trust me, each among us had actually hit everything however the lottery v the car.

The foundation of a championship-caliber team is a hard car. That"s why we made decision to go through a Leavitt chassis. Leavitt Racing contents is among the top chassis building contractors in the industry. Its workmanship is 2nd to none, which girlfriend will be able to see throughout the develop of this car.

I have broken up the structure of the chassis into what we accomplished each day we worked on the car. This way, you"ll be able to see exactly how the auto was constructed from the soil up and the procedure it complied with to completion.

Built the rear clip for the chassis - ns assumed once I arrived at Leavitt Racing contents in Mooresville, N.C., that us would piece the auto together on the jig and also then traction the chassis off once it was finished. However, what wake up is the automobile is actually constructed in four steps. We construct the behind clip, front clip, and center "cage prior to ever walk on the jig. And then ultimately we weld the auto together on the jig.

See every 30 photosThe jig whereby you construct the rails because that the behind clip serves two purposes, it not only ensures that each rear clip is designed the same, but it additionally prevents the steel from stretching or warping if the tubing is being heated through the welder.

Built the front clip - Just as with the rear clip, the former clip is pieced with each other on the jig. However, it it s okay a little an ext complex, because of the control arm mounting points. If there is any form of bind or resistance in the activity of the control arms, climate it will not permit the control arms to take trip at a consistent rate once it access time the track.

See all 30 photosWe additionally will be installing our steering box mounts as well.
See every 30 photosThe facility section consists of a most tube bending and fabricating work. Here, Steve Leavitt bends the A-post because that our "cage.

Gettin" Jiggy - It"s currently time to gain the vehicle on the jig! We"ll take whatever we"ve consisted of to this allude and piece it all together. This has cutting and placing the framerails and centering the front and also rear clip v the framerails. We"ll attach the front and also rear clip to the framerails, we"ll affix the crossmember, and of food the truck arm mounting points.

See all 30 photosOK, we"ve cut the framerails and also we"ve got the front and also rear clip top top the jig. Currently it"s time to center the clips v the framerails. We carry out this by to run a centerline under the middle of the jig and centering everything with it.

Finishing the Rollcage - It"s now time to affix the "cage to the framerails. One point we don"t desire to forget is due to the fact that we have actually raised the framerail on the right side, we require to cut the "cage down on the best rear come ensure that it will certainly sit on the framerails level. In addition, we will affix the an additional lead rail top top the within of framerail.

See all 30 photosSteve places the "cage 1 inch farther ago than he normally does to provide me a little much more legroom.

Getting Closer - through Day 6 upon us, us now affix the support bars native the "cage come the front and also rear clip. We mount the firewall support struts as well as the shock bungs in the front of the car. Then, we start the procedure of checking clearances for the inner sheetmetal.

See all 30 photosWe"re getting a many closer to gift able to pull the automobile off the jig. This day we run the assistance bars indigenous the "cage to the front and also rear clips.

Pulling it off - The Jig, that is. The automobile is just about finished. Every we need to do is walk over the car and make details we have actually welded up everything. Us don"t desire anything the is just tacked gaining sheetmetal.

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See every 30 photosIt"s much much easier to complete all the welding now, than once the auto has the entire interior put in it.