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Look, us all acquire annoying text messages native time come time. Maybe it’s spam, probably it’s from someone you don’t want to speak to, perhaps it’s some other 3rd thing. The suggest is, girlfriend don’t want to acquire them. Therefore let’s block ’em.

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So here’s the thing: there are a lot of Android phones out there, from a many of different manufacturers. And also it seems that almost all of them have their very own SMS app, making it really tough to tell you how to perform it top top your specific phone.

For the benefits of simplicity, I’m walking to define how to do this ~ above the stock messaging app on Pixel/Nexus devices, i m sorry is also obtainable for download native the Google beat Store. Friend won’t need to use this as your main SMS application after blocking the number if friend don’t want to, together the block must be system-wide. Go ahead and install it now, and we’ll acquire into the details just below. If you’re utilizing a present stock Android device, choose a Pixel, climate you already have the Messages app installed.

Android only enables one SMS app at time to be collection as the default, so as soon as you have actually the Messages application installed, you’ll require to set it as your default—again, this is just temporary.

To do this, just open that up. It’ll offer you a fast snippet on what the app does. Just tap “Next,” then “OK” in the popup to collection Messages together the default.


Tap the 3 dots in the upper appropriate corner, then pick “People and also Options.”


Tap top top “Block .” A popup window will ask friend to check you desire to block the number, noting the you will certainly no much longer receive calls or texts from this person. Insanity “Block” come confirm.


Poof. Clogged they are.

Method Two: Block the Number Manually

If girlfriend don’t have an open message through the human being in question, friend can also manually form in their number to block them. From the main Messages interface, tap on the three dots in the upper appropriate corner, then pick “Blocked Contacts.”


Click ~ above “Add A Number.” native here, you’ll simply need to an essential in the number you’d favor to block, then tap “Block.” straightforward peasy.



And that’s every there is to it. From this point forward, messages the number will certainly be clogged completely, regardless of i m sorry SMS application you’re utilizing as the default.

How come Unblock a Number

If, at any kind of point, you’d like to unblock the number, just jump earlier into messages > blocked Contacts and tap the “X” alongside the number.


To readjust your default message app back to what friend were using before, simply open it. It must prompt girlfriend to collection it as the default. If the doesn’t happen, you deserve to jump into the settings > Apps > Default Apps menu and also select your desired SMS app under the “Messaging app” entry. If you’re having a hard time finding this setting, here’s a more detailed explanation of setting default applications.

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If girlfriend have worries with this method or keep acquiring unsolicited text messages the you can’t seem come block, it’s time to get in touch with your carrier. All major carriers have actually ways the blocking message messages, so that must take care of your issue.