These days, many of us use Wi-Fi in our houses to accessibility the internet, stream our favourite movies and also television shows and connect our smart devices.

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9 advice for gaining a more powerful Wi-Fi Signal

While it’s difficult to to win the convenience of Wi-Fi for remaining connected, it can be frustrating when the signal is lacking. And also the much more devices we connect, the enlarge that worry becomes.

In this article, we’ll walk over some ways you might be able to improve the Wi-Fi signal in her home.

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1. Reboot her Modem and Router


The following thing to consider when you’re trying to optimize her Wi-Fi signal is whereby you place your router. In general, the farther her router is from the devices associated to that signal, the weaker the signal is going to be.

Ideally, you desire to location your router in a central location in your residence so you’re never ever too much from it even if you’re moving about with your mobile devices. If you usage Wi-Fi mainly for streaming come televisions in your home, you’ll benefit from the router gift closer to those TVs.

Other points that can aid are making certain the router is elevated and that it’s not surrounded through other electronic devices.

3. Make sure Your Router Is Updated

When a brand-new version of your computer’s operating system is released, it’s a an excellent idea to operation the update in order come patch defense holes and also get the best performance. The same goes for her router.


If you’ve never ever updated your router’s firmware, that could explain worries you’re having actually with your Wi-Fi signal. The updating procedure varies native router come router, but you should be able to find to update instructions on the website of your router’s manufacturer. This article goes into detail about what the process involves.

4. Secure her Signal

Making certain your wireless network is for sure not only helps defend you indigenous malicious activity, yet it can additionally ensure that no one is thefts your valuable bandwidth. If next-door neighbors or even just passersby room using your signal, that way there’s less accessible for you.

Here are 11 keys to maintaining your house Wi-Fi network safe and also secure.

5. Make certain You’re ~ above a clean Channel

If friend live in a densely inhabited area, your Wi-Fi signal might be experiencing from congestion. If you and also your next-door neighbors are trying to usage the same channel, everyone’s router performance can suffer.

Most routers are set up to automatically use the clearest channel available, but that’s no the instance for every one of them. Check your router’s administration interface to view if her is collection on “automatic.” If it’s not and also that choice is available, pick it. If your router doesn’t have actually that option, you’ll require to change the channel manually. PCMag has more information on how to perform that.

6. View if There are Apps Hogging your Bandwidth

Different applications use different amounts of bandwidth, and also if you’ve obtained multiple apps to run that are bandwidth hogs, overall performance is going to suffer.

Most routers come v something called Quality of business (QoS) tools that can aid you border the amount of bandwidth different apps use. You can use these devices to prioritize details apps end others. Because that example, if you want to make certain your streaming of the large game isn’t interrupted due to the fact that your children are playing gamings online you would certainly assign a greater priority to her streaming organization than your device’s browser.

7. Use 5GHz at brief Ranges

If you have actually a “dual band” router, you have actually the option of using either the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band. You will normally get better performance if you select 5GHz, due to the fact that it’s less frequently used and also there will be much less interference.

The caveat right here is the the 5GHz signal doesn’t travel as far and also doesn’t fare too with obstructions together the 2.4GHz band does, so it isn’t a an excellent option for devices that space located much away (or plenty of walls away) from the router. You deserve to learn much more about the differences in between the 2.4 and also 5GHz bands here.

8. Gain a Repeater/Booster/Extender


Another thing to consider is purchase a product the will give your Wi-Fi signal a foot up. These gadgets go by the surname “repeater,” “booster” and also “extender,” yet they all basically perform the exact same thing: take her Wi-Fi signal, amplify it and then send it out again indigenous a various location.

These are relatively inexpensive and can be an especially useful in larger houses or locations where there space a lot of obstructions. This site has actually a great roundup the the best ones easily accessible right now.

9. Take into consideration a Mesh-Based System

A much more expensive but an ext thorough option is come invest in a wireless mesh router system. Money professional Howard is a large proponent the these gadgets that you place throughout your home, essentially ensuring the your Wi-Fi signal is that same strength in every room.

Be prepared to covering out $200-$300 because that a mechanism that will certainly cover a larger home. That course, that’s money well invested if you never ever want come worry around having a weak Wi-Fi signal again.

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Final Thought

Everyone’s Wi-Fi instance is different, for this reason there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for managing a weak signal. If you’re having issues, begin with several of the totally free solutions above to watch if they cause improvement. If nothing seems to work, only then need to you think about shelling out money for a repeater or mesh system.