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pick "Block this Caller." Devon Delfino/Insider

Once you"ve clogged someone, girlfriend won"t get further interaction from that number via Apple"s interaction apps; calls, texts, and also FaceTime requests will certainly be blocked. (They have the right to still leave a voicemail, yet it will certainly be concealed from her view.)

However, the blocked number could still call you with third-party apps.

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Also, any kind of blocked human being won"t be notified of the block. That said, over there are ways to inspect if you"ve been blocked on one iPhone, despite they aren"t definitive.

Quick tip: You can view her blocked iphone contacts on numerous different app screens.

Alternatively, rather of straight blocking a exclusive number (like a robocall), you can pick to set up "Do not Disturb" setting so that you only obtain calls from civilization in your contacts list.

If you want to unblock a number on her iPhone, go into your recent speak to list on her Phone app, discover the human being or number girlfriend want, madness the "i" symbol next come the name or number, and on the next screen tap "Unblock this Caller."


girlfriend can add a Number or block all Unknown numbers. Abbey White/Insider

Or, you deserve to block numbers via the message app, despite the exact procedure will depend on her device. Either way, lock won"t it is in notified and also they won"t understand for certain that you"ve clogged them, even if they try to find out if they"ve to be blocked.

Variance is pretty common amongst Android devices, and blocking personal or unknown number is an additional instance where the procedure may vary relying on your device. Because that example, if you have actually a Samsung Galaxy S10, you have the right to block every one of those unknown phone call via the setups in her Phone app.

Note: as soon as you block a number ~ above a Galaxy S10, friend won"t acquire calls or messages from castle anymore, yet you maintain the choice to speak to or text them.

If that isn"t setting isn"t an alternative for her device, though, you deserve to still block those call on a case-by-case basis, utilizing the three-dot method noted above.

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If you want to unblock a number on Android, you can do for this reason via the blocked numbers list in your Phone app.