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Do you very own an Android phone v ‘Straight Talk’? then you could want to know exactly how to block a number on directly Talk android phones. Happy for you, the is effortless come block any particular number on straight Talk android phones.

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Whether you space using directly Talk packages or not, one android call is still the same phone. If you know how to block a number on your Android phone, girlfriend can apply the same approaches on your right Talk Android phone.

Now, over there are several brands the android phones out there. Amongst them, we have seen that directly Talk usually offers Samsung android phones.

On the various other hand, girlfriend can also use your own android phone with straight Talk, even if it’s no a Samsung phone. As a result, a straight Talk android phone could be of any kind of brand.

You should recognize that relying on the brand, model, and also android variation of her phone, the technique of blocking a phone call number would be different. For the reason, we will be share multiple approaches of blocking a number on android phones using straight Talk.

So, let’s dive best in…

Tutorials on just how To Block A Number On directly Talk Android Phones?

Method #1 using the built-in Call impede Feature

In most modern-day android phones, the speak to blocking function is available by default. The course, depending on the brand, the procedure varies. So, we will try to re-publishing the an approach of impede a number on several of the most popular android phone call brands.


For Samsung Android Phones

As we have actually mentioned, directly Talk commonly sells Samsung android phones. For the Samsung phone call users, you can block a number in 2 different ways. Both the the processes are very straightforward and straightforward.

The first method would certainly be concerning the ‘Contacts’ app, and also the second method would be concerning the ‘Phone’ app.

Using the contacts App

For the record, utilizing this method, you will certainly block contacts that you have saved on your phone.If an unknown number is bothering you, you need to include this number as a new contact first.Then launch the Contacts app on her Samsung android phone.At the moment, find the contact you want to block and tap on it.Next, tap ~ above the ‘More’ icon. Usually, girlfriend will discover that symbol on the bottom right edge of the screen.Now, tap on the ‘Block Contact’ button.You can have come tap on the ‘Block’ button once again to confirm your choice.

Using the call App

First, launch the Phone app on your Samsung phone.Then, tap on the ‘More’ switch on the phone app.Next, tap on the ‘Settings’ choice from there.Now, navigate come the ‘Block number Button’ option and select the ‘Add call Number’ option.At the moment, you will have to type on the call number you desire to block and also tap on the ‘Plus’ icon.That way, you will be able to block any type of numbers that space bothering you.

Method #2 from the speak to Log

Nowadays, most android phones come v the contact blocking feature by default. As a issue of fact, you have the right to block a number straight from your call log. The course, the number should be available on the contact log first.


Typically, if part unknown number is call you and also you want to block it, then the number would certainly be ~ above the speak to log. Or girlfriend can likewise make a call to that number to make it obtainable on the contact log. So, when the number is top top the contact log, friend can try the complying with steps.

Steps come Follow

Locate the number you desire to block top top the speak to log.Then press and also hold ~ above the number, and also a few options will show up over the screen.Among them, friend will need to tap top top the ‘Block’ or ‘Block Contact’, or ‘Block Number’ alternative from the menu.

Method #3 because that OnePlus Android Phones

If you room using one OnePlus call with begin Talk, friend can shot the method mentioned below. So, stop go…

Steps to Follow

First, start the call or Dialer application on your phone.Next, tap ~ above the menu symbol from the top right corner of the screen.Then tap on the ‘Settings’ option and then tap ~ above the ‘Block Settings’ option.After that, tap top top the ‘Blocked Numbers’ option and add the number you want to block here using the plus icon.When girlfriend have gone into the number, climate you will have the ability to tap top top the ‘Block’ option, and the number will be blocked.

Method #4 Using 3rd Party call Blocking Apps

Android is well-known for that is hundreds and also thousands that apps. There space a many of contact blocking apps obtainable as well. Few of them are cost-free while some room paid.

However, you will uncover a lot of totally free good and also reliable speak to blocking app on the Play keep if you research. So, if your certain android call doesn’t have the speak to blocking feature, you can install one of those third party apps.

In this part, we will certainly talk about some the the popular contact blocking apps. Here we go…

Call Blocker Free


The contact Blocker totally free app is among the most renowned calls impede apps ~ above the play Store. Return this is a complimentary app, they likewise offer a premium variation of this with the in-app purchase feature. Besides, the complimentary version has ads. Yet that will certainly not it is in a vast issue.

You deserve to block undesirable calls through this app really easily. There room 4 blocking settings in this app that are ‘Accept All, Block all from Blacklist, Accept just from Whitelist, Accept only from Whitelist, and Contacts’. Girlfriend can also block message messages using this app. If you want to block multiple number at once, you can give this application a try.

Calls Blacklist – contact Blocker


This is an additional free 3rd party speak to blocking app. You have the right to install that from pat Store. It works very an in similar way to the last application we have talked around above. This one also has a premium version. Besides, it also contains ads on the totally free version.

You have the right to use this app to block both phone call calls and text message at the very same time. That is really to use this app. So, if girlfriend are searching for a third party call blocking app, friend can check this out.

Call Control


The third app top top our list is the speak to Control. This is likewise another free app v ads. And, you have the right to buy the premium version of it. They likewise have a trial duration of the premium version if you desire to try the premium features.

It is a mighty application for contact blocking. Because that example, the can present you the Caller i would of many unknown numbers. The can additionally block peak scammers and also robocalls automatically. Also, you have the right to also include numbers to the block list if you block any details number manually. Thus, if friend are searching for a feature-rich phone call app, you can shot this one.

There are plenty of other comparable call prevent apps ~ above the Google play Store. So, if girlfriend don’t like these apps stated above, you deserve to pick any type of other girlfriend like.

Method #5 top top LG Android Phones

If you room using an LG android phone, then you need to do the differently. However, top top LG phones, that is also possible to block numbers by default without using any third party apps. In this section, we will certainly share that tutorial. So, let’s begin…

Steps to Follow

Launch the ‘Phone’ app and go to the ‘Call History’ tab.Then tap on the number you want to block.Next, tap on the ‘More’ symbol from the optimal right edge of the screen and also tap on the ‘Block Number’ choice to put that number top top the blacklist.

You can also block number on LG android phones native the Dialer app. Here’s how…

Steps come Follow

Launch the Dialer app on her phone.Next, tap top top the menu symbol from there and navigate to the call Settings option.Now, you will have to tap ~ above the ‘Call impede & decline with Message’ option.There will be 3 different options to block a number the Blocked numbers, digit filter, and also Private numbers.You have the right to use any type of of this 3 options, the one you require at any kind of moment.

Final Thoughts

Now you watch that the answer come the initial question – exactly how to block a number on straight Talk Android – is easy. And, if you room using directly Talk android phones, you deserve to follow every the approaches we have shared above.

Depending on the phone call you room using, you can have to shot a different method.

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So, us have described multiple approaches here. Us hope you will find the perfect method for your straight Talk android phone. Or else, friend can constantly use 3rd party speak to blocker apps. We have likewise talked around them in a in-depth manner in the later section of the post.

As always, don’t forget come share this with various other android users. And, if you have anything to share through us, you can leave your valuable comments in the comment ar down below!