Working top top a Superyacht

Working ~ above a Superyacht asa Stewardess or Steward is becoming the career path choice for numerous who would like a job at sea come one top top land. It’s a perfect method to incorporate work and also travel, you will spend all of your time in the sunshineand insome the the most beautiful areas in the world.

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The Superyacht market is continuous on the lookout because that energetic, difficult working people, masculine or woman to administer guests and owners v the ultimate holiday experience.


What qualifications do I have to work ~ above a Superyacht?

There are three locations to cover when it pertains to qualifications and also experience to beome a Superyacht Stewardess. The very first to room mandatory, the third depends ~ above you and also what hospitality experience or project you have been doing come date.

How to acquire a task on a yacht through no experience

It is true to say that you don’t have to have functioned on a yacht to begin your career as a Stewardess, apart from the compulsory qualifications stated above.

Like any new career, that is a great idea to gain some cultivate in the basics so you can hold your own onboard. Every yachts operation slightly differently so one dimension does no fit all. To boost your possibilities of detect a project the more experience you can gain the better.

The an ext experience you can offer the yacht, the better. So, if girlfriend don’t have any kind of transferable an abilities then flying Fish can help.

How do I discover work on a Superyacht?

There space three methods crew find a job.

Most crew take trip to Antibes, France described as the hub of yachting in the Mediterranean. Online, we talk a bit much more about “going online” belowContacts. If you understand somebody the is already working ~ above a Superyacht then with their connections it is possible to find work.

Almost everybody the is trying to find a task on a Superyacht travels to Antibes, France. ~ above arrival, crew tend to continue to be in a crew home such together the Crew Grapevine provided as a basic to look because that work. If budget plan is a issue then crew sign up with forces and rent an Airbnb between them. The benefit of a crew house like the Crew Grapevine is that the owner (ex-yachties) proactively help you discover a job.

The method you uncover a task on a Superyacht is quite unique. From her base in Antibes, you would travel to various other ports in the regional area, to walk the dock and chat to the crew working onboard to watch if there are any type of positions available.

Superyacht crew who have actually the evening off will certainly go to the regional bars come unwind. This is the perfect possibility to obtain to know civilization that space working top top Superyachts and also to construct connections in the industry.

Go digital to look for a work

All Superyacht recruitment agents write-up positions ~ above their respective websites. Once qualified, brand-new crew would certainly register v the agency and complete their registration form. You would then get in touch with the agent to start trying to find that dream job.

The recruitment agent’s job is to enhance the right candidate for the task being advertised. Over there are plenty of recruitments agents out there, us work carefully with YPI a Superyacht recruitment company based in the southern of France.

A quick Google find for “Superyacht Recruitment Agents” will lug up a list.

Facebook is an additional medium the yachts usage to write-up jobs. To save up to day is it worth joining a pair of the Superyacht facebook groups. Yacht crew jobs and also Palma yacht team are two examples.


Amelia who trained v Flying Fish in 2020 gave some great advice.

Sign as much as a couple of good recruitment companies, make certain you interview with the recruiter very first rather than using Facebook. Second, as soon as you have actually your interview, make certain you ask questions around the yacht. This is due to the fact that you are not only finding a job but a home and family too, therefore ask as plenty of questions as possible to make certain it’s the ideal yacht because that you.

How long does it take it to uncover work top top a Superyacht?

Over the 12 years we have actually been cultivate Stewardesses, most find a job between 1 – 4 weeks. Us have had customers the have uncovered a job in a day and also others that have taken 6 mainly to uncover that perfect job.

The time the takes to discover a job is under to you. Friend will must be proactive, increase early, and make sure you space at the prior of the queue. From our experience, human being who occupational hard and also explore every chance will find a task quickly.

Every chef Stew the calls united state for a recommendation asks the same inquiries – go the candidate have a great attitude? You must be hard-working, happy come work lengthy hours, and used to mucking in. Have actually a can-do attitude and a willingness come go that extra mile to assist your fellow crewmates.


When is the finest time to look for occupational on a Superyacht?

Traditionally Superyachts recruit because that the Mediterranean season anytime in between February come May. The being said, yachts recruit every year round. We have seen numerous graduates discover work in July and August once the season is in full swing.

The next crucial recruitment period is in between September and November as yachts prepare for the Caribbean season. Yachts will certainly cross the Atlantic anytime in between December and January to cruise the Caribbean or the us for the winter. Superyacht crew who have had actually a liven Mediterranean season might decide to take it the winter off, which leaves methods for new crew to enter the industry.


How much does a Stewardess make?

A Steward/ess beginning out in the industry deserve to expect to earn €2,000 to €3,500 per month – almost all crew payment in Euros. The salary can depend on plenty of factors, the main one gift the yacht’s “crew” budget.

The owner or management agency will agree top top a budget plan that the Captain offers to hire crew, which can lead to tiny variations in the quantity yachts pay their crew.

Your value can also depend on whether you occupational on a Charter or personal yacht. That is customary because that charter guests to guideline the crew, the guideline is normally approximately 10% that the charter fee. Chartering a Superyacht can set you ago anywhere from €250,000 to €1 million every week.

Tips are split evenly amongst the crew and on average, have the right to be anything native €2,000 – €5,000 per charter.

I have heard the my salary is tax-free?

As a crew member (or Seafarer) working on a Superyacht, that is likely that you will be out of the Uk because that a far-reaching about the time. Spend more than fifty percent of the year overseas then you autumn under a details piece of legislation referred to as the Seafarers earning extinguish scheme. If you satisfy the criteria then yes, the salary paid to you will certainly be complimentary of UK revenue tax.

What is it choose working ~ above a Superyacht?

All crew work, eat, and sleep onboard. The yacht will come to be your home, they will certainly look after ~ you and a chef chef all her meals while onboard. Your contract will certainly specify her duties, salary, functioning hours, and holiday. The yacht will supply your uniform and carry out further training, if necessary.

Superyacht crew will certainly be comfortable with being away from their friends and family for lengthy periods of time. Because that your first job mean to be far from residence for prolonged period, which might be 6 month or more.

There are assorted roles within the inner department; Laundry, Service, and also Housekeeping. Relying on the size of the yacht will depend on what your function is onboard. Because that example, huge yachts will have actually a devoted laundry team, if a small yacht (35-40M) the Stewardess will execute all three.

During a normal week, when there are not guest onboard you are likely to occupational 5 days a week, weekends off. The structure of your working week will certainly differ indigenous yacht to yacht but there will certainly be time off to explore and also have part well-earnt downtime.


A typical working day

Your working day will frequently start in ~ 8:oo am and finish in ~ 6:00 pm generally 5 job a week. As soon as on charter, or if the owners room onboard, then the hours you job-related will differ. Unsociable hrs are usual when guests are onboard.

Accommodation onboard

You will certainly share a cabin with another Stewardess. The cabins are small but comfortable through an ensuite bathroom. Over there is access to the internet via that yachts Wifi mechanism so girlfriend will be able to keep in touch v friends and family in ~ home.


Can i make a job in yachting?

Yes, and many have. Becoming a Superyacht Stewardess can be a career, and what an remarkable career it have the right to be. Every Stewardess start out as a small Stew, then together you gain time and experience onboard you deserve to progress to 2nd Stew, climate Chief Stew. The chef Stew runs the whole interior team, manages the budget, and also will be the an initial point of call for the guests and also owners – not basic role.

Some yachts will employ a Purser which can be finest described as the PA come the Superyacht.

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Not just is there progression but ending up being a Superyacht Stewardess uses the travel and also adventure that us all seek. You will satisfy some that the world’s rich and famous, and make part friends because that life.