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Knowing exactly how to block a phone call number top top Android will absolutely prove advantageous if you"re continually receiving spam and also promotional message messages or calls indigenous an undesirable person,

As of appropriate now, Android is the most-used operating mechanism in the world — rivaling Apple"s iOS — with over 2.5 billion energetic users covering over 190 countries. For this reason if you"re among the numerous Android customers trying to figure out a means to block a call number on your smartphone, we"ve gained you covered.

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Whether you"re a novice Android user or one of those few lucky customers who hasn"t had actually to think about blocking/reporting a specific phone number till now, this is just one of the most typical practices for the bulk of smartphone users.

Simply put, by impede a call number, you restrict the human (or AI bot) behind the from contacting you in ~ all. This means that no calls and also text messages will go through to her phone native a blocked sender. However, you have the right to still call a clogged phone number v a call call and the recipient should have the ability to answer your call.

Below, we"ve all set a step-by-step overview on just how to block a call number on Android with both the call app and also your contact list. Store in mind the at the time of writing, us were making use of a Samsung Galaxy A20e. It"s also worth note that part screenshot facets were blurred/covered because that privacy purposes.

How come block a phone call number top top Android with the phone call app

1. First, locate and also tap top top the Phone app icon in the main menu.

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2. Next, tap on the three-dot icon, i m sorry should show up on the right-hand side of the screen.

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3. Walk ahead and also tap the setups option in the drop-down menu as presented below.

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4. Next, select the "Block numbers" option. And if you"re do the efforts to protect yourself from spam, make sure to examine our overview on exactly how to block and report spam message messages for much more guidance.

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5. At this stage, you have the right to turn ~ above a feature that blocks any unknown or personal numbers by toggling the grey icon.

To block a brand-new number you deserve to either: type in the number manually, pick one native the "Recent" calls/text messages, or from your Contacts list. If you"re doing the former, make sure to madness "Done" and also "+" to finalize the process.

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Congratulations! You"re every done. You have the right to remove a blocked number at any type of time by tapping the "-" icon right beside it.

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How to block a call number top top Android v the contacts app

1. First, locate and tap on the contacts app native the main menu.

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(Image credit: Samsung)

3. Go ahead and also tap ~ above the three-dot icon, which should appear on the bottom right part of your screen.

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5. Practically there! confirm your an option by tapping "Block" in the pop-up window. Gained it? Alright, you"re every done. You deserve to remove a number from your blocked list at any type of time by tapping the three-dot icon and also selecting "Unblock contact."