Are you exhausted of office jobs and also longing for something that provides you a many freedom? possibly a service-based project that doesn’t confine you come the 4 corners that a workspace is miscellaneous you’d prefer to consider.

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You more than likely don’t realize it now however being behind the steering wheel while earning could be the career route you are looking for.

There are a boatload that courier suppliers to select from. Lock each have strengths that play much better depending top top the hrs you desire to work and also the type of distribution work the you want to do.

If you are trying to find an opportunity that payment well, you can want to location being a shipment driver for FedEx on her radar.

FedEx routes an ext than 600,000 packages in a day at its soil network. 65% the this is done with their FedEx ground hubs where a shortage the couriers reasons the cancellation the 25% of customer packages.

That leaves plenty of opportunity for brand-new drivers.

We put together this guide to assist you decide whether you desire to end up being a shipment driver because that FedEx.

FedEx to express Saver vs. FedEx Ground

Your first question can be, “How much have the right to you make together a FedEx truck driver?” – and for great reason! However, it’s no that simple.

As a shipment driver because that FedEx, friend firstly need to know what their various services room – and the services of each – so that you can make an educated decision.

Just like many shipping companies, FedEx uses various networks and transportation solutions to supply different species of packages.

The two most common in FedEx are FedEx refer Saver and FedEx Ground.

As a distribution driver because that FedEx, you will certainly be functioning in last-mile delivery. This way that you’ll be moving packages from local hubs to individual customers and pick-up points.

FedEx Express different from FedEx floor in regards to urgency and delivery of the orders. Here’s how:

FedEx Express

FedEx Express provides time-definite distribution to more than 220 countries within 24-48 hours, with shipments by air, land, and sea. If customers need something shipped within two days, no issue where that is in the world, this is the FedEx organization they use.

If you’re interested in ending up being a driver for reserved orders, FedEx express is because that you. It specialization in rapid delivery, including overnight solutions that usage airplanes come transport items worldwide.

FedEx Express likewise offers two-day and three-day delivery services. The last is cheaper and also is dubbed Express Saver. An refer Saver driver it is provided packages by the afternoon of the third day from and to any type of location in ~ the joined States.

As a delivery driver, you have one, two, or three days to provide a package, relying on the preferred FedEx Express. Time is always essential during shipping. Girlfriend can set a reminder for the delivery time of various packages, and always be mindful of the destination.

You will earn much more if you space a FedEx express driver.

Most drivers get a salary ranging from $13 to $31 every hour. Being a delivery driver because that FedEx to express is additionally a pretty good experience that comes with countless benefits. You may enjoy discounts on air travel, insurance, and also vacations.

FedEx Ground


Unlike FedEx Express, FedEx Ground chauffeurs only usage trucks to transfer goods, therefore entry isn’t as basic to begin with. FedEx Ground supplies cheap shipment in 1-5 days within the united States and also 3-7 days to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

While FedEx floor is cheap, customers cannot choose the time of their delivery and also it won’t arrive as conveniently as it will through FedEx Express.

As a floor driver, you require to know that a customer cannot select the distribution time. You room the one to make the decision.

As a Ground shipment driver because that FedEx, you’ll deliver lightweight and also less time-sensitive item to separation, personal, instance homes and also pick-up points during the day.

Due to the volume of goods you deliver, girlfriend should have actually a car with lot of of space. The number of packages and also stops you have to do might vary, yet you must deliver every one of them.

With Ground, you need to call and also alert customers the their parcel is out for delivery and sometimes, her customers will certainly not be at your pick-up points, which can be frustrating. That also method that you need to be happy giving great level of customer service.

Here’s a fast breakdown:

FedEx ExpressFedEx Ground
Type the OrdersUrgentLess-time sensitive orders
Turnaround time1-3 days and also is time-specific1-5 days, work time deliver and doesn’t promise an accurate time
LocationAnywhereBusiness and also Homes
Items to it is in deliveredAll typesLarge volumes and lightweight
RouteLonger routesShorter routes, relying on customer orders

How to end up being a distribution Driver for FedEx

If you want to become a FedEx soil or FedEx express driver, you deserve to register by law the following:

1. Find the FedEx career portal ~ above the FedEx website

The very first step is to go to On the site, click on the careers tab at the bottom, under “Our Company,” and also then “Create an Account.” go to the portal. Click “JOIN NOW” under the driver section.

Go to the talent neighborhood platform. Friend will need to fill the talent ar sign-up form. Coming to be a FedEx shipment driver or any type of position in the firm is around joining a talented team.

2. To fill in the Talent neighborhood sign-up form


Write your call information, such as first name, last name, email address, her address. Also, you require to include your location and also phone number (including phone type).

You will have to fill in your latest job details and educational background. Her experience and education are necessary in dealing with clients. By asking these questions, FedEx would recognize whether you space a starting person or an competent driver.

3. Enter additional information

You will should supply your career experience in a resume. In ~ this point, a resume is the only paper you should upload.

Customer service and also time effectiveness is an essential skill you must not forget come mention. Remember to encompass all your skills, whether pertained to the distribution job or not.

4. Proofread and also Submit your Application

You have to proofread your applications to make sure you gotten in the exactly information. Mental to submit true and also accurate information, and try to condense every little thing into one web page for basic viewing.

Once you’ve showed that all the details is correct, friend can click on the “Submit” button. When you have actually done so, the next step is to wait because that the approval that the application.

FedEx distribution Driver Requirements

As an reliable FedEx shipment driver, you should make sure that you can handle packages efficiently. You will constantly be carrying packages native the store to distribution centers. If girlfriend lack sufficient strength, then you will most likely have actually a hard time in this role. Beside from your physical capability, girlfriend must satisfy the complying with conditions.

Have professional driving experience and also a precious license: your driving capability plays a an important role in gaining hired as a distribution driver for FedEx. If you have a driving experience of not less than three years, you have actually a higher chance the success. Her driving experience have the right to be in any kind of sector, including Uber or Lyft. Plus, you can think about signing up for an entry-level driving course to aid you obtain started top top the right path.Be 21 years or older.Pass the FedEx drug test: For any recruit, FedEx conducts a drug test come make sure you execute not drive under the influence of drugs. So, you much better have a clean drug history.Complete a lift check: Potential delivery drivers because that FedEx should not have any type of criminal records.

Your application may take seven to 21 days prior to you get feedback. Because that the FedEx Ground delivery drivers, friend must also be familiar with the paths to start quickly.

What is the Salary for a FedEx truck Driver?


According come the FedEx website, the typical pay for motorists ranges from $14 to end $43 per hour. However, a common FedEx delivery driver’s hourly pay is around $19. Whether you space a permanent or part-time driver, her payment will count on the number of hours for the delivery.

Your actual revenue will rely on your state, the quantity of time you take moving the package, and the division you work for, amongst others.

Also, your mean pay varies substantially by as much as $3.61. This argues that you have actually the possibility to maximize your pay based on your skills, years of experience, and also location.

For instance, if you are a driver in mountain Jose, CA, girlfriend will most likely be among the most active drivers. As a result, her payment will certainly be a bit higher due to the high demand for packages.

In the joined States, the mean pay because that a FedEx driver is $39,053 per year. If you room a height driver who always hits the target, you are likely to earn $49,000 per year.

In the unified Kingdom, a usual FedEx distribution driver’s value is roughly £11 per hour. In addition, the average annual FedEx salary varieties from £13,151 per year because that Associate driversto £45,000 every year because that Owner-Operator Drivers. These ranges are according to Glassdoor and also are based on the average of 52 wages for FedEx employee in London.

A FedEx distribution driver job may be a great start for you. The pay is sufficient both in the united Kingdom and also the united States. Also, you are in regulate of the variety of hours and also deliveries you accomplish in a day. With three to four orders a day, girlfriend will have earned a good amount to keep you comfortable.

Your main aim is constantly to exceed customer expectations. With that said, the is an essential to make sure that you’re happy with the lot of work. A FedEx distribution job is only exciting if you space enjoying it. Constantly have your customers in ~ heart, and also you will have no trouble hitting your target

Here’s what a shipment driver for FedEx can expect to knife in the US and UK:

yearly Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners$49, 000£45, 000$24£32
75th Percentile$42, 500£36, 654$20£24
Average$39, 053£31, 374$19£11
25th Percentile$35, 000£18, 984$17£8

What’s it prefer to be a FedEx delivery Driver

Perhaps you are thinking about joining FedEx, yet you room still wonder what the feels choose to be on the road?

Drivers have mixed experiences throughout their job-related as FedEx shipment drivers. Follow to reviews from Indeed, FedEx is fantastic place come work. The work setting is friendly, and the management of chauffeurs is outstanding. The majority of the chauffeurs gave a rating that 4.0 for the workplace.

Also, FedEx distribution driving is fun for those that love driving and interacting v customers.

Glassdoor shipment drivers’ reviews expose that FedEx chauffeurs have kind hours and flexible schedules. This way that you space in control of what you earn. If friend pick much more packages, you will earn more. However, friend must also be ready for difficult work with relatively moderate pay. FedEx delivery drivers must work extra tough if they desire to reach your pay goals.

Most delivery drivers occupational for lengthy hours and also there is no overtime or medical pay.

The ideal thing you deserve to do is to have actually a partner. If you are a solitary driver, it’s nice to have actually a co-driver.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Are FedEx chauffeurs independent contractors?

FedEx is the just delivery company in the united state that still regards vehicle drivers as live independence contractors.

This means that you will certainly not be licensed has been granted to overtime pay. Also, you will not obtain expected common employment benefits, such together health care coverage.

California approved distribution drivers together independent building contractors on November 3, 2020.

What is a spaceship driver because that FedEx?

What pertains to your mind when you hear around shuttle drivers? You might be thinking about a driver that picks up and drops turn off people. At FedEx, shuttle drivers are those who room responsible for the packages.

FedEx shuttle chauffeurs load and also unload freight, and also scan and sort the freight within the facility. FedEx shipment drivers do shuttle attributes using non-articulated vehicles. They can load aircraft, deliver vehicles, and sort the packages follow to customer names.

So, FedEx shuttle chauffeurs do not resolve people yet with packages. When you reach a pick-up point, the human being you watch in tiny vehicles like trams room the spaceship drivers.

What is a FedEx spaceship driver’s salary?

Working as a FedEx shipment driver is a good experience. Personal from taking care of different packages, shuttle chauffeurs have an excellent pay.

FedEx shuttle drivers’ earnings can range from $15 to $24 per hour. Their yearly pay is $28000, i beg your pardon is the very same as the national average pay for shuttle drivers.

What disqualifies friend from driving because that FedEx?

Many things have the right to hinder friend from coming to be a FedEx delivery driver. The very first item is illegal medicine usage. Girlfriend will most likely be decreased for a job at FedEx if you have actually a background of using any illicit drug. FedEx constantly performs a drug test throughout recruitment, and also you will be automatically disqualified if you test positive.

Secondly, criminal records could disqualify friend from driving because that FedEx. If your driving license has been rely for relocating violations, you will certainly not it is in employed. Also, her application will be disqualified if you have actually criminal documents for reckless driving and a absence of worry for roadway safety measures. FedEx bring away seriously any kind of instance wherein you surpassed the speed limit by 15 mph.

Third, if you have ever involved in fighting, felony theft, and so on, you will certainly not it is in hired. Make certain that you space clean before applying to be a distribution driver for FedEx.

Who makes more, UPS or FedEx drivers?

UPS pays more than FedEx. UPS union chauffeurs earn an annual wage of $80,000. The pay excludes overtime, healthcare benefits, and pensions.

FedEx shipment drivers earn about $40,000 a year and rarely room you entitled to benefits. However, you should know that in UPS, you drive your own automobile while FedEx offers you a vehicle. UPS excels in workers’ compensation, if FedEx excels in work-life balance. The selection is yours. If girlfriend want great pay, UPS is a far better alternative.

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What is FedEx Freight?

FedEx Freight is a distribution of a package that exceeds 150 lbs. That transports goods in bulk through ships, planes, or roads. Any FedEx Freight driver need to be ready to take care of bulky and also heavy goods.

How to end up being a FedEx Driver: Driving it Home

The climb in need for shipment services has opened methods for much more FedEx shipment drivers. Come recap: