You have the right to blacklist a number and ban it from phone call you. Learn exactly how to block calls on LG standard Flip here. Discover the two different methods available.

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Getting an unwanted speak to is a problem countless LG standard Flip users complain about. That not when or double a telemarketer or spammers stroked nerves you v annoying calls.

In one more case, you might want to stop a certain contact. A girlfriend or one acquaintance v whom you’d quite not have any type of call. There may be other an individual reasons why you deserve to not obtain their calls.

Thankfully yes a way to prevent unwanted phone call on LG standard Flip. You have the right to block the numbers, thus preventing them from calling you. Friend won’t even be bothered with notifications on just arrive calls.

There space several methods to block phone call on LG classic Flip. The an initial is using the current Calls menu, and also the various other is through the Settings. Proceed reading because that a more thorough explanation.

Blocks phone call on LG standard Flip via current Calls menu

The recent Calls menu gives quick accessibility to the particular number you’d like to block. Here’s how to block calls on LG classic Flip phone:

Press the Send key. Begin from the main screen, and also press this vital to open your speak to logs. This is a faster way button.Go to “All calls.” There are several options like “received calls” and “missed calls.” To view all just arrived calls, select “All calls” and also press the facility key.Find the number you desire to block. Usage the navigation keys to to mark the intended number.Select “Options.” push the vital below this menu to disclose the operations you can do v the selected number.Select “Block/Unblock number.” press the CENTER vital on this option. If a confirmation home window pops up, press the CENTER crucial again.Return come the main screen. You have effectively blocked the number. You deserve to go back to the main display screen by pushing the PWR/END key.

This method is your best selection if you just received an annoying speak to you desire to automatically block. Because that example, an unknown number do the efforts to offer you insurance. For this situation, using the recent Calls food selection is the quickest contrasted to utilizing the setups menu.

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Blocks call on LG classic Flip via contact Settings menu

The second method to block a number is with the setups app. Here’s a in-depth list of just how to carry out it:

Start native the main screen. Push the facility key.Open Settings. Find the Settings icon using the navigation keys. Then use the CENTER crucial to open up it.Go come “Call settings.” push the CENTER vital on this menu.Go come “Blocked calls.” press the 6 vital on the dial pad to instantly watch the list of blocked numbers on your LG standard Flip.Add the number you desire to block. Push the CENTER vital to include a new number to the blacklist. Then you will have actually the option to add it from your Contacts, recent call, or you can manually enter a number using the dial pad.Return come the main screen. Push the PWR/END an essential to complete the process.

The second means of blocking numbers is ideal used as soon as you currently have the call on her phone. The is additionally easier to apply when you want to block numerous numbers at once.

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Blocking numbers on LG classic Flip is not a difficult configuration, as shown in the 2 step-by-step guides above. Gain a phone without notifications from unwanted callers. For much more configuration on LG standard Flip, us recommend taking a peek into the phone’s user manual.

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