The attract of politics chatter is just one of social media's best productivity pitfalls. Here's just how to quiet the noise.

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The deluge of politics rants, memes, and also arguments in your on facebook feed is fixed ending—if anything, it’s obtaining louder. Even if it is you take part in these posts, just seeing castle is proven to be wearing and stressful, and can ultimately be a drain on your productivity.

You don’t necessarily need to swear turn off social media fully to gain relief, nor carry out you need to start a project of “unfriending” folks with offending opinions. There space several totally free browser add-ons the will aid you purge your feed of politics—or at least keep it out of sight long sufficient to obtain your occupational done. Here are a few of the best.

Remove All national politics From Facebook

You’ve most likely dreamed of a equipment that would remove only politics-related articles from your feed, when leaving the funny pets videos and other an ext enjoyable content. That’s specifically what this Chrome add-on boldly assures to do.

Remove All national politics From facebook

Remove All politics From on facebook scrubs your feed clean of post-election prattle.

remove All national politics From on facebook installs a straightforward switch in her browser. If you want to hear the unfiltered voice the the American people—at the very least the people in your on facebook feed—flick the switch to “on.” If you don’t, toggle it come “off.” The developer doesn’t say how the add-on identifies which write-ups are political and also which aren’t, but my finest guess based on usage is that it filter according to keywords and names. There’s no way to customize the filter, yet if you want a set-it-and-forget-it solution, this one works. (Chrome)

Social Fixer

Like eliminate All politics From Facebook, society Fixer additionally blocks political articles from your feed, but it gives you a little an ext latitude in exactly how they’re filtered.

Social Fixer adds a wrench symbol to Facebook’s toolbar. To customize your feed, click it, choose Social Fixer choices and scroll down to Filters. If you simply want to impose a scan moratorium on every political posts, enable Election/Politics 2016 from the perform of predefined filters. This will certainly hide posts about anything regarded the current presidential election.


Social Fixer supplies both predefined and also custom filter to block political posts—and a whole lot else.

If you just want to filter posts about a details political party, issue, or person, click Create a brand-new Filter. Here you can set your own problems for what to hide making use of keywords.

Social Fixer have the right to actually filter a range of posts, consisting of sponsored ads and also spoilers, and aid you customize her Facebook endure in a number of other ways, so it’s worth keeping roughly after the politics climate calms down. (It’s walking to patience down, right?) (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and also Safari)

News feeding Eradicator for facebook (Chrome)

Filters will go a long way toward purging your feed of politics articles and their following flame wars. But they can’t block snarky memes, countless posters’ preferred means of voicing your opinions. To truly ensure friend aren’t distracted by political write-ups in your feed is to block the altogether.

News feeding Eradicator for on facebook

News feed Eradicator for on facebook blocks access to your feed and also live ticker only, while tho letting you obtain to individual profiles.

The News feed Eradicator for facebook removes your news feed and live ticker altogether. Yet unlike comparable add-ons, it replaces them through an inspirational quote to keep you motivated and also productive. You deserve to even include your own. (Chrome)


If every else fails, there’s always, if you’ll pardon the expression, the nuclear option: impede your access to on facebook completely.


Add Facebook and also other politically charged sites to Leech Block and also designate times to restrict access.

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LeechBlock bars the door to any type of site friend tell the to. Friend can add up to six domains—so feel cost-free to toss Twitter, major news sites, and any various other political forum right into the mix as well—and block lock for details time periods you define—during job-related hours, for example. By maintaining a lid on your feed only as soon as you need to acquire things done, you’ll reduce your exposure to possibly productivity-sucking articles when it matters most.