Separating yourself from well-known spammers is critical part the your online life. This need turns an essential when friend are forced to go v millions of papers every single day. Expertise the problem and also its result on users, Google has actually come up with a mechanism for one of its most renowned Workspace products: Google Drive.

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In an attempt to curb spammers, Google journey is acquiring a new blocking feature, i beg your pardon would allow you come block customers that are known for sending out spammy content. Today, we’ll take a watch at exactly how the attribute works and tell you what happens as soon as you block who on Google Drive.

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how to block who on Google Drive how to unblock someone on Google Drive

How go blocking work-related in Google Drive?

Since Google journey isn’t a social networking or interaction site, you are not as exposed come someone’s contents as you are on some other websites. So, impede in Google drive is only limited to document sharing. When you block someone, castle are simply kept from sharing records with you. No issue how difficult they try, they won’t be able to send over your spammy files.


Also, anything friend may have shared through them i do not care unavailable from the moment you fight the block option. The is to be provided that prevent is at this time only accessible to Google Workspace users. So, you most likely won’t get the choice to block someone v your personal Google journey account. 

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What happens once you block who on Google Drive?

The whole allude of blocking someone is to prevent seeing spammy or abusive contents from them. So, that is the very first thing that’d happen when you decision to block who — no more irritating photos, videos, or documents. 

Next, the files and also folders friend may have actually shared through them over the years will also become have not immediately. They’ll not have the documents under your ‘Shared through me’ folder native the minute you decide to shut castle out. Also, you will certainly not be able to see them while you’re looking Google Drive and also vice versa.Finally, the decision you take on Google Drive would reverberate transparent the Google software application suite. The person will not be able to contact friend on many Google applications.However, if you were looking come block someone out of her domain, you’re sadly the end of luck. Together of now, blocking on Google drive is only easily accessible for Workspace users, that, too, within your domain. We suppose the feature to trickle down to an individual users sooner than later. 

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How come block who on Google Drive

Blocking no too hard a job on Google Drive, regardless of whether of the client — net or cell phone — you room on. 

On computer (Web)

Launch your preferred web browser and go come and log in with your workspace account credentials. Now, click the ‘Shared v me’ tab top top the left of her screen.


This would take you to the papers shared with you thus much on Google Drive. Now, single-click on a file and fight the upright ellipsis switch at the top-right section of the screen.


Next, friend can click ‘Block ’.


Alternatively, you could right-click ~ above it as well. When the alternatives roll down, click ‘Block ’.


Confirm your activity by clicking on ‘Block’ again.


That’s it! The user will certainly not be able to send girlfriend unnecessary papers on Google Drive ever again.

On Mobile

Mobile users, too, gain the privilege of impede someone through the Google drive application. First, beginning the Google Drive application on her smartphone. Now, tap on the ‘Shared’ tab at the bottom of your screen.

This tab would contain every the documents that have been shared with you. Now, situate the paper you want to block the user from. Tap top top the vertical ellipsis button at the top-right that the file. Once a food selection appears, tap top top ‘Block .’ once asked for confirmation, tap ~ above ‘Block’ again.

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How come block all files and folders indigenous a user in ~ once

To block and also hide all files and also folders indigenous a particular user, you have to block them. Currently, there’s no other method of hiding all documents from a details user without blocking lock altogether. 

How to unblock someone on Google Drive

Want come unblock who you clogged recently? inspect out the steps below to unblock someone on Google Drive, both because that web and also mobile.

On computer system (Web)

Go come Google’s Blocked users page and log in through your account login ID and also password. This would open up a perform of everyone you have blocked for this reason far throughout the Google company network. Click ‘X’ alongside a person’s name to unblock them.

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On Mobile

Launch the Google Drive applications on your mobile. Now, insanity on her profile photo at the top right. Tap top top ‘Manage her Google Account.’ Next, walk to ‘People & sharing’ and also tap top top ‘Blocked.’ once the list of blocked users pops up, tap top top the ‘X’ (Remove) switch on the right of a who name. They will be unblocked immediately.