I’m all for tweaking a few things come be an ext friendly and also conversational in the eyes of her peers.

Personal development is a password I live by. And also constructive criticism is one of my favourite things.

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But there’s a difference between aiming to better yourself and also aiming to be cool in college.

Being cool is therefore subjective. Once one person thinks someone is cool, an additional person thinks they’re lame.

I’m sure if girlfriend asked my university classmates, some would certainly say i was cool and others would certainly say i was a loser.

That’s no the main allude though. This is: yes no doubt in my mind the being cool doesn’t stack up to prospering or gift happy.

Bringing value to others and also feeling goodis so lot sweeter 보다 being respected (many time feared) in your social circles.

The difficulty with wanting to it is in cool (and famous) is the you need to depend on various other people—people you can’t control—for this to it is in true the you. And also when you put your self-worth in the opinions of other people and something doesn’t go your way, it feels favor your whole world is out of control.

Plus, there space other problems you run right into such as fake friends and also the truth that the feeling of being cool is fleeting and also you’ll should start almost everywhere again when you graduate.

In mine experience, the desire to be cool always overpromises and underdelivers.

So what you pick to do with this write-up is approximately you.

But if you really want to be cool, the coolest human being in university are choose this.

Friendly and Chill


Maybe high college cool was about putting human being down to do yourself show up cool, but college cool is around making a hopeful impression on anyone you meet. That method you must stay friendly and chill every the time.

Do this and also you’ll quickly make brand-new friends in her classes, v your professors, and also in social settings. A large smile and friendly greeting is evaluate by everyone, so do the most of it.

By chill, I median if cool is her goal climate you can not get affiliated in small drama. Roommate problem over the dumbest thing is going to sever the relationship with her roommate and also could make your various other friends choose a side in the fight.

Now in ~ the same time don’t obtain walked over, however caring small about small stuff makes other people enjoy being approximately you.

The best component is as soon as you go out, you’ll gain the rewards of being friendly due to the fact that you’ll have friends to her left, center, and right all saying hi and wanting her attention. It’s basic to have fun once you understand everyone and also they’re all buying girlfriend drinks.

It’s a substantial difference contrasted to going come the bar through your 2 friends, not seeing anyone else you know, and also then only talking to each other. Or even worse, texting world on her phone all nightwhile you’re out. Yikes!



As fun as that is come play video games or watch a movie, university is the time to take risks and also make mistakes. An effective method to achieve that is to it is in adventurous.

When your friends are being lame, rally the troops to take a weekend pilgrimage to an additional college, a surrounding beach, or your hometown.

Convince her social one to study abroad v you in Italy, walk on holidays every chance you get during the summer, winter, and school year.

Besides the entertainment and gaining the reputation together the fun one, you’ll also havefascinating story to re-superstructure at any kind of moment.

Think about this. Isn’t over there a striking distinction when your friend asks you, “What’s new?” and also you say, “Not much,” or, “Actually I simply climbed a mountain yesterday,” and also then go on with that story in epic detail.

And these opportunities to share about your adventurous life take place every day, even if it is chilling on the futon or at a party. I’d to speak a majority of social time in college involves people sitting or standing roughly just talking.

With the mind, be adventurous to not only have actually fun but also have the best talking points.

Big Social event Goers


Probably the most evident aspect of exactly how to be cool in college is walk to huge social events.

Think the the huge football tailgate and also game against your competitor school. The template nights specialized to different days the the main (90s Night Tuesday, alcohol Wednesday, etc). And the vast annual fraternity or sorority parties.

These occasions are wherein you gain to recognize other cool kids and also establish yourself as among them. Uncover a means to construct rapport and also bond end something so you can build these friendships. Traction this turn off for a couple of weeks and you can twin your lot of friends.

You’ll also get to know much more people and have inside jokes the stick through you over time.

That outcomes in going to more social events and being presented to more fun people. Your social life snowballs and also it becomes easier than ever before to do friends and have a good time.

And top top Monday morning you’ll constantly have a funny story come share as soon as your classmate goes, “How was her weekend?”

Friends v The the opposite Sex


You’ll it is in a breathe of new air when your score is to it is in friends and also not hook up with the the contrary sex. Component of gift cool is gift different, and also this is a worthwhile possibility to it is in different.

Once friend make sufficient friends of the contrary sex, it’ll be straightforward to find and also get invite to the most fun parties and events.

Then you take it a step additional by inviting her same-sex friend to events you understand about. They will love girlfriend for gaining them in the same location as your opposite sex friends, and also your the opposite sex friends will certainly appreciate the introductions.

Or if you hold your very own party, you’ll have a complete list the interesting civilization to come consisting of an even balance of girls and also guys. World recognize those who have actually tons of social connections.

And no to be forgotten, you may have actually guessed that among these opposite sex friends will certainly eventually become your girlfriend or boyfriend. Currently your society life and also love life is rocking!



In my upcoming book How come College, ns talk about dressing because that confidence top top campus and also off confidence. The cool kids have no difficulty doing this.

The crowd that rolls the end of bed and walks to course without showering, resolving their hair, and also wearing pajamas won’t be earning any kind of social points. Don’t execute that. Perform this.

Shower and also brush your teeth before going out for the day, stay a nice fitting shirt, and shorts or pants that space in style. It’s additionally trendy, at least at my former college Miami University, to dress in casual athletic gear. You’ll view guys and also girls put on Lululemon t-shirts, shorts, and pants all the time.

And whereby the ideal dressed truly make a splash is at the themed parties. They aren’t the kind to placed something on last minute—no way. They’ve been buying clothes and thinking that these events for month in advance.

They’ll get decked the end in human body paint and also stylish or funny party-related gear. It’s a requirement to look different and special, so they put in the initiative to carry out it.

Not over The Top


In the score of gift chill, she going to hurt your social condition if you’re too over the top in a specific area. To it is in cool, don’t cross the line.

For example, there’s the over the optimal partier who needs to take it it down a notch. Passing the end at 9 pm on a Friday indigenous going too hard isn’t what you desire to be known for. And also doing difficult drugs at next is going come alienate you from many of the crowd and raise red flags.

Same with the guys, and occasionally girls, that are constantly getting right into fights. If you can’t walk house from the bar without acquiring into a scuffle, you have actually an issue and other world will get tired of constantly having to ago you up. No one desires to fight your unreasonable battles.

Sleeping with everyone also falls right into the over the optimal category. You will do it exile her friends at times, placed them in uncomfortable positions, and make them regret going out through you.

And you desire to be viewed as cool in the eye of various other people, no someone with a ton the baggage. So don’t go residence with a male or girl every night. For this case and also other reasons, the a destructive idea.

I can go on and on. They an essential is the you don’t cross the line, because then you rock the boat with other people and also you can’t have that.

In The Know about Music


When you in the know about music, you don’t walk for those overplayed height radio songs. You have the exclude, mixtapes, discover up and coming artists, and find beats the no one else has actually heard.

And when you capture that brand-new band or new single the you tell her friends about before it access time mainstream and also then it does, you’re seen as a music visionary.

You’ll become the go-to man for all your friends’ music needs, which makes you standout and include value. Those space essentials come separating you yourself from the typical college student.

This music knowledge likewise protects girlfriend from being asked to play a new song in ~ a pre-game and also then have actually no idea what come play. Or also worse, take the AUX cord and play a song that’s the opposite of a banger. Being responsible for ruining the party’s vibe is rough.

From karaoke night, to sing in the car on a road trip,or screaming the words at a concert, understanding your music helps cement your identity.

(If you were curious, i spend little to no time listening come music because I’m as well busy—so ns fail this facet of the cool debate. Oh no!)

Fit and also Athletic


Everyone appreciates a pretty body. It is why it’s no a coincidence that the cool kids have them.

So if she trying to be cool, you can’t mess approximately with gift fat in college.

A disproportional body also makes the harder come wear the ideal clothes since your wardrobe is restricted in some senses. Tight clothing or jeans won’t work-related if you can not fit in them.

And think of every the scenarios where a hot body would let you display some skin:

Pool partyDay drinking at a barSpring rest vacationAt the gymThemed party

Although it do not do it be in mine opinion, the recreation center has become a social place where world are talk in in between exercises. If friend go, it’s yet another place to do friends with your classmates.

So, eat healthy. Job-related out. And also repeat. Gift patientalso help if you’re not seeing outcomes right away.

Ambitious, Not also Ambitious


It’s cool to be smart and also have goals.

What’s not cool is to alienate world by saying you want to be president of the United states or some other lofty goal. I’m certain Bill Clinton looked like a weirdo when he took notes around people in ~ parties.

Because there’s likewise this unsaid rule that being too ambitious is no cool. Once you’re the most ambitious dude the end there, it makes other human being feel bad that lock don’t have the same drive.

If this is you, take it down a notch and also other world won’t hate you. You’re trying to it is in cool for God’s sake! In that president example, effort to be a senator and also you’ll receive much better feedback.

What’s additionally not cool is graduating in 6 years, having actually no money, and starting your first real task at age 30. Then human being will wonder why you don’t have your life together.

So the takeway right here is to it is in on the right of the ambitious graph, and also not all the method to the best that the raises questions.

Final Words

I hope you might tell some of the sarcasm in this post, due to the fact that I do the efforts to have fun through it.

So acknowledge that i wasn’t dead serious as soon as writing all of this (aka don’t email me that I said something offensive).

And I’m no knocking the cool kids. Yes sir nothing wrong with being popular. Popularity often translates come success and also happiness, 2 of the finest things.

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Just nothing aim to rise the society ladder v the not correct intentions to be much better than people and also inflate your ego. The society ladder becomes slippery and dangerous if that’s your mindset.