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From Saints for children by Kids

God doesn’t simply pick out certain people to it is in saints and also nobody else. After all, everybody is one-of-a-kind to Him, right? i mean, i feel special. Don’t you? God wants everybody to be good so i guess He desires everybody to be a saint.

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Well, then, why are some human being saints and not others? What specifically is a saint?

I’ll gambling they to be a lot like you and me. They were real people with actual feelings, with real problems. As with me. They all live on the earth Earth. Similar to me. When they were kids… .

Some saints were really poor, some were rich.Some to be beautiful, some were average.Some were skinny, some were fat.Some to be shy, part were forward.Some to be smart, some not as smart.Some visited school, some were uneducated.Some were healthy, part were sickly.Some behaved, some were troublemakers.Some were popular, some simply gained on people’s nerves.

Saints weren’t born perfect. No one is perfect. They didn’t walk approximately with halos over your heads. That would be type of weird, don’t you think? No, ns think that saints started out just like the remainder of us—the hard way.

But miscellaneous must have happened to make the saints stand the end from the remainder of us. Due to the fact that God wants everybody to it is in a saint, probably they just listened better. Maybe when He called, they heard—or something prefer that.

If you yes, really look at saints, they had actually a few things in common. For instance, they were always talking come God. That’s dubbed praying. And also they always wanted to make God happy due to the fact that they love Him so much. They weren’t just thinking about themselves all the time. They to be thinking about what God wanted them to do.

Some the the saints were an excellent thinkers, therefore those saints would write about religion or teach. Part saints were great workers, for this reason they would certainly lend a help hand come the poor and elderly. Some were rich, so they would offer away money and things to the needy.

I don’t know, but I guess: v it’s really hard to be a saint. Ns mean, ns wouldn’t prefer to offer all my ingredient away. And also I’m constantly busy with points to do. I shot to perform what i should, however sometimes things happen and also I make mistakes. Ns try, yet I’m no saint—not yet, anyway.

I like hearing about the saints, though. We deserve to learn a many from their examples. Castle teach us how to it is in closer come God. And they show us exactly how to remain on the appropriate track. They assist to correct some of the negative things that go on. That’s why God offers them special powers. Girlfriend know, they acquire to make miracles happen.

So, if us pray come them for things, lock listen. Saints are definitely an excellent listeners. Lock are prefer our special friends in heaven. They understand what it’s like down here, and also they can help us get up there.

From Saints for children by Kids, through the Reverend Robert Charlebois, mary Sue Holden and Marilyn Diggs Mange, Liguori Publications, 1984.

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This tiny book was created by children—saints’ story were told, then kids in schoolrooms and also Sunday great retold the stories in their very own words. Your responses to be edited and compiled to make the book with story of eight saints. Much more than 300 children participated in the production of Saints for children by Kids.