It is her career, for this reason it have to be her choice. Leveraging our partnerships, is the only airline supplying students a customized career path to College student may pick from two career routes: 

Flying for among the connection Carriers: Republic Airways, venture Air and also SkyWest Airlines; orFlying army aircraft for the Air national Guard or Reserves.

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What is the Collegiate Pilot career Path? is providing a brand-new career path for college student at pick universities. Effective candidates will certainly be listed a Qualified job Offer (QJO) detailing a characterized path and also an sped up timeline to come to be a pilot.

What is a Qualified job Offer?

A Qualified project Offer (QJO) uses you a identified path and also an sped up timeline to become a pilot - and then helps you attain the essential qualifications along the way. Pilots meeting the requirements of the program have the right to progress through your liked career path to in 42 month or much less - faster and an ext seamlessly than ever before. 

Who can apply?

In stimulate to it is in eligible to apply for, students must be enrolled in, or a current graduate of, an R-ATP eligible major at among"s partner organizations (below). The regime is open to Juniors, Seniors, and Flight Instructors at among our partner universities that graduated within the vault 6 months. Pilots must hold, in ~ minimum, a Private Pilot certificate and must have actually completed at least one additional Part-141 trip course at the partner institution. In order to sign up with, pilots must organize a an initial Class clinical (note: that is acceptable if privileges have actually lapsed to second or third class). A pilot must organize or be able to hold a present passport or other travel documents allowing the bearer to freely exit and also re-enter the U.S. (multiple re-entry status) and also be legit eligible to work-related in the U.S. (possess suitable working documents).

Ensuring trip training avenues for future generations understands the prominence of high-quality trip training and ensuring opportunities for future generations the students. Pilots participating in (Connection Route) will certainly be meant to build their flight hours by instructing in ~ the university where lock trained. Additionally, since pilots have an sped up timeline come that 42 months or less, they will be intended to instruct until the end of the scholastic semester in i beg your pardon they attain Restricted-ATP minimum (before beginning employment at a link carrier: Republic Airways, undertaking Air and SkyWest Airlines). The goal is to assist stabilize the supply of trip instructors, when ensuring future pilots get valuable, high-quality trip experience.

Let us fly v you

The best benefit to the program, beside from having actually your selection of career courses to, is the fact that will be involved with you throughout your entire journey. Signature occasions on-campus and also at’s people Headquarters combine your understanding of the airline industry and develop your leadership skills. And to top it off, you will receive personal mentoring from an energetic pilot every step of the way.

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Application process

The anticipated home window cadence for College route is one time per year. Continue to be tuned to this page and also social media because that updates top top future applications windows.

What if i am not welcomed into the program?

The - Collegiate Pilot Career course is simply one of plenty of ways to become a pilot. is intended to streamline your career and support you follow me the way. If you decide no to join or room not welcomed into the program, you will certainly still it is in eligible to use to in future semesters or later in her career. Us encourage friend to carry out so!

What if I carry out not attend a partner university? currently partners through the aviation universities noted below. We setup to increase the variety of aviation university partnership in the comes years. Be certain to check ago for updates.