There space aviation systems in all branches that the U.S. Military, and to end up being a pilot in the Marines, you need to go v the most extensive and also longest pilot maintain of every the branches. This includes coming to be a i was delegated officer, conference a wide variety of criteria and passing lot of training school programs. In this article, we talk about what a maritime pilot is and also does, what plane they fly, exactly how to become a maritime pilot and the skills and value for naval pilots.

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A maritime pilot is an active duty maritime who paris helicopters, planes or hybrid aircraft. Maritime pilots are first trained together Marines, then go with multiple training program to gain combat leadership experience and learn how to end up being pilots. To aid its systems on the ground, the naval Corps has actually several wait assets that require trained pilots, including:

Helicopters for troop deployment and medical evacuationsAttack helicopters because that air assistance for Marines top top the groundFighter jets and also attack jets the deploy from big shipsHybrid machines for one-of-a-kind situations and also circumstances

A naval pilot flies some of the many technologically advanced aircraft in existence. Lock perform vital functions for maritime aviation in order come support armed forces missions approximately the world. Several of their duties and also responsibilities include:

Assault supportOffensive wait supportControlling aircraftControlling missilesAnti-air warfareElectronic warfareAerial reconnaissance

Marine pilots fly helicopters, planes and also hybrid machines. Some of the assorted aircraft marine pilots might fly include:

KC-130 supervisor Hercules: A refueling plane and propeller transport that operates in any kind of environment, medevac Marines, offers battlefield illumination and humanitarian assist and it is provided Marines, cargo and also fuel.EA-6B Prowler: An digital warfare jet the detects, destroys or jams opponent air defenses.F/A-18 Hornet: A double mission plane with both fighter and attack settings that is a fighter escort, wait control, close air support, adversary defense suppression and reconnaissance plane.
UH-1Y Huey: A flexible helicopter that offers medical evacuation, or medevac, and combat support in addition to assault support, aerial reconnaissance, close wait support and also command and also control.AH-1Z supervisor Cobra: an air support helicopter that has guns and rockets for offering cover or escorting move helicopters and advancing floor troops.CH-53E at sight Stallion: A heavy-lift helicopter that can carry and also lift 16 lots of cargo like personnel, vehicles or offers with armament and agility.
RA-7B shadow Drone: one unmanned aircraft device that helps Marines through target acquisition, reconnaissance and to relay communications.MV-22 Osprey: A hybrid helicopter and transport aircraft that have the right to do vertical or quick landings and take-offs thanks to a unique tilt-rotor system.AV-8B Harrier: Nicknamed the VSTOL because that vertical brief takeoff and landing, this plane uses flexible jets to take off, floor or float with small or no runway.

It is a need for maritime pilots to have a bachelor's degree, either from a university, civilian college, to make reservation Officers' cultivate Corps (ROTC), Officer Candidate school (OCS) or the U.S. Naval Academy. The U.S. Marine Academy is a renowned education selection for aspiring Marines. It has a prestigious, competitive and also arduous regime that graduates about 20% of each course into the maritime Corps.

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Officers must be commissioned to the location of 2nd lieutenant before becoming pilots. If you desire to become a naval pilot, contact your local selection officer and also ask around the compelled steps for coming to be a 2nd lieutenant. Girlfriend should likewise let the local an option office know you're interested in the aviation track and also want to come to be a naval pilot.

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Age: A pilot candidate has to be at least 18 as soon as enlisting, at least 20 when joining the officer candidate program and younger 보다 28 once receiving commissions.Citizenship: The Marines require candidates to be U.S. Citizens, and also if they room not, lock can apply to come to be a citizen during enlistment.Testing: there are testing requirements which encompass an act score that 22 or higher, a merged SAT score because that math and English that 1,000 or higher, or an armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score that 74 or higher. Candidates must also pass the Aviation selection Test Battery.Physical fitness: Prospective maritime pilots need to be in good physical health and psychological health, happen a physics fitness test, aviation physical exam and also other medical screenings.

Pilot candidates attend flight school in Florida after ~ they complete Platoon Leaders course or Officer maintain School. Then they continue on to intermediary and progressed training programs. There are several stages to the procedure which include:

The simple School: before advancing come pilot training, all maritime officers must pass The straightforward School in Quantico, Virginia.Pre-indoctrination: The pre-indoctrination regimen in Pensacola, Florida at the marine Air station lasts 6 weeks and also introduces coursework choose aviation physiology, engines, navigation, aerodynamics and sea and also land survival.Primary flight training: Candidates go to Milton, Florida because that in-air training whereby they invest 166 hours in the classroom, 67 hours in the air and 27 hrs in a trip simulator. Candidates acquire chosen to development to either helicopter, jets or turboprops based upon their aptitude and grades.Intermediate helicopter or turboprop training: Candidates go through another 26 hrs of indict with focus on navigation and also radio training.Intermediate jet training: Candidates go to the navy Air terminal in Meridian, Mississippi or Kingsville, Texas come go with a five-week ground institution with emphasis on meteorology, safety and also visual flight rules, climate they development to hand-operated training because that gunnery, aerobatics, catapult take-offs and also radio communication.Advanced jet training: Prospective jet pilots continue to advancement with 92 hours in the air practicing night flights and combat maneuvers.Advanced turboprop training: these prospective pilots proceed to advance with a 20-week course in body Christi, Texas v 182 hours of classwork, 88 hours in the air and 20 hours of trip simulators.Advanced helicopter training: Prospective helicopter pilots walk to Florida and continue to development with 116 hrs of in-air practice.

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Skills for a marine pilot

There are plenty of hard and also soft an abilities Marine pilots need, including:

Quick reflexesCreativity in decision-makingEnglish proficiencyComputer and an innovation skillLeadership qualitiesAbility to work under stress

The military determines active-duty pay because that a marine on length of service, rank, qualifications and also job assignment. The median salary because that a naval can variety from $23,944 come $75,099 every year. The Marines also carry out benefits, prefer housing, insurance, paid education, bonuses and also cost-of-living allowances. The variety of Marine pilots on active duty fluctuates each based on the national Defense Authorization Act and the country's military needs.

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A maritime pilot doesn't have actually a solved schedule, but is frequently on call and preparing because that the following assignment 24/7 for a stipulated period. There room some situations where transition work or weekend work-related is likely. Marine pilots commonly board ship at sea, for this reason they should be comfortable working on the water and at heights when flying.