Although human being often think it is basic job, filled through nothing but drinking champagne at next in sophisticated designer clothes, we have actually tried to check out what is continue behind the scenes.

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What do you have to offer up in life in bespeak to become the girl wearing huge feather wings, confidently walking down the catwalk?

We have actually done some research and also found that being Victoria’s secret model is not nearly as easy as it sound – right here are some ground rules, and also they room pretty strict!

1. YOU have to BE an ADULT

First of all, you have to be at the very least eighteen years old. However, keep in mind that, gift the most necessary lingerie company, they space pretty demanding, so “Cosmopolitan” advises every wannabe Angels to start modeling at a young age, preferably be on a cover of “Vogue” prior to you revolve eighteen!

For example, among the Victoria’s secret Angels, Taylor Hill, started modeling once she to be fourteen and also even had actually to offer up she school! (She gained her high school diploma later.)

Most of Victoria’s secret Models have actually been dreaming of becoming who they space today, making little fashion mirrors on their own because they were small girls, for this reason you can say that they have actually been preparing for modeling nearly their entire lives!

2. Gain TO understand THE COMPANY

If you desire to be a Victoria’s secret Angel, you need to simply live the brand! usage their products, watch reviews, and most importantly, gain to know the agency itself – their history, representatives, etc.

For one, you have to know Edward (Ed) Razek, an executive producer the the brand’s yearly fashion show.

The company first started in 1995, therefore imagine how many girls have tried to end up being an point of view over the years! You need to stand out in order come beat the statistics. Just display your commitment to the brand!

As Martha Hunt says in she interview on just how to become a Victoria’s mystery Angel – if you are going to do a fashion show, this is the show that matters (so constantly keep in mind that you space trying to come to be a component of the world’s most well-known lingerie company).

3. TAKE care OF your HEALTH and also YOUR LOOKS

If you want to become a supermodel, forget about bad health behavior – very first of all, no more junk food! second of all, you need to work-out a lot, every solitary day, sometimes also twice a day. That is simple – you have to be in impeccable shape!

Also, forget about staying up late. Tailor Hill plan her resting schedule every day, in order to look vigorous and healthy.

Razek had shown multiple times the the days wherein models to be drinking, cigarette smoking cigarettes and also doing drugs have long gone, we have left the trend in the 1980s. Nowadays, if you desire to be a supermodel, you are forced to command an athletic life.

Most of the models state the they never used come train they perform now, and also it renders them feeling a lot much better about themselves, as well.

In an “Insider” interview, Adriana Lima said,” i am at the gym every day. Or if I’m not at the gym, I’m functioning out somewhere, choose in mine bedroom.”  

Trudy Tapscott, the pure legend the the fashion industry, who has been functioning as American “Vogue’s” Booking Editor because that years (among other jobs), talks around how skinny and how tall a Victoria’s mystery Angel should be.

There is just one size of the garments that models should be wearing, and also there is only one look that they space trying to sell.

The clothing have to fit perfectly, no saying there! Basically, she says that you need to be taller than the median person.

The most essential thing, follow to her, is that you are healthy! friend mustn’t look as well skinny.

It additionally depends top top the kind of modeling you space trying to achieve, and the Victoria’s an enig is every little thing you have the right to imagine – from sporting activities to sexy outfits, so girlfriend just have to have it all – simply be a healthy, tall, beautiful woman.

According come the experts, Angels should be at the very least 5’9” tall, with a 24” waste and also no an ext than 18% body fat.

There is no excuse because that you no to work-out due to the fact that there is a queue of human being working for Victoria’s Secret, trying to do you look better – boxing, swimming, pilates, ballet – the is all there, with several of the finest trainers in the world, that course!

Trainers who job-related with few of the Angels shot to treat their bodies favor athletes and also prepares them for shows through scientifically-designed nutrition and also exercise plans.

4. It is in PERSISTENT

Be mindful this will certainly be a long process, full of ups and also downs. Largely downs, probably.

Be prepared to get rejected! challenge it – it has happened to most of the Angels at least once, the may occur to you together well! even Gigi Hadid had to come to the competition three times before she acquired elected.

The important thing is you continue to be persistent – work with various other agencies in the meantime, save going come Victoria’s mystery Fashion Shows, remain in touch through your goal.

Go to the open contact at the agencies the are mostly responsible for making the contract of Victoria’s mystery models. It is registered yourself top top modeling websites. Enter the Victoria’s an enig Fashion show Competition, year by year, till you are selected.

Sara Sampaio admits in one of her interviews the she totally blew her very first casting for the Victoria’s secret Fashion Show. The vital thing is, she chosen the experience because she knew what to suppose the next year.

The 2nd year, even though she had actually been full of confidence, she walk not get the show! she advice – let all of your insecurities at the door and literally just go because that it!

5. Occupational ON your IMAGE and also VISUAL IDENTITY

Considering the truth that you will certainly be the face of numerous different brands, nothing forget come take treatment of your social media – work-related on your posts and captions.

Most that the models have actually gone to become TV characters or entrepreneurs, so store in mind that you room making a brand out of yourself, since day one.

Also, always be conscious that you will most most likely be a role-model to countless girls anywhere the world, therefore just obtain on your best actions in every feasible situation, also when you think nobody is looking. Trust us – everyone is looking!

Show your creative thinking and singularity even if posting top top Instagram – girlfriend are much more likely to obtain followers if you post funny photos, in your “natural surrounding”, so come speak.

Just show yourself come the audience – let them have actually a sneak peek right into your home or her bedroom, post photos of your pets…

Show just display how peaceful you space with the fact that you room an Angel, let world see that you aren’t just an empty shell! present how normally you function in your daily life, as with your followers do!

Broadcast her brand constantly, and also in the best possible light!

Be mindful that, by coming to be a Victoria’s an enig Angel, you are definitely ending up being an entrepreneur, for this reason act prefer one!

On the hopeful side, the agency really takes treatment of your picture in front of the audience, too – models often connect with fans and the media in ~ product launches. Girlfriend are selling a lifestyle and you have actually to show how much you are enjoying it!

Don’t forget about the experienced photos – your pictures have to be awesome before you even come to be an Angel, you have to start somewhere, right?

So, simply hire a skilled photographer before the Contest, and try to make photos that will certainly be appealing to a who eye.

6. It is in YOURSELF

Just action naturally! Be confident in your skin, in your underwear or even totally naked – you need to feel good about yourself in every possible situation!

Even Angels us confess the they have actually had difficulties with wearing undies in former of so countless people. But, fortunately, it is additionally a ability that can and should it is in practiced!

Show off your personality! They carry out not want just a nice face, you have to be much more than that! display your an abilities (even the persons non-related to the fashion industry), express your goofiness, talk around the points you room interested in personal life!

Sara Sampaio admits that she is a an extremely shy person, however also an extremely determinate, and that has helped her a lot of to get over her shyness.

Stella Maxell advises that, because you only have actually a couple of minutes throughout the Competition, you provide your energy to the judges and show what you need to offer.

Jasmine Tookes defines herself together a very caring girl, very loving, and also shy at first, however as she says, “once you acquire to know me, you can’t shut me up” – so, similar to most of us, right?

And nothing forget to exercise blowing Angels’ world-famous hot sexy kisses!

7. APPEAL to WOMEN, not MEN!

As Razek self explains, it would certainly be ridiculous because that the company to try to admire men, while ninety-nine percent of their customers space women.

Most wannabe models think the men need to be impression by the method they look. That is just a misconception, and also you can easily check it – walk ahead and also ask your guy whether he thinks the fifty percent a kilogram you have included to your weight renders you look fat.

Or ask him what does the think about your brand-new fake eyelashes. The opportunities are that us won’t even notification any of those things.

Edward Razek has told once, during an interview, that males are simple to be mesmerized, it is the ladies that are tough to impress.

The buyers have to not just want to wear the lingerie yet to look and also behave prefer an Angel. The is an easy – you have to basically market the whole package – her attitude, energy, lifestyle!

8. Exercise THE WALK

Since we room living in the twenty-first century, and you have access to the internet, you much better use it because that something that will come in comfortable – clock tutorials on exactly how to walk, see various other models’ advice, simply stay in the game!

Why, you space asking? Well, as soon as you go into the Competition, girlfriend will have a couple of minutes to admire the judges with your powerful, mind-blowing walk!

All the the Angels admit that they exercise the walk, and also they perform it a lot! So, no time come waste, you understand what to perform next! Just present how comfortable you space on the runaway! Act as if you very own it!

Also, store in mind the you will certainly be wearing gigantic wings! shot to exercise that skill as well, although models themselves recognize that the wing look heavier than they yes, really are.

9. Acquire INSPIRED

As we have already pointed out, you have to keep monitor of important civilization in the industry.

While you room on the subject, try to enjoy yourself as lot as you have the right to – read about other models’ experiences, obtain to know the important human being in the market itself, not only in this certain company!

Listen to what successful people in the service have come say, not just today, however throughout history!

For example, few of the models get inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe if blowing renowned Victoria’s mystery Angel kisses.

10. Be A component OF THE TEAM

If you think that you can be obstinate in her independence, you space dead wrong – Victoria’s an enig Angels space a team, and they work and also think choose a team.

So, the point is – constantly be unique, but shot to add to the group, be one of the girls.

 “There room a lot of women who have actually a strong modeling career, yet you want a team that can connect with each other, who are supportive of every other,” Razek says for “Allure”.

So, if you space planning on being in his team, let go of her “diva” attitude and just action friendly to various other teammates.

They are especially sensitive to an unfavorable competition, therefore don’t even think about getting competitive if you desire to stay in the squad.

The girls explain the power on the set like really happy and positive, an atmosphere that lets you be who you truly are.

We think the reason for the is precisely the team spirit – they make you feel favor you space working through your the next friends, therefore you deserve to just relax and act naturally.

11. BE prepared TO job-related REALLY HARD

Modeling is not simply confidently walking down the runway. There space a many preparations the come before the show itself. It is the hardest part, actually.

For example, Adriana Lima admits that, after offering birth to her very first child, she had to get into shape before the 22nd Victoria’s Fashion Show, so she went on a liquid-only diet. Twelve hours prior to the show, she even stopped drinking altogether, according to “The Sun”.

Once you obtain into the business, be aware of the reality that this is it – her life will certainly start acquiring so lot faster and also busier!

Be all set not to have time because that some points that you are supplied to doing, maybe also lose part friends. The bottom line is – there will certainly be much more than a couple of things that you will need to sacrifice in order to become a Victoria’s secret Angel.

Most that the models talk about how castle do various things because that the firm every solitary day, and it is the really interesting part.

While they room shooting sports, they shot to placed their game challenge on, various other times they need to dance, which lock admit makes them feel a little weird sometimes, as opposed come modeling.

Every time there space different situations happening, because that example, friend never acquire to be the sexy on-set, therefore you press your attractiveness come the limit while law the campaign for a fragrance.

On the other hand, Elsa Hosk says that she loves making videos for Victoria, she feels favor she can be it s her while doing that because, top top the photo, friend can’t see the personality the the model.

Get used to high heels – you will be wearing them for days prior to the show. Also, align with the truth that you will be sitting because that hours and also hours before the show, if at least six make-up artists shot to put a ton of make-up on her face and hairstylists placed dozens of hair spray can be ~ onto your hair.

Also, if you were wondering – castle have civilization who do only body contour, using bronzers and highlighters.

The that company spray tanner (yes, that is a project and crucial one), Jimmy coco explained the process to “Harper’s Bazaar”, saying the he constantly defines the facility of the abdominals and the spine.

He likes come tan around the breast, to offer them a firmer look. He defines his butt-contour together “heart-shaped”, which also gives the appearance of a butt-lift, back he likewise admits that Victoria’s an enig models are almost perfect, through fabulous bodies, and that there is not much job left because that him.

Most models wear hair extensions, and we all understand it takes hours to install them, specifically if you want them to look natural and also beautiful.

You will earn a many money. And also we typical A most money – Angels are always at the peak of Forbes’ perform of the world‘s highest-paid models. Just do no let the money and glory knock you down, stay down-to-earth!

Most of the girl are mindful of the fact that ending up being an Angel way that you are officially a part of Victoria’s an enig family and you room the spokesperson for the entirety brand, i beg your pardon brings united state to our last step – becoming conscious of the obligation you host as one Angel.

12. BE conscious OF your RESPONSIBILITY

It’s a challenging job come get and keep, and Razek revealed the it regularly comes down to details past physical appearance.

In multiple interviews end the years, he has said a certain model’s day-to-day life regimen can easily be a deal-breaker for him, considering the reality that hundreds of models roughly the people would provide anything simply to be a component of the team.

These girls construed the true value of their jobsome of the models admit that the reality that the whole people is the town hall the Victoria’s secret Fashion display gets castle to feel so numerous emotions at the same time – excited, scared, nervous…

Martha Hunt, on the other hand, talks around the self-affirmation the you feeling after getting to be a component of the present – “If I deserve to do this, I have the right to do anything!”

All that the models space pretty mindful of your position, always highlighting that they have actually been really honored to become an Angel, knowing the truth that the company stands for strong, i was sure women and also the Angels have always inspired them, therefore they room looking front to act the very same for young girl nowadays.

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And last, but not least, always watch her mouth! follow to “The Herald Sun”, model Jessica Hart lightly criticized the performance of Taylor Swift after the Show, saying the she “she didn’t fit”.

She hasn’t walked because that the brand since then. The bottom line is you always have come be conscious that you space representing a team, a company, all of your coworkers all at once, so just do no let anything inappropriate slip away!