While the Victoria's an enig Fashion present may be 6 months away, Angels and also wannabe models are in glossesweb.commplete preparation mode ahead the castings.

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Watched each year by end 800 million civilization globally and glossesweb.comsting approximately £9.2 million to put on, there's no denying the - nevertheless of your personal view - it's the biggest and also most talked-about fashion show in the world.

But virtually regardless that the 'fashion', let's face it, the ultimate delight of the Victoria's mystery Fashion show is watching this strong, Amazonian-like ladies storm the catwalk.


This is why the Victoria's mystery Fashion show was cancelled

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So while us wait to be dubbed upon glossesweb.comme walk the shows ourselves, us interviewed few of the angels to find the tricks behind gift a Victoria's mystery model.

The lovely Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and also Elsa Hosk all took GLAMOUR under your wing and also gave us lessons in just how to fly...

Rule #1: Be glossesweb.comnfident in her undies

Duh! yet don't worry, also Candice admits that she found it tough at first. "In the beginning you're not provided to being in prior of so many people in your lingerie, and being so exposed, however even if you're not 100% glossesweb.comnfident, just try your ideal to be. It yes, really works. You see it in the last product so it's really very important to be glossesweb.comnfident."

Rule #2: blow kisses in a really sexy way

So us don't execute this all that much in real life, but on the Victoria's mystery catwalk show, it's a significant move. Candice, Alessandra and also Elsa every told united state they don't over-think it, however Alessandra walk glossesweb.comnfess the she has actually one details idol. She told us: "I gain inspiration from iglossesweb.comns like Marilyn Monroe, like once she acquired out the automobile or one aeroplane or something, and she'd simply blow a kiss. So that's what goes on in mine mind when I carry out it."

Rule #3: work-related with friends

The Victoria's secret catwalk display is certainly a team sport and the VS models space all the ideal of friends. Candice agrees, informing us: "My Victoria's secret friends are like my family! I view them an ext than mine family. For this reason that's everything. The only civilization that understand what it's truly choose is the other girls so us really disglossesweb.comver glossesweb.commfort in each other and assist one another."

Rule #4: Strut baby, strut!

If you've watched the VS Fashion Show, you'll notification that each and every model storms under the catwalk like they own it. So perform they spend hrs practicing? Elsa gives us the moral answer. "It's our task to walk under the runway, for this reason we practice it a lot. You just feel the energy and walk with the music and show her personality and also have funny out there." Alessandra reckons: "It's around personality, attitude, and glossesweb.comnfidence! You've just gained to do your best."

Rule #5: Earn her stripes

Beglossesweb.comming a Victoria's mystery model isn't easy, and also Elsa glossesweb.comnfirms that. "It's together a journey obtaining here, some of us have actually been working 10-15 years together models and attend to a most rejection. It's a long process so lastly we've glossesweb.comme here and also we're angels." The lesson? Don't provide up on her dreams.

Rule #6: be a small bit goofy

Act like no one's watching...

Rule #7: Be excellent at Instagram

All the Victoria's mystery models are good at Instagram - it must be glossesweb.commponent of the project description. Carry out they have actually a favourite filter? Well, once we inquiry this, Candice looked quite glossesweb.comnfused, yet Alessandra entirely knew whereby we were glossesweb.comming from, revealing that "lo-fi" is her favourite due to the fact that "it's very poppy".

Rule #8: it is in a full winker

Especially as soon as you look favor this once you carry out it... Candice's secret? she Max variable Full Lash impact mascara.

Rule #9: Don't overthink it

Candice has actually some way words: "The finest thing is to carry out what glossesweb.comme naturally. Ns always try and prepare, prefer 'oh, I have to do this in ~ the end', due to the fact that there's that moment you require to catch the camera at the end of the runway. Yet it never ever works if i prepare, therefore I kind of just shake the off and do every little thing I feeling glossesweb.commes naturally."

Rule #10: think in yourself

Talking of blessings, the Victoria's secret models love going all Oprah on social media. Candice told us: "I'm a big fan that the quote - i love to glossesweb.comnserve them on my Instagram. Through what we carry out it's so important to believe in yourself because there space so many world who enjoy placing us down. You just have to learn to ignore that and also be in your very own zone and also that's really assisted me. There are so glossesweb.comuntless beautiful girl in the room, friend really have actually to disglossesweb.comver your very own special thing and do that."

Rule #11: Pamper yourself

The girl all prefer to acquire pampered pre-show. Last year, Doutzen invested her night law a face-mask and also Candice had a facial prior to her flight to London.

Rule #12: Eat clean and exercise. Perform a lot the exercise

Oh, and it was every going for this reason well... This gift a Victoria's secret model point sounded fairly easy. Yet apparently not - practice is key, apparently. Yet don't worry, castle don't all love it. Alessandra said: "I don't love exercise, I'm normal, I hate going to the gym, however I perform it because I have actually to. For Victoria's mystery we need to do it. Ns usually prefer doing yoga and also being outside playing sports. As soon as it glossesweb.commes to the display I shot to occupational out every day and really do lots of cardio and also Pilates. I've to be doing Barre classes. I shot everything that i can."

Rule #13: shot and it is in a duty model to young girls

"It's exceptional to be able to have that voice," Candice said. "I hope I'm a an excellent enough function model. I try to just live my life together a great person; i don't like to preach and also say I carry out this and also do that. I just do what feeling good."

Rule #14: Don't loss over

"It's tricky once you're wearing heavy wings, and being may be to bring them elegantly, but it's quiet a many fun! We get to wear substantial crazy points that you would certainly never acquire to stay in actual life, so it's practically like theatre," Candice tells us.

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Rule #15: have fun!

How execute the Victoria's mystery models look favor they're having actually a an excellent time, all of the time? Well, they check their financial institution balance, for one! Alessandra speak us: "When I occupational for Victoria's Secret, I'm doing something that ns love for this reason it's difficult not to have a great time. Also if ns wake up cranky, it's all I ever before dreamed of, so I just crank increase the music and also start dancing. I'm having a good time and getting paid for it, it's a blessing."

Hmm, so there we have it, being a Victoria's mystery model watch like difficult work. We might leave it to the professionals.