NOTE: This write-up is update regularly. Even if you an elaborate yourself the following Lewis Hamilton, the best means to become a much better high-performance driver is to take it lessons indigenous folks who know more than friend do. That’s wherein performance driving institutions come in: situated at racetracks roughly the country, this schools feature a curriculum designed to aid you master auto control on a roadway course, consisting of turning, braking, accelerator application and mental training.

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High-performance driving schools differ native true racing schools, though the latter frequently require that the former be perfect first. Control schools emphasis on the driver’s connection with his or her car, v a score of improving solo lap times. Racing colleges are considerably different due to their emphasis on wheel-to-wheel racing in a dedicated race car.

Bottom line: If you have actually a 911, M3 or Corvette (or even a beater Civic) in the garage and you want to knock off tenths in ~ a neighborhood track work or society event, this high-performance driving colleges are a an excellent place come start.


Each drift track of the AMG driving Academy is custom designed to aid drivers emphasis on car control and also proper technique.

AMG control Academy

Cost: $1,895

Location(s): COTA, Austin; road Atlanta; Lime rock Park, CT; Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA

Car requirement: School offered -- varying selection of AMG vehicles

Contact information:; (888) 604-1766

School overview: "Five tiers of high-performance dynamic control awaits. Acquire top-level an abilities from professional instructors. Check the limits of few of Mercedes-AMG"s most legendary models and push to finish first in an unforgettable suffer that will certainly literally turn you right into a fast learner."

Our experience: TBD


The prove ground offers the perfect ar for chauffeurs to enhance and also develop their driving skills in a challenging, yet safe environment.

Aston boy name Driving Experience

Cost: $2,128

Location(s): Millbrook proving Ground, U.K.

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; events

School overview: "During the day, the blend of theory and hands-on exercise will allow you to journey in a variety of different environments, whereby you will experience safe high-speed driving, car dynamics on handling and hill routes, and straight-line strength delivery and braking ~ above the straights."

Our experience: TBD


Audi control Experience

Cost: $1,995

Location(s): Sonoma Raceway

Car requirement: friend don"t have to lug your own car

Contact information:; (800) 466-5792

School overview: "The Audi sports-car experience provides you the possibility to press the envelope the Audi technologically progressed Audi R, RS and S models on among America’s most an overwhelming racing circuits, Sonoma Raceway, and also the neighboring areas."

Our experience: TBD



Cost: $180-$499 relying on event, location, duration and also early registration

Location(s): Nelson Ledges (Garrettsville, OH), Mid-Ohio (Lexington, OH), GingerMan Raceway (South Haven, MI), Pittsburgh international (Wampum, PA) and also Putnam Park roadway Course (Mount Meridian, IN)

Car requirement: lug your own

Contact information:; (330) 754-3363

School overview: “Experienced motorists can escape high push racing and also strict clubs to enjoy a for sure and simple format. Never driven on a monitor before? try our road Course Acclimation Program! with no exclusivity and also no "membership" required, us make it basic for drivers of all makes and also models to gain themselves. Ours events administer a comfortable, fun and also safe suffer for anyone - indigenous novice to really advanced track drivers.”

Our experience: TBD


Skip Barber racing School

Cost: TBD: Skip Barber has filed for bankruptcy and the college is at this time in limbo

Location(s): TBD

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (866) 932-1949

School overview: "The time-proven Skip Barber gyeongju formula, experienced behind the wheel that a variety of high performance sports cars. You journey them hard in a multitude of settings: autocross, skid pad and threshold braking zones."

Our experience: us enrolled in the two-day Skip Barber high-performance driving school in April 2016; inspect out our write-up here.

Allen Berg racing School

Cost: $1695-$6995

Location(s): Circuit of The Americas/New olions Motorsports Park

Car requirement: School-supplied GP Experience consists of time in Benetton B198 F1 auto

Contact information:; (888) 722-3220

School overview: "In this fast-track school, you"ll learn and also apply every one of the fundamentals and skills needed to regulate a really quick formula gyeongju car. This regimen will offer you the sort of chair time that it takes to really understand and enjoy the kind of tremendous feedback the a genuine carbon-fiber formula car gives the driver."

Our experience: TBD

The Bertil Roos Racing college is situated on route #115, 1 mile south of leave 284 on Pennsylvania federal government 80. It"s among only 5 schools to it is in awarded full licensing recommendation status because that the regional and nationwide S.C.C.A. Compete licenses.

Bertil Roos racing Schools

Cost: $5,675 for five-day road-racing race week; $3,625 for three-day road-racing school; $2,350 for two-day progressed road-racing school; $1,150 one-day adventure; $545-$525 for half-day adventure; $495 for drive-your-own-car performance-driving class

Location(s): Pocono Raceway, new Jersey Motorsports Park, Palm Beach global Raceway, rule Raceway, Roebling roadway Raceway

Car requirement: School-supplied or bring your own

Contact information: or (800) RACE-NOW

School overview: “As a pioneer in the industry, the Bertil Roos gyeongju School has been cultivate students in the arts of engine racing for over a quarter of a century. Graduates of ours school can be found at every level the racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. Every programs room "arrive and also drive." all you require to carry is a hopeful attitude!”

Our experience: We walk the five-day open-wheel college at Bertil Roos at brand-new Jersey Motorsports Park, inspect out all 5 pieces here, here, here, here and also here.

BMW performance Driving School

Cost: 1/2-day auto control ($849/$1,699); 1/2-day M school ($1,550/$3,999); advanced M ($4,999)

Location(s): Spartanburg, SC; Thermal, CA

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information: (888) 345-4BMW

School overview: "The driving college is for those looking come raise your driving capability by teaching you cornering, braking and also wet pavement handling. Teenager driving school will throw teens into a range of high pressure case where they will certainly learn car control and also accident avoidance maneuvers. In M school you"ll learn to drift, accelerate, brake and corner about a racetrack in ~ high speeds."

Our experience: TBD

Bondurant gyeongju School

Cost: $1,225-$3,999 (SRT 392); $1,650-$2,795 (Viper SRT TA 2.0); $1,650-$4,299 (SRT Hellcat)

Location(s): Chandler, AZ

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; 480-403-7600

School overview: "Three different types of programs are offered with a range of cars available within those programs. There"s high performance driving school, Viper SRT road racing, progressed road racing, F3 Mazda open wheel, Polaris off-road steering and advanced teen driving."

Our experience: We visited Bondurant in might with the SRT folks; here"s what we learned about taking the school"s high-performance control program.

Brainerd global Raceway performance Driving School

Cost: $320, you can add another driver because that $120

Location(s): Brainerd global Raceway, Brainerd, MN

Car requirement: you (and your extr driver) should use her vehicle

Contact information:; (866) 511-7606

School overview: "See what her own vehicle is capable of top top the monitor or take it the wheel in among their gyeongju cars. The BIR power Driving School has actually been to run for over twenty years and supplies the chance to drive your automobile or take a rotate in one of their purpose-built gyeongju cars."

Our experience: TBD

The Cadillac V-Performance Academy is design to aid V-Series owners in mastering your vehicle’s power and also capabilities, while also expanding your driving ability set.

Cadillac V-Performance Academy


$2,470 or totally free with every new Cadillac V-Series car purchase

Location: Spring hill Motor Resort and also Country Club, Pahrump, NV

Car Requirement: School-supplied Cadillac CTS-V or ATS-V

Contact Information:; 855-556-2878

School Overview: There is no much better place top top the planet to learn about everything performance that Cadillac has to offer. On optimal of discovering a ton around Cadillac, you’ll additionally learn a lot around car control, making friend a faster and also safer driver. The world-class deluxe experience throughout your stay at Spring mountain is the cherry on top. If you don’t currently own a V-Performance car, you’re certain to take into consideration one after ~ this program. If you do own a V-Performance vehicle you’re certain to push it lot closer to its limits, both on and off the track, i beg your pardon is certain to price you in brakes, tires and fuel.

Our experience: We attend the full V-Performance Academy -- check out the story here.

Chin Motorsports steering School

Cost: $250 and also up, relying on level of instruction

Location(s): Multiple events at 15 various tracks

Car requirement: Supply her own

Contact information:; 855.799.CHIN

School overview: Chin Motorsports gives sports vehicle enthusiasts v the chance to drive their very own cars at the track, with skilled in-car coaches providing advanced high-performance driver training.

Our experience: TBD

Convertibles are allowed at Danny McKeever"s school as long as they have a five-point safety harness and also roll-over protection.

Danny McKeever"s rapid Lane

Cost: $995 or $595 if you use your very own vehicle

Location(s): willow Springs worldwide Raceway in Rosamond, CA

Car requirement: drive your own or use a school-supplied vehicle

Contact information:; (888) 948-4888

School overview: "Fast roadway Racing School is one of California"s height SCCA Accredited gyeongju Schools and offers miscellaneous programs that cater to High performance Driving, progressed Road gyeongju Techniques, and also Race Licensure for those seeking the next level that competition."

Our experience: TBD

Evolution power Driving School

Cost: $260

Location(s): Multiple locations about the U.S.

Car requirement: You have to lug your very own car

Contact information:; (804) 380-0091

School overview: They have several phases that driving institution you have the right to go through, varying from lower-level vehicle control institutions to much more advanced sessions. Class are available all throughout the nation to everyone who has actually a car and is interested.

Our experience: TBD

Ron Fellows performance Driving School

Cost: $3,895

Location(s): Spring mountain Motor Resort and Country society (NV)

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (800) 391-6891

School overview: "Whether you’re seeking improved driving technique, skilled racing instruction, or you merely want come drive one of the fastest production race cars in the nation, we have actually a high-performance driving institution to fulfill your needs. Spring Mountain’s skilled instructors are 2nd to none. They will assist you check the boundaries of our cars (and yourself) on one exhilarating, purpose-built road course. You’ll squeeze every oz of performance out of a vehicle in a safe, controlled environment."

Our experience: We spent an exciting couple of work driving brand-new Corvette Stingrays at the Ron Fellows school: examine out complete details here.

Ford performance Driving School

Cost: $1,695 because that one day; $3,195 for 2 day

Location(s): Grantsville, UT at the Utah Motorsports Complex

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; 1 435-277-7333

School overview: nevertheless of your ability level or experience, each course will identify your strengths and weaknesses and development your ability. Begin with a one-day school and continue learning by including additional days. You’ll learn: Fundamentals of track driving from professionals; suitable posture and seating position; car Dynamics in a safe environment; Heel/toe braking techniques; setup your track heat – corner apex identification; The thrill and joy of power driving using straightforward to progressed techniques

Our experience: TBD

Go 4 It gyeongju School

Cost: $450 for 6 hours; $750 for 10 hours

Location(s): Louisville, CO (Some classes readily available in Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas)

Car requirement: Can carry own auto or usage school-supplied car for extra cost

Contact information:; (303) 666-4113

School overview: This is one SCCA full-competition, road-racing patent issuing school. You get one-on-one cultivate on a racetrack v an instructor who has been exceptionally successful in SCCA events over his lifetime. They have actually a succession of classes you have the right to take to enhance your skills over a few days that training.

Our experience: TBD

All drivers need to participate in the Hooked on Driving regime is a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure their vehicle is roadworthy.

Hooked ~ above Driving

Cost: $250-$650

Location(s): Several locations all over the U.S.

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Car requirement: You have to use your own car

Contact information:; (925) 328-0800

School overview: "Hooked On driving is primarily concentrated on offering high-performance driver training for those with qualified cars, in the controlled environment that a gyeongju course -- through NO competition or training for competition. With a focus on safety, coaching, learning and also fun, Hooked top top Driving chauffeurs are able to suffer their cars in ~ a greater level top top a track than would certainly be safe or prudent on the general public highways."

Our experience: TBD

Jaguar control Academy

Cost: $895 or free to R owner within 12 month of purchase. If level 1 and also 2 space registered for and also taken with each other the expense is $2,350. ($1,950 because that jaguar R version owners who are eligible because that the discounted Level 1 price of $495)

Location(s): Las Vegas, NV

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (888) 535-8588

School overview: "Put a Jaguar XFR, XJR, XKR or F-TYPE R Coupe with its paces under the indict of our highly accomplished professional drivers. Here"s your chance to discover the borders of our highest possible performing Jaguar models on a track and find the end what renders these cars so appealing to drive."

Our experience: TBD

Mid-Ohio Acura High performance Course

Cost: $650 through your street-legal car; $150 added for use of an Acura ILX

Location(s): Mid-Ohio Sports automobile Course in Lexington, OH

Car requirement: Bring your own car, or usage a school-supplied one

Contact information:; (419) 884-4000

School overview: "Learn why your car performs the method it does and how to maximize the performance ~ above the street for an ext driving enjoyment and to be all set for any type of emergency situation. This course covers the physics and dynamics of precision driving, then tests participant an abilities behind the wheel in extreme off-track performance driving drills. The highlight of this entry-level program has an hour-long, on-track lapping session in ~ day"s end."

Our experience: We tackled the 3-day Mid-Ohio Acura program and also came away through a whole new respect because that this highly complicated race track. Inspect out our full writeup here.

Richard small Driving Experience

Cost: $449-549 prices differ by track

Location(s): Atlanta engine Speedway, Charlotte motor Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Daytona worldwide Speedway, Indianapolis engine Speedway, Kansas Speedway, Kentucky Speedway, las Vegas engine Speedway, Michigan global Speedway, new Hampshire motor Speedway, Richmond international Raceway, Texas engine Speedway

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (800) 237-3889

School overview: "Experience the real-life thrills by riding shotgun in a two-seat NASCAR race vehicle driven by among our experienced driving instructors. Three-lap qualifying run at accelerates to 165 mph. The Ride-Along regimen is operated at NASCAR racing places nationwide."

Our experience: TBD

Porsche suffer Centers

Cost: $300-$1000 (depending on what car or regime you choose)

Location(s): Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA (opening in so late 2016)

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (888) 204-7474

School overview: "Learn around the significant performance attributes of our Porsche cars as we assist you learn more about her driving capabilities, enhance your safety awareness and also techniques while extracting the vehicles power the way our designers in Weissach, Germany, intended."

Our experience: TBA

Porsche sport Driving School

Cost: $1000-$6,600

Location(s): Barber Motorsports Parki in Birmingham, AL

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; (770) 290-7000

School overview: "PSDS is a good starting allude for those that space interested in entering formal gyeongju or simply participating in club events. Under the indict of ours Porsche certified instructors , friend will learn not just the basics, however the good points of the race track together well. Perfecting the most reliable driving line, the prestige of gift smooth, trace braking techniques, heel/toe downshifting and refining your car control an abilities are all component of the curriculum."

Our experience: TBA

Road America High power Driving School

Cost: $450 per human (school-supplied version); $350 per person (participant-supplied version)

Location(s): Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI

Car requirement: You can carry your own car or use among theirs

Contact information:; (800) 365-RACE (7223)

School overview: "Anyone looking to become a better, safer and much more confident driver should examine out among the road America driving schools. Four programs are featured including: Teen, High performance 1 and also 2, and Winter Driving."

Our experience: TBA

Jim Russell performance Program

Cost: $395

Location(s): Le Circuit Mont Tremblant in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Car requirement: You have to lug your own car

Contact information:; (819) 425-5700

School overview: "This regime is a job of lapping, with many seat time, small group sizes, and also the opportunity to difficulty Canada’s premier racing circuit if receiving skilled one-on-one feedback from our team of certified race driving instructors."

Our experience: TBD

Corvette Museum steering School

Cost: $485

Location(s): Bowling Green, KY at nationwide Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

Car requirement: You have actually to bring your own car

Contact information:; 270-777-4508

School overview: "You’ll learn, practice and apply progressed car regulate skills. This intense routine is led by highly-trained classroom and certified in-car instructors and teaches vehicle dynamics, auto control, cornering, braking and also driving fundamentals in the classroom and on the track."

Our experience: TBD

Rocky mountain Vintage racing Driving institution at Pikes Peak

Cost: $350 or $300 if you authorize up early

Location(s): Fountain, CO in ~ Pikes Peak global Raceway

Car requirement: You have actually to bring your own car

Contact information:; 970-420-8785

School overview: “During this two day institution you will participate in approximately 8 great sessions and 8 on-track sessions whereby you will: Receive details instruction target to Precision students; discover to exercise an accurate and expert vehicle control; Get certain instruction from a team of skilled driving instructors and learn about driving the PPIR track.”

Our experience: TBD

Lotus steering Academy

Cost: $2,839 for Lotus license 3 work course; $708 because that level one course; $993 for level 2 course; $1,276 for level 3 course

Location(s): Hethel, Norfolk, UK at the Hethel track

Car requirement: School-supplied

Contact information:; +44 (0)-1953-608547

School overview: “At the Lotus control Academy you can discover the Lotus variety right on the limit, honing and also developing your skills behind the wheel and maximizing your driving enjoyment. Every one of the programs feature 1:1 tuition and they welcome chauffeurs of all levels that experience.”

Our experience: TBD

Summit point Motorsports Park - Friday at the Track

Cost: $250

Location(s): Summit Point, WV - Summit suggest Circuit

Car requirement: You have actually to bring your own car

Contact information:; 304-725-8444

School overview: “It’s an development to high performance driving. That is an instructional event where you can lug your street car for a day in ~ the track. Friend will obtain classroom instruction, skid pad indict in our cars (including front and also rear skid control), and also four 20-minute sessions of in-car indict in your own car.”

Our experience: TBD

The vehicle drivers Edge

Cost: $305-$335 for a two day school

Location(s): Texas civilization Speedway - university Station, Texas; Motor sporting activities Ranch - Cresson, Texas; Houston MSR - Angelton, Texas; Circuit that the americas - Austin, Texas

Car requirement: You have actually to bring your own car

Contact information:; 903 303-3000

School overview: “The an initial day beginning out through driver"s meeting. Vehicle drivers are already pre-assigned into one of four different levels that run teams with in-car instructors assigned accordingly. Every run team has instructional classes each day in-between your 8 on-track run sessions over the course of the weekend. Every time a Novice or intermediary driver walk on the monitor they will have actually an assigned instructor seated next to them because that live feedback, guidance, instruction and evaluation at the end of the course to have the ability to further guide us in serving your performance steering needs.”

Our experience: TBD

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