“Cruise delivery Captain” is a glamorous and alluring title. Coming to be a cruise delivery captain takes much more than filling the end an applications form, sending out it come cruise liners, and waiting for a response.

There is therefore much an ext to being a cruise ship captain than shaking hands through guests upon arrival and also having posh dinners. Year of experience, education, skills, and training are required to end up being a cruise ship captain.

So, just how to end up being a cruise ship captain?To become a cruise delivery captain, girlfriend will require a high institution diploma and also a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in marine studies). A Master’s degree is likewise required by many ships.

You will require years of endure on a sea vessel, including outstanding on-the-job training. You will also need a captain’s patent from a Federal maritime Authority. Moreover, girlfriend must have at least a decade of endure to take the exam.

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5 main requirements for coming to be a cruise delivery captain space as follows:

EducationWork ExperienceCertificationsCaptain Licensure ExamsSkillset

9 crucial responsibilities of a cruise delivery captain are as follows:

Work with an elderly officers and also crew membersShip navigation and operationMonitor the position of the shipSet and also determine the ship’s speedAvoid hazardsMaintenance and upkeep the the ship’s engines and also equipmentEnsure that safety measures are followedCompliance v local and also international lawsCompliance with custom laws and local immigrant requirements

Read on come learn much more about coming to be a cruise ship captain as well as the specifically forced education, certification, and work experience.

How to end up being a Cruise delivery Captain

We have established that being a cruise ship captain doesn’t happen overnight, therefore let’s go into an ext detail on how to come to be one.

Cruise delivery captains have actually the major responsibility of operating a cruise ship, including managing the staff and crew. Other responsibilities also include mapping the end the ship’s course and planning scheduled stops. They are likewise responsible because that steering the vessel and operating the engines.


Becoming a cruise delivery captain means having a significant amount the responsibility, hard work, and dedication. The adhering to requirements are necessary to become a cruise ship captain:

1. Education

For how long carry out you need to study to become a cruise ship captain? What are the compelled diplomas?

A cruise ship captain demands a high school diploma. A Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s level (for many cruise ship liners) in Marine design or naval Science, preferably native a marine academy or college, are additionally needed. These courses commonly take 4 years in most colleges or academies.

A master’s degree will take about 2 come 3 year to complete. If further studies are preferred, girlfriend need one more 2 come 3 year to end up a doctoral degree. Now, it is a many years studying.

If friend are currently sure in high school that you want to go after a career in the naval industry, try to get into a naval High institution so the you can gain a more specialized education with a emphasis on maritime an abilities and knowledge.

Focus ~ above getting an excellent grades to acquire a much better chance of acquiring admitted come a marine academy or college. Competition have the right to get hard upon entering this educational institutions. So, a high college diploma with an above-average class is an advantage for admission.

Also, shot getting part-time jobs or summer work in the maritime industry like onboard a delivery or shipyards. This way, your learning continues outside the school. You can learn about ship repair, the ship’s chain that command, and also how pearls work. Experience is practically always the best teacher, so get the many out the it.

Once you obtain admitted come a maritime academy or college, you’ll have to pick a more specialized course. Amongst these process are naval Engineering, naval Transportation, marine Science, and also Ocean Science, among others. The ease of access of these courses will depend on the academy or college.

These courses are usually a 4-year Bachelor of science degree. Attending a maritime academy is great way to fast-track your future career in the maritime field.

Cruise ship jobs are a very sought-after career. Having actually a master’s degree will enhance your chances of climb the rank ladder top top a ship. Back a master’s level is not always required, it will serve as an benefit in your project application.

You will have to do really well in your studies since most cruise ships only hire captains who space in the peak 5 or 10 percent of your class.

2. Job-related Experience

What more can you perform to get a better chance of gift a cruise ship captain? Is a great education enough?

While graduating native a reputable maritime academy or college indeed becomes an advantage, job-related experience is additionally a element that dram a an important role in becoming a cruise delivery captain.

After graduation, acquire work as a deck officer or third mate top top a seafaring vessel. These jobs are thought about entry-level positions on ships. Cruise delivery captains began with these positions and also worked their method to the top.

Most naval academies deserve to also help in securing marine jobs. There are terrific job alternatives in the shore Guard Reserve and also Navy Reserve. This placements will assist you develop an abilities and qualifications follow me your job path.

To use for this positions, girlfriend will must take examinations come test her knowledge, a physical test to ensure the you room fit to work on board, and also a lift check, which contains screening for criminal offenses.

3. Certifications

Certifications often tend to vary from one nation to another, yet most ships need a merchant Mariner Credential and also Transportation Worker to know Credential. Gaining these certifications will certainly require more physical examination, such as a vision test and a medicine test. Both practical and written exams are also required.

Marine academies prepare your students well because that these examinations. Over there are also review centers that specialization in these examinations. You can check them out if you want to do more review hours.

4. Captain Licensure Exams

What room the written exams necessary to end up being a cruise delivery captain?

The U.S. Coast Guard usually provides captain licensure exams. After 10 years of experience, you will certainly be standard to take it this exam. ~ passing the exam, you can now work as a marine captain.

To use for a cruise ship captain position, you have to work as a marine captain for several years and maintain terrific track record. Note that countless cruise ships hire world from their nation of origin. For this reason, you’ll require to inspect with cruise heat companies around their rental requirements.

5. Skillset

A cruise ship captain demands to have a varied skillset. Friend will need to have strong leadership skills, field of expertise in client relations, great administrative skills, excellent interaction skills, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and also the capacity to store calm in emergencies.

You additionally need come be really skilled and also knowledgeable in marine laws and regulations. These an abilities are essential. Also if you have a solid marine education, the absence of such an abilities will hinder girlfriend from becoming a cruise ship captain.

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It take away a an extremely long time to be a cruise delivery captain. No counting the year of education, you need approximately 10 come 15 year of naval experience to end up being one. So, it is also great to have a backup setup because the maritime field is highly competitive.

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