You can conveniently block as much as 99 phone call numbers. When a telephone number on your blocked number perform attempts to contact you, lock will obtain a liven signal, and also your phone will certainly not ring.

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Adding a new blocked number

Hover your computer mouse over the Call Features tabClick the Call Blocking optionConfirm you have enabled Call blocking (feature is on)The speak to Block List pillar displays all of your currently-blocked numbers, and an option to add additional numbersTo include a number, get in the 10-digit phone call number girlfriend would choose to blockClick Quick Add


If you are using magicApp on Android/iOS device, you have the right to directly add a phone call number come block list from magicApp. To do so:

Login to her magicApp on her Android/iOS deviceNavigate to call logs tab ~ above the magicApp. Tap ~ above the phone call number for Android or tap on information symbol for iOS, to see the Call Details screenOn the Call Details screen, tap on Block to include that number come block list

Note: to unblock a blocked Phone number, girlfriend will should login come account portal at and also follow the below noted steps.

Editing clogged numbers

Hover your mouse over the Call Features tabClick the Call Blocking optionClick the Edit List option to view the full list of blocked numbersAdd or adjust a Nickname and click UpdateRemove a Number native the speak to Block List: Click the “–” (minus) icon in the Add/Remove pillar to eliminate the connected telephone number.

Tips for blocking telemarketers

We recommend that you it is registered your call number(s) ~ above the national Do Not speak to Registry (found in ~ The national Do Not call Registry enables you to opt out of receiving telemarketing. Most telemarketers will not speak to your number once it has been on the registry because that 31 days.

If you continue to receive telemarketing calls ~ 31 days have actually passed, friend can record a complaint on the website.

Block unwanted calls native automated call systems, telemarketers and also others.

This feature display screens ALL callers who dial her number, consisting of telemarketers and also others. Prevent nuisance automated dialer services from completing calls to her phone(s).

When Automated call Screening is OFF, no filtering of her callers will certainly take place and also all calls will ring usually on her phone(s).

When Automated speak to Screening is ON and also a caller do the efforts to call your call number noted to the left, the caller will certainly be asked to dial a arbitrarily one number number. Once calls come from an automatically service, it is i can not qualify the organization will administer the asked for digit and the call will be disconnected. However, if the caller does press the requested digit in ~ the 12 second window, the contact will ring typically on her phone(s).

While this function will safeguard you from countless automated call attempting to offer promotions, it will use this filter to all phone call numbers, which may incorporate doctor’s offices, airlines, schools, and more. Please think about this in your decision.

To setup Automated call Screening for her number:

Next, hover over speak to Features


Select Automated contact Screening


Select Click right here To Enable


Information around this function will show up for her convenience. Pick Enable


Finally, toggle the ~ above / turn off switch for Automated call Screening beside the number you wish to Activate or Deactivate the service on.


No, works tough to ensure and protect your privacy.

Your number is not shared with or sold to telemarketers.

We can not guarantee you will certainly not receive telemarketing calls but we perform recommend you register your telephone number top top the National perform Not contact Registry.

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The nationwide Do Not contact Registry provides you an alternative not receive telemarketing calls in ~ home. Most telemarketers need to not call your number as soon as it has actually been ~ above the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can record a complaint at the net site below. You can register your home or mobile phone because that free.