Our mission is to safeguard the lives and property the the civilization we serve while maintaining the greatest standards that professionalism and also integrity transparent the urban region. Sign up with us to become a component of the premier transportation police room in the nation.

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All the our tasks are provided in the glossesweb.com jobs portal. Visit the portal and search for “police” come see open positions.

The glossesweb.com Police Department uses competitive earnings with avenues for growth and also professional development. glossesweb.com Police services include:

Starting value of $42,000. Upon perfect 7 years of company the top pay is $100,368;An attractive job-related schedule;Excellent promotional opportunities;A substantial benefits package;Tuition reimbursement;
A defined advantage pension plan with the potential for credit based on prior police service;401k and also 457 plans; andComprehensive sick leave benefits.

Salary and also benefit information is subject to change. Uncover out an ext about the services of ending up being an glossesweb.com police officer.



While this position is not at this time posted, we setup to article the position on the glossesweb.com website again following summer. If you room interested in being educated when this position is posted, please finish the kind below.

The glossesweb.com Police hiring procedure begins v an applications being submitted virtual for the glossesweb.com Police Officer position. From over there it varies from person to person. We"ve put together a overview to assist you navigate the process.

Step 1: use online.

Go come the glossesweb.com work portal and also search "police" to see current open positions. Next, select the glossesweb.com Police Officer position and also complete the digital application. If you pass the preliminary screening regarded the appropriate qualifications for the position, friend will enter a choice pool. Us randomly select applicants from the pool for consideration for a composed test.

Please note: The email account connected with your online application is exactly how we will call you around the applications process. You need to keep her email address and application info updated. If her address, phone call number, name, or email deal with changes, update your applications by logging right into the site using your account information. Click on the Update contact Information attach on the application homepage.

Step 2: take the composed exam. 

To qualify because that the composed exam, girlfriend must:

Be a U.S. Citizen; andHave a high school diploma or GED; andBe at the very least 19, yet no much more than 35 years of age, together of the date of the examination. If you are older 보다 35 yet have a duration of energetic military duty or terminal leave, we subtract your time of company from your age. We will certainly not subtract much more than six years.

If you are randomly selected and also verify that you still meet the requirements, girlfriend will receive instructions on just how to provide the applications fee. The dues is $40 and also is non-refundable.

Getting her results

Exam outcomes are normally provided within 8-10 weeks ~ the check date and will be sent out to the email address in your digital application. If girlfriend did not receive an e-mail from us, inspect your spam and also junk letter folders. If girlfriend still can"t uncover your results, send us an e-mail with her name, address, daytime phone number, and a existing email address.

Requests for info should be sent out to bscservice

Step 3: extr steps and requirements.

Applicants that pass the created examination may be invited for extr steps in the recruitment process, i beg your pardon may include:

A physics fitness test using the Cooper requirements for physical Fitness;A dashboard interview;A elevator investigation;Medical examination;Polygraph examination;Psychological evaluation;Successful perfect of the curriculum at the Police Academy, andA probationary period.

Please note: happen the created examination or any type of other action does not guarantee choice for further steps. The hiring process can take almost everywhere from eight month to three years or more. The size of time relies on the variety of applicants and the glossesweb.com"s hiring needs.

Preparing because that the physical fitness test

We recommend the you take immediate activity to prepare for the physics fitness test. Refer to Cooper requirements for check requirements. Please note, Cooper Standards room subject to change.

Background check

All candidates will certainly be required to finish a elevator investigation. Felony and some misdemeanor convictions will certainly disqualify candidates. If we choose you for a background check, you will certainly be compelled to salary $75 because that fingerprint screening.

Previous police academy experience

If girlfriend are currently a sworn police officer and have formerly attended a police academy, you might not be compelled to to visit the academy again. That will rely on which academy girlfriend attended. This will certainly be confirmed throughout the elevator investigation.

Step 4: obtaining appointed. 

If you have passed the created exam and also physical fitness test, the next step in the process is the dashboard interview. At the time of the dashboard interview, friend will need to confirm the following:

You own a precious driver’s license;You additionally must have either:A minimum of 60 credits v a 2.0 median from one accredited college at the time of the dashboard interview (The Emergency monitoring Institute is not an accredited college); orHave 2 years satisfactory, full-time active service as a sworn police officer; orHave 2 years energetic duty U.S. Military experience v an honorable discharge.

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In addition, top top your day of hire, girlfriend must:

Be at least 21 year of period at the date of appointment; andLive in glossesweb.com York, brand-glossesweb.com Jersey or Connecticut at the day of appointment. The residency requirement will continue for your term of employment with the glossesweb.com Police Department.