Privacy is on anyone mind these days. Critical spring, iOS 14.5 introduced a brand-new privacy feature called app Tracking Transparency that may have actually made its customers happier however did no endear Apple come some various other companies — especially Facebook. The feature is still available in iOS 15, together with some brand-new privacy features.

Many apps don’t just track your activities inside the app, but they track your movements external of the application — in other words, wherein you seek you’ve left the app. This is why you view ads in Facebook and also other apps for products you were just looking in ~ on Amazon or various other sites.

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Before 14.5, you might turn tracking turn off for every one of your apps by going to setups > Privacy > Tracking and turning off “Allow Apps to inquiry to Track.” The version that first appeared in iOS 14.5 permits you to be much more specific. To begin, once you install a new app, you don’t need to do anything; friend are automatically asked whether you want the brand-new app to track you.

New apps need to ask permission to track you in order come personalize your ads.
It’s up to you now whether to enable each app to monitor you.
If you desire to watch which apps have asked because that permission come track and possibly adjust their tracking settings, you can just walk to that same Tracking page. There, friend will be able to give or revoke that permission. So:

Go to your iPhone’s settings and also select Privacy > Tracking.Beneath “Allow Apps to request to Track,” you’ll now see a list of certain apps that have actually asked for that permission. You can permit or revoke that permission for each specific app.

Go to settings > Privacy > Tracking to change the settings for details or every apps. and you have the right to still usage “Allow Apps to request to Track” to revolve off permission for all of your current (and future) apps.

(Note: in ~ first, the app Tracking Transparency attribute seemed to be misbehaving for some people; the either no respond, or the toggle in Tracking to be grayed out. On may 3rd, apologize issued upgrade 14.5.1, i m sorry was supposed to resolve the problem. Follow to 9to5Mac, the fix hasn’t operated for part people; however, at the very least one staffer in ~ The Verge reported that his toggle to be no much longer grayed out. There have actually been no such problems reported recently.)

Update April 27th, 9:20AM ET: This post has been updated to add a note about problems with the brand-new feature.

Update may 10th, 2:50PM ET: The note about issues with the brand-new feature has been updated.

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Update October 13th, 5:20PM ET: This post has to be updated to recognize that iOS 15 has shipped.