If you great to come to be a plumber in the state of brand-new York, you have to register with the Secretary of State. However, new York walk not directly license trades experts or general contractors uniformly. Instead, you must comply with neighborhood regulations in the area or areas where you great to work, since local government agencies regulate pipes trades in this state.

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Since 40% of the state’s population lives in new York City, this article will focus on the city’s particular requirements. Be certain to contact your regional city or county office for comprehensive rules in her area, or evaluation our perform of other areas at the bottom the the page.

New York City calls for anyone that performs plumbing work-related to have actually a license, due to the fact that the regulations are strictly enforced. Comparable to electrical contractors, friend must first gain suffer as one apprentice, then use to become a journeyman, and also finally, if friend wish, apply and also complete an exam to become a understand plumber.

The minimum demands for coming to be a plumber in brand-new York include:

Be 18 years of period or older;Be able come read, write, and understand English;Be fit to perform work;Have moral character so regarding not influence your job;And have at the very least two year of endure as one apprentice plumber.


New York patent Reciprocity

New York State does not have actually reciprocity agreements. However, separation, personal, instance cities and counties can have agreements with other states.

New York City grasp Plumber license Requirements

A master plumber licensed by brand-new York City deserve to perform any and also all pipes jobs. Those spring to become a master plumber have to pay a $200 fee for the license and meet one of the complying with levels the experience:

Seven years of applicable suffer working directly under a grasp plumber, in which two of those years need to be as a license is granted journeyman plumber;A bachelor’s degree in an proper engineering technology from a university or college registered by the brand-new York State room of Education and have had actually at least 5 years of total experience within the seven years. At the very least two year of this experience should be in brand-new York City;A brand-new York State-licensed experienced (Registered Architect or experienced Engineer) v at least three years of suffer within the five years prior. At least one year of this experience have to be in new York City.Have at least seven year of complete experience in ~ ten years prior to application with at least two year of endure under the supervision that a licensed grasp Plumber in the joined States; at the very least two years of this experience need to be acquired as a room of Buildings’ registered Journeyman Plumber;Experience together an employee the a government agency, exclusive inspection firm or other entity accepted by the buildings Commissioner who duties mainly involve the plumbing job-related for compliance with the new York City pipes Code linked with your work-related experience amounts to seven year of occupational experience required within the ten years before application.

Master plumbers will likewise need to happen a lift check. You must submit the following documents in person to the NYC room of Buildings:

Examination Score Report Form;Certified society Security background of Earnings;Photo id (driver’s license, learner’s permit, State ID, environment-friendly card, or passport);Original Social protection Card;Original birth certificate, a existing passport, or a green card;Proof that residence (utility bill, lease or deed) or a typed notarized letter and also bill from the person you space residing with;Latest pay stub or W-2;Two (2) passport size photographs;$500.00 Background examination Fee.

Once you have actually completed all registration and also passed the background check and the exam, friend are currently able to obtain your master’s license. All applicants should be component of a business, either as an officer, a partner, or a single proprietorship, and must comply with brand-new York City zoning codes.

Master Plumber Exam

To attain your license, you should pass a written and practical exam. Prior to taking the test, you must fill out an application for the written section and an applications for the useful section, together with submitting a $525 fee and $350 fee, respectively. After her applications space submitted and also your fees space paid, the exam administrator will certainly email directions because that scheduling the exam. Friend will require a passing score of 70% for the written ar in bespeak to take your useful exam. After ~ you pass the useful exam, you have to receive a letter in 3 to four weeks.

New York City Journeyman Plumber patent Requirements

Those spring to end up being journeymen require an expertise of the pipes trade, including knowledge of tools, working with the Code and technical requirements, and the ability to draft straightforward diagrams. To it is registered for a journeyman license, you should submit applications with the department of buildings Licensing platform. You must also upload the following papers with your application:

Photo to know (driver’s license, passport or eco-friendly card);Original Social defense Card;Department of labor approved apprenticeship/training regime certificate;Typed notarized affidavits native all past or present employers you have indicated that will certainly attest to your experience and qualification. Affidavits from brand-new York City Licensees need to be sealed. Affidavits must encompass the following information and must be specific match to what was submitted in your virtual application:Your task title (Helper, Journeyman, etc.);Name that the company;A detailed description of her duties;Your employment days for each licensee you operated with;Whether her employment to be full- or part-time;A explain by the licensee;Social Security history of Earnings;Registration dues of $50.00.

Journeyman Plumber Exam

Currently, new York go not need an test to come to be a journeyman plumber.

Plumbing Apprenticeship Requirements

To become an apprentice in new York City, you generally need to be at least 18 years of age and possess a high college diploma or a GED. Individual apprenticeship programs might have different requirements, so it’s vital to research study programs prior to applying.

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New York Plumber Apprentice Jobs

New York has various training centers and job boards to uncover apprenticeship programs in the state. This include:

Plumbing Trade colleges in new York

SUNY empire State CollegeLocation: Saratoga Springs, brand-new YorkTuition: Interested parties have to request much more informationContact: 1-800-GO-TO-ESC

LaGuardia neighborhood CollegeLocation: Queens, new YorkTuition: $2,239 because that a three-month programContact: (718) 482-5231

Apex technological SchoolLocation: Queen, new York City, brand-new YorkTuition: Interested parties must request more informationContact: (212) 645-3300

Harlem school of TechnologyLocation: new York, brand-new YorkTuition: Interested parties have to request much more informationContact: (212) 932-2849

Coop TechLocation: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and also Staten IslandTuition: N/A — applicants need to be enrolled in a room of education High SchoolContact:Queens: (212) 369-8800 ext. 1351 OR ext. 2311Brooklyn: (718) 290-8600 ext. 2571Manhattan: (212) 369-8800 ext. 1351 OR ext. 2311Bronx: (718) 589-2531 ext. 5091Staten Island: (212) 369-8800 ext. 2311

QBI The Training academy (QBITTI)Location: long Island City, brand-new YorkTuition: Interested parties should request much more informationContact: (718) 392-4156

New York skilled License Search

There are assorted resources because that validating a contractor license in brand-new York, including:

For each web search, users room able to search by name, business, profession, license number, city, or county. Additionally, certain counties in brand-new York might carry out a an ext concise license find for the connected area.

Plumber License requirements for other Cities of new York

If you room looking to become a plumber in other cities, below is a perform of sources for other populous counties and cities in new York:

Suffolk CountyWestchester CountyBinghamtonBuffaloIthacaContact the director of code Enforcement — (607) 274-6508RochesterUtica

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