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Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor SUV.

By Raymond Wambsgans from Akron Ohio, USA (Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility)

The adhering to are specific qualifications and processes because that attaining the job title the Columbus, Ohio Police Officer. Check your regional city or city website for certain information in her area.

How to become a Police Officer

Minimum Qualifications that Columbus Police Officers

High institution graduation, or a precious Certificate the high college equivalency, choose the Ohio GED Certificate. If you have a GED from another state examine with the Ohio board of education to ensure the your state's GED move acceptably come Ohio.You must be at least 20-years-old top top the day your application and also at the very least 21-years-old as soon as you space appointed to the police officer training class. (There is no maximum age limit in Columbus together of 2009.)You must have a current and also valid Ohio Motor car driving license.Required - You have to be a citizens of the USA.Residency: Applicants should live within Franklin county or within an adjoining county (one that boundaries directly on Franklin County) in stimulate to begin attending the 28-week training course at the Police Academy.

The City the Columbus demands police police officers that:

Show honesty,Are for sure drivers and also will protect life and property,Respect the legal rights of all individuals,Respect the law and also are ready to force it,Have a consistently good employment history,Demonstrate an excellent attendance,Show continuously reliable and also effective judgment that produces hopeful results.

A background examination is performed for all job applicants through the Columbus Police force. This consists of a polygraph check (a lie detector test) to identify level of moral in every applicants, a complete family history,a skilled experience survey, a complete military history, web traffic citation record, gambling history, criminal task and records, problem abuse history, and also a complete credit history kind the three major credit bureaus.


President Obama in Ohio for the Graduation the the Columbus Police Division’s 114th Class.; PD

The Trainee an option Process

Candidates, if selected, will certainly ensure the safety and security of every citizens, and personally uphold the law, ensuring the the legal rights of citizens room foremost.

The City of Columbus department of Police offers intense training and continuing education and learning of the police officers and staff. Since 1999, the Columbus department of Police has been one of the biggest police organ in the country

Prior police suffer is not required to serve on the Columbus Police force, and there is no upper age limit in ~ all.

The very first step in the testing procedure is to record an application and also Abbreviated lift Questionnaire (ABQ) with the Columbus Civil organization Commission because that the Police Officer position.

Application-filing periods are announced by the city Civil business Commission. Call Civil organization at (614) 645-0800 or virtual at If her application and also ABQ space approved, the Civil organization Commission will educate you of the time and place come report for the examination.

Police check Sections

Phase ns - multiple Choice;Phase II - writing Sample ;Phase III - dental Board (BPAD),Phase IV - physics Test.

Phases I and II are pass/fail. Candidates who pass all 4 phase enter one of three bands (90, 80, or 70 band) on the default list based on Phase III scores and approved Veteran's preference Credit.

90th Percentile (Top 10%)

Beginning with the "90-band" or top 10% of project candidates, a personal history questionnaire will certainly be provided by the Columbus division of Police. You will then appear at Police Headquarters because that a pre-interview with a lift investigator. Pictures, fingerprints, and waivers will certainly be perfect to aid in an extensive background investigation.


The applicant will be offered a polygraph verify the accuracy of all the info they have given thus far.

Information Review

Civil organization Commission will evaluation your whole package so far to make certain there are no hurt of the background remove standards.

An assigned lift investigator examine of your employment history (all of it), references, and also criminal record, They will certainly visit friend in her home and also speak v your spouse, significant other, or household (for 2 come 3 hours).

Information is placed together in a report around your background and polygraph results. This is sent out to the dental Review plank (3 veteran police officers). You will certainly interview v them and also they will certainly ask friend questions. Oral Review Board recommendations are the review by the Police governmental Subdivision chain the command and the City that Columbus Public security Director.

The security Director will decide if you will certainly be sent out a Conditional Letter of appointment (acceptance).


Columbus Police Headquarters.

By Wiki chronicler N oh , via Wikimedia C

Physical check by licensed Doctors

This is a rigorous clinical examination to evaluate her physical fitness. It includes a mandatory cardiovascular anxiety test and a psychological evaluation.

The vision needs are "correctable 20/20 in both eyes" and no an ext than 20/125 uncorrected in any kind of eye (most laser surgical procedure corrections are acceptable).

The full medical exam have to be passed before a final Offer the Employment goes out.


Candidates will certainly be educated by letter of one appointment day for Police Academy training.

Additional Information

The number of people that have the right to be hired as Columbus Police police officers will rely on numerous circumstances. These things include such elements as the city budget, the Police room budget, the variety of officer and staff retirements, and also the need for the division of Police for extr or brand-new recruits. Since all of these components vary native year come year, that is tough to name a specific number of people that will certainly be rental in any particular year.

Many civilization state their attention in coming to be employed v the City of Columbus department of Police. Since the recruit selection process is highly competitive, with a limited number of individuals that will be successful, the sheer numbers of applications are overwhelming. The variety of qualified men and women who room deeply committed to becoming an excellent Police Officer drops dramatically after the early stage intake and application process. Many simply carry out not or can not commit us to requirements. If and when girlfriend are prepared to commit, you will be bonus in countless ways the you will certainly not regret!

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