Her point out of “blowing up the White House” at the Women’s march on Washington was a standard moment because that her—and for the new president’s team.

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Some that the occasions of this previous weekend—the size of the protest crowds, the question-free “alternative facts” push briefing—were there is no precedent. But one was so acquainted that that warrants a Groundhog’s job comparison: Madonna claimed something controversial, and also controversy ensued.

Early in her speech at the Women’s in march on Washington in D.C., Madonna gave a post “to ours detractors that insist this march will certainly never add up come anything.”

That message: “Fuck you. Fuck you.”

“Yes, i’m angry,” she walk on come say. “Yes, i’m outraged. Yes, I have actually thought an horrible lot about blowing up the White House.”

“But,” she added, “I recognize that this won’t readjust anything. We can’t fall into despair. Together the poet W.H. Auden as soon as wrote ~ above the eve of human being War II, we must love one one more or die. I select love. Space you v me? to speak this with me. We choose love. We pick love. We pick love.”

Her speech has now tackled outsized prominence in reaction to the demonstrations, especially among conservatives. Newt Gingrich and also Piers Morgan both claimed Madonna should be arrested. Kellyanne Conway, ~ above the exact same afternoon where she coined the term “alternative facts,” directed a question around the march towards the pop star:

You have celebrities indigenous the podium using profanity-laced insults. You have a an extremely prominent singer who worth numerous millions that dollars not going over to a woman’s shelter here in D.C. To compose a check, yet instead saying the she believed of, quote, “burning under the White House.”

Of course, Madonna’s post was not as inflammatory as it was made to sound: She’s versus violence, and also she stated her terrorist impulses just to refuse them. In a explain on Sunday, she additional clarified her “one expression taken wildly the end of context,” saying, “I speak in an allegory and I common two ways of looking in ~ things—one was to be hopeful, and one to be to feel anger and also outrage, i m sorry I have actually personally felt. However, I know that acting out of fury doesn’t resolve anything. And the only way to readjust things for the better is to execute it through love.”

That the counterargument is easy—it’s not exactly how you to speak it but what you say—may not matter.

The whole episode slot neatly right into Madonna’s history of resulting in controversy. It’s not that she stumbles right into outrage—it’s that she, as lot as any significant public figure save possibly the brand-new president, likes to offend and also then phone call the offended they just don’t understand. It was this way when the “Like a Prayer” video received the Vatican’s condemnation; it was this method when she provided the indigenous “fuck” 14 time on Letterman in 1994; it to be this way when she contrasted herself come Martin Luther King, Jr. In 2015. On Saturday, Madonna surely realized the image of a burn White home would be much more likely to raise cries the “WTF” than of “Kumbaya,” yet her job demonstrates a choice for drawing attention over preventing conflict.

After so plenty of years that trolling, why walk anyone take it Madonna’s bait? This time, yes sir a clear, if cynical, rationale because that doing so. Conservative coverage the the signs and chants this weekend frequently emphasized the marchers’ vulgarity and impolite words, implying not only moral lapses but additionally hypocrisy given the criticism that Trump’s vulgarity and impoliteness has received. Rhetoric favor Madonna’s more helps Gingrich, Conway, and other trumped surrogates to repaint the opposition together extreme and profane. That the counterargument—it’s not exactly how you speak it yet what you say—is basic doesn’t stop the discussion from getting made.

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There’s likewise the cultural-divisions angle. Not every one of Madonna’s fans love she antics, however many identify those antics are linked to she appeal; she’s good because she expresses it s her in a way that defies stigmas, pretensions, and hangups. But for a part of the electorate that just elected Trump, she explicit language and also flirtation v violence seemingly room a symptom that the dangers that come through liberal culture. Celebrities likewise are magnets for resentment because, through their fame, riches, and also airs that importance, they room so clearly not “the people.”

Donald Trump’s team ~ above the project trail, in booking the inauguration, and also now, have set out to exploit every one of these dynamics. “Watched protests yesterday however was under the impression that we just had actually an election!” trumped tweeted Saturday. “Why no these human being vote? Celebs hurt reason badly.” The last sentence may have seemed choose a no sequitur—unless you will do heard what Madonna said.