Android phones have become quite famous in this technology-driven world. Since of its lull & availability, human being now prefer to use their smartphones over computers & Laptops. Even if it is the job is pertained to office job-related or surfing the internet or paying energy bills or shopping, or streaming & gaming, users select to execute it on your smartphones, on-the-go. 

Despite the lull of operation & management on her phone, your call number sharing can not be avoided. Since of this, the most common issue that cellular users confront is getting numerous spam calls. This calls are usually native telemarketing companies trying to market products, or from your company provider informing you about brand-new offers, or strangers who want to it is in pranksters. The is a pestering nuisance. It i do not care even an ext frustrating when such calls are made from personal numbers.

Note: Private numbers room those numbers whose phone numbers are not shown on the receiving end. Therefore, you end up acquisition the call, thinking that it could be someone important.

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If you are someone searching for tips to stop such calls, you are at the ideal place. Us did some research to bring to girlfriend a an extensive guide that will aid you block phone call from personal numbers on your Android phone.



How to Block personal Numbers on Android Phone

You have the right to block a call number or a call on your smartphone by complying with these easy steps:

1. Open up the “Phone” app from the house screen.


2. Choose the “Number” or “Contact” you wish to block from her call background then tap ~ above the “Information” symbol from the accessible options. 


3. Tap ~ above the “More” alternative from the bottom menu bar. 


4. Finally, tap on the “Block contact” option, followed by the “Block” alternative on the confirmation box to block the number from your device. 


How come Unblock a Number on her Android device?

Unblocking a contact or a number will allow the contact to call or blog post on her phone again. If you great to unblock a contact, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Open the “Phone” app from the home screen.

2. Tap on the “three-dotted” food selection on the peak right corner of your screen and select the “Settings” choice from the given list that options. Girlfriend can access your call settings here.


3. Select the “Block numbers” or “Call blocking” alternative from the menu. Finally, tap on the “Dash” or “Cross” icon nearby to the number you wish to unblock from her phone.


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Why must you Block exclusive or Unknown number from your phone?

Blocking exclusive numbers is important as that protects you from fraud calls asking for your personal details. Moreover, friend get flexibility from attending telemarketing calls. Telecom companies likewise sometimes speak to to convince you to move to your network. Every little thing the reason might be because that such calls, that disturbs & distracts the user indigenous his day-to-day activities so lot that, world complain around having left vital meetings & situations due to the fact that they believed the calls were important.

It becomes imperative that you block phone call & messages from exclusive & unknown numbers to prevent such situations.

3 ways To Block private Numbers On her Android Phone

Let united state now talk about various techniques that you have the right to use to block private or unknown numbers on her smartphone. 

Method 1: making use of your call Settings

1. Open up the “Phone” application from the home screen.

2. Tap ~ above the “three-dotted” food selection on the peak right edge of your screen and select the “Settings” option from the given list of options. Girlfriend can access your call settings here.

3. Select the “Block numbers” or “Call blocking” alternative from the menu.

4. Here, tap top top the switch surrounding to “Block unknown/private numbers” to prevent receiving calls from personal numbers on her Android device. 


Method 2: making use of your mobile Settings 

You can accessibility the “Call settings” on her Android phone through “Mobile settings”. Follow the offered steps to block private numbers ~ above a Samsung smartphone:

1. Open up your mobile “Settings” and also select the “Apps” option from the menu. You will certainly get access to the list of mounted apps on your smartphone.


2. Select the “Samsung apps” option from it.


3. Locate and also tap top top the “Call settings” alternative from the provided list. You deserve to view your call settings here. Pick the “Block numbers” choice from the menu.


4. Tap on the switch nearby to “Block unknown/private numbers” to avoid receiving calls from exclusive numbers on her Android device. 


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Method 3: making use of third-party apps on her Android device 

If her Android version does no come through the pre-installed blocking option, you will should install a third-party app to block private or unknown numbers from her phone. You can find various apps easily accessible on Google Play store such together Truecaller, calls Blacklist – call Blocker, should I Answer, call Control – SMS/Call Blocker, etc. This an approach will describe the steps involved in blocking exclusive or unknown numbers through the Truecaller app:

1. Download the “Truecaller” application from the “Google beat Store”. Beginning the app.


2. Verify your “Number” and grant forced “Permissions” come the app. Now, tap on the “three-dotted” menu and then choose the “Settings” option.


3. Tap top top the “Block” choice from the menu.


4. Finally, scroll down to the “Block covert numbers” option and also tap ~ above the button adjacent to it. This will certainly block all private or unknown numbers from your phone. 


5. Additionally, you can select “Block optimal spammers” to block spam call from your phone that various other users have declared as spam.


Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

Q1. Is there an app to block personal numbers?

Yes, you can find countless apps top top the Google Play save to block personal or unknown numbers. The most famous ones space Truecaller, phone call Blacklist, have to I Answer, and also Call control.

Q2. Can a clogged number still speak to on private?

Yes, a blocked number deserve to still speak to you utilizing a personal number. That’s why friend should take into consideration blocking exclusive or unknown numbers on her Android smartphone. 

Q3. How do ns block calls from unknown numbers?

You deserve to block calls indigenous unknown number by going come your contact settings, then pick the “Block” option, followed by the “Block private/unknown numbers” option. If you can’t access these settings on her phone, you can download a third-party application from the beat Store.

Q4. Is it possible to block personal numbers?

Yes, the is possible to block exclusive numbers on her Android smartphone. All you should do is revolve on the “Block private/unknown numbers” choice under your call settings.

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We hope that this overview was helpful and also you were able to block calls from exclusive numbers & spammers on your Android phone. If girlfriend still have any type of queries regarding this write-up then feel complimentary to ask them in the comment section.