If you"re trying to find some reliable solutions to block unknown or exclusive numbers from calling girlfriend on your iPhone 6 or 6 plus, unfortunately, over there is no easy means to execute so. Despite not being able to block unknown or personal numbers with the iphone phone 6 settings, here are some ways for you come block surprise numbers. Let"s check it out:

just how To store Unknown Callers the end On An iphone phone 6

Here room the tips for you to block unknown or private callers on an iphone phone 6:

walk to Settings > Do not Disturb.


Turn ~ above Manual, tap Allow phone call From and also select Contacts.


Note: if ever before you want to go back to receiving every calls, simply turn off "Manual". include the unknown caller the same way it mirrors up in your current calls without including any number. For example if the caller shows up as "Unknown Number", then include Unknown Number in your block perform without assigning the a phone call number.


Tips: control iphone call history at ease

Would favor to regulate call history on your iPhone. glossesweb.com free iPhone Manager would certainly be a an excellent helper, i beg your pardon can aid you earlier up, save and also recover call background on you iOS gadgets including iPhone, iPad, iPod. Before managing your iPhone call history, simply doanload this free iPhone manager and have a try:


To regulate iPhone call logs for free, just click Information on the left panel and click the fourth tab Cal History, and also then choose operation from BackupRecoverSave.


1. Click "Backup" button.2. Pick Call history because that backup. You can likewise choose other items.3. Browse back-up location and also backup call history from machine to PC.
1. Click "Recover" button.2. Select call background backup record from her computer.3. Recuperate call history to the state that the last backup.
1. Click "Save" button. 2. Pick the location and save call history content as .txt file to her computer.

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