You can have to review your basic knowledge shortly, as it could be simply a issue of time prior to a new state joins the Union. 

Amid the pandemic, Washington DC is pushing for statehood in the latest relocate by the US resources to have much more of a say in how the federal government works. 

“A longstanding concern for DC residents is the they pay us taxes, but they don"t have actually a vote in Congress, who regulate the books and also control the purse strings,” Law"s Dr James Metzger explains. “So conference governs the monitor of the district also though they have non-voting representation in the governing body.” 

In fact, if you take trip to DC, you"ll even see that few of the licence plates of DC residents screen the slogan ‘taxation without representation’.

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Becoming a united state state 

Dr Metzger claims the us capital"s route to statehood could be easier than you could think.

“All that is basically required is for congressional approval and for the president to sign off. As long as both residences of Congress happen a resolution to do a state, and also the President indicators that resolution, then the state can be admitted,” he says.

However, this is no to say that statehood is something the is quickly granted. Not since Hawaii in 1959 has actually a state been admitted come the Union. Furthermore, what is a reasonably simple procedure on file can be more complicated, relying on the region being considered.

While the united state is the only nation where inhabitants of the capital don"t have actually representation in the legislative body, castle do have actually a to speak in that gets elected president – the 23rd modification enacted in 1961 provides the district of Columbia 3 votes in the Electoral College. Development of a Washington DC state would certainly likely have to repeal the 23rd amendment and also work roughly Article 1, section 8 that the Constitution, which says that the nation"s capital can"t be subject to state rule. 

"As long as both residences of Congress happen a resolution to do a state, and also the President indicators that resolution, climate the state can be admitted."

“Potentially, the systems would it is in to shrink the dimension of DC to encompass the White House, the national Mall and other nationwide sites, and the neighboring area would end up being the new state,” Dr Metzger explains.

Democrats in the house of Representatives recently made background by happen a resolution for DC to it is in made a state – the very first time one of two people chamber of Congress has voted in favour the DC statehood. However, this is likely as much as the press will go for now.

“It certainly doesn"t seem really likely ideal now, not before the election. It"s unlikely the the Senate will provide it together well, and even if somehow the Senate did approve, president Trump has said the he would veto it,” Dr Metzger says.

“It appears to have come to be a Republican-Democrat worry now, however I think most people in the country have typically been protest to DC gift a state due to the fact that it"s an alleged to be a neutral commonwealth district.” 

Who rather could end up being a state?

Another candidate frequently floated to come to be the 51st state is the unincorporated US territory of Puerto Rico. While Puerto Ricans don"t need to pay us Federal Tax, they likewise don"t have actually voting members that Congress, nor do they gain to poll in presidential poll (unless they"re living in a state).

“While they space US citizens, there"s never ever really been sufficient support from in ~ the unified States, or Puerto Rico, because that to become a state,” Dr Metzger says.


There have additionally been proposals floated to separate California into two states.

“It"s quite similar to the secessionist movements that seem come ebb and also flow in Quebec in Canada,” Dr Metzger says. “But if DC gets made a state, probably that go reinvigorate those call to rest up California.

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“Anything"s possible, however I"m not sure that it would certainly actually get off the ground.”

While it"s not certain when the 51st state will certainly be admitted, one point is for certain – one more star would need to be included to the flag.