Telemarketer that gets bugging you, or one ex the won't walk away? Learn just how to block a phone call number through this handy guide!


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It’s faster and also easier than ever to call family and also friends thanks to Android smartphones. However, we don’t constantly want to deal with every single call that comes to our phones. Periodically it’s spammers, strangers, telemarketers, and also other unwanted callers. Luckily, girlfriend don’t have to worry about those unnecessary pests — go ahead and also block ’em!

In this guide, fine teach you just how to block a call number from your Android device.

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How to block a call number with integrated call prevent features

Most Android phones nowadays have easy, indigenous ways to block certain numbers. This wasn’t always the case, though, so countless OEMs had actually to develop the function themselves. That method you’ll need to work a little harder to thwart those telemarketers, relying on your device.

Needless come say, us can’t enter detail about the vital steps for blocking phone call on every solitary phone the end there. We can, however, display you just how to block callers on many of the peak Android devices.

How come block a phone number on share Android


If she itching to block a phone call number ~ above a stock Android handset favor the Pixel 5, you’ve concerned the right place. There are two methods to carry out this. The easiest one is to open your Phone application and access the section containing your current calls. Long press on any of them and also select “Block number.”

The second method consists of opened the call app, tapping ~ above the three-dot menu symbol on the top-right corner, and also selecting Settings. Native the menu, just hit Call blocking and include the number you desire to block. Girlfriend can likewise use the contact blocking food selection to block all unknown number at one time,

Some carriers do it easier!

Want come really get rid of those annoying callers? Doing the from your phone works, however what if you switch handsets often? probably you desire this done much more systemically. Part U.S. Carriers, including the four significant ones (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and also Sprint), enable you come block certain numbers ~ above a organization level. Terms and conditions use — check out precisely what the huge four carriers sell via the web links below.

How to block numbers on Samsung phones


Many people choose Samsung phones, so there’s a good chance the this is the right section for you. Samsung is among the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, after ~ all. You deserve to block a number either with the Contacts app or her Phone app. Below are the basic steps you’ll need:

Block in Contacts:

Open the Contacts app.Locate the contact you intended to block.Tap the More menu, located at the bottom appropriate corner.Tap the Block contact button and tap Block again to confirm.

Block in the phone app:

Open the Phone app.Tap the More button, climate tap Settings.Now locate and also tap the Block number button and also choose Add call number.Once you type the phone number, press the Plus switch to include it to your contacts.

Either way, you’ll need to know which numbers you desire to block, so this is not ideal if you’re hoping to block all unknown numbers.

How to block calls on LG phones


Now we’ll show you just how to block a call number if you own an LG phone. While there won’t be any new ones on the market anytime soon, it’s necessary to know how to usage the phone you’ve got. The procedure is similar to the various other phone brands on this list, however there room slight differences. Right here we go:

Block from contact history:

Open her Phone app and also navigate to the Call history tab.Tap on the recent speak to from whichever number you desire to block.Press the More switch in the height right corner and also select Block number.

Block from your dialer:

Open your phone application to the dialer screen.Tap the food selection button, go into contact settings, and also locate the contact blocking & decline with the post section.Now girlfriend can select from three alternatives to block various numbers:Blocked numbers: Block a brand-new number v the to add symbolDigit filter: Block or screen numbers that start or finish with a specific combination of digitsPrivate numbers: an easy toggle to regulate whether or not you’ll receive calls from exclusive numbers

How to block phone number on OnePlus phones

OnePlus is yet another popular choice for numerous people. It counts on the lightweight OxygenOS, i beg your pardon is very comparable to stock Android. However, the steps aren’t the same, so this is what you’ll need to know:

From your home screen, open up the Phone app.Tap the Menu icon, located at the height right.Select Settings and then madness Block settings.Choose Blocked numbers and include a number v the Plus icon.Once you get in the number, select Block.

How come block call on Huawei and Honor phones

Huawei may not it is in a huge name in the U.S. Due to a select couple of trade embargoes, however it’s still the biggest phone an equipment in the world. It’s doing great in various asian markets and also in Europe. Blocking phone call on Huawei and also Honor phones is fast and easy, together it just requires a few taps.

Filter and also block spam calls:

Open the Phone app.Tap the More switch (shown by three dots).Enter the Blocked tab and also choose the Settings icon.Touch the Call block rules button and also toggle various switches to block and filter various calls.

Block phone call from details numbers:

Open the Phone app.Tap the More button.Enter the Blocked tab and choose the Settings icon.Now enter the Blocklist menu and choose the Plus symbol to add phone number you wish to block.You can additionally enter your contacts menu and also block separation, personal, instance contacts v the More menu.

Third-party apps for blocking call calls

If her Android phone call doesn’t have an in-built call-blocking feature, or if it does yet you discover it lacking, you might be wondering exactly how to block a call number using another method. Thankfully, you can select one indigenous the plenty of third-party call-blocking apps on the Google play Store. Of certain note are Mr. Number, call Blocker, and Calls Blacklist.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a complimentary and ad-free Android application that permits you come block unwanted calls and also texts on your mobile phone. This app protects your phone indigenous spam, allowing you come block calls indigenous people and also businesses.

You can block calls from individual numbers, one area code, and also even whole country. Girlfriend can likewise block private and unknown numbers by sending them directly to voicemail and also report spam calls come warn other human being using the app. Download it via the link listed below if you desire to offer it a try.

Another handy contact blocker app that you’d want to try is the complimentary and ad-supported speak to Blocker. If you i ordered it to the paid and also ad-free version, you can enjoy premium features, consisting of Private room that securely stores exclusive SMS messages and also call logs.

Call Blocker pretty lot works the exact same as Mr. Number and also other call blocking apps. It will certainly block unwanted and spam calls and even comes through a call Reminder function that help you identify unknown numbers. There’s also a Whitelist available for save numbers that can constantly reach you. Struggle the button listed below to download that to your device.

Last but not the very least on our perform is the complimentary but ad-supported phone call Blacklist, a straightforward application for keeping a list of contacts the you don’t want to enable to contact your phone. An ad-free premium version is also obtainable for around $2.

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To block calls through Calls Blacklist, start the application and add a call number come the Blacklist tab. Girlfriend can add a number via her Contacts, speak to logs, message log, or add numbers manually. That’s it — contacts saved under Blacklist won’t be able to call her Android phone call anymore.