One of our affiliate organizations, Toomey Residential, is in distinct need. Lock are encountering a shortage the foster parental in their regime for Unaccompanied refugees Minors. Foster parents administer a stable, caring atmosphere in which kids can learn, grow, and also prepare for freedom in adulthood. Those who become foster parents room stepping up to change the resides of children and also teens who are coming indigenous incredibly daunting circumstances. Serving together a foster parental is a rewarding, life-changing plot of love that calls for a huge heart and also an open mind. 

The Toomey Unaccompanied refugees Minor routine is seperate from yet related come our very own Refugee Resettlement services at the Northside CYO. See listed below to learn much more and for contact information.

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About the Program

The Unaccompanied refugee Minor (URM) routine is a federally sponsor multi-cultural foster care program. Youth come from refugee camps roughly the world or flee dangerous problems in their home county to seek asylum in the joined States. The youth are typically young teenagers who resettle in the United states without their parents because of abuse, neglect, abandonment, separation or are orphaned. Purposes of the URM Program encompass supporting youth in exploring and also adjusting come life in America while keeping their own society and preparing for independence.

There is an continuous dire need for foster parental to assistance these youth. All foster parents will undergo a series of lift checks and will be specially trained making use of a trauma informed, culturally sensitive design to recognize these children’s complex needs. Authorized foster family members will get financial support to avoid a financial burden being placed upon the family. Foster parents work-related as component of a casework team to satisfy the youth’s medical, educational, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The Toomey URM regimen is located in Syracuse, NY, and also works with potential foster families within roughly 1 hour that the office. Because that those who would choose to help but live external of that region, the regime recommends contacting among the national agencies that work-related with unaccompanied youth: United states Conference the Catholic Bishops in ~ migratingchildren, (410) 230-2700.

Additional Information

Toomey Foster treatment BrochureFAQsUnaccompanied refugees Minor Program: fast Facts


Anyone interested in learning much more about the program can contact the Foster Parent regimen Coordinator, Cathy Southwick, in ~ 315-424-1845 or csouthwick






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