There are an ext rumors and myths floating around about the main Intelligence company then there space actual facts. “The Agency” or “The Company” is charged through preempting threats and also furthering national security goals by collecting and analyzing intelligence and also conducting covert action while all at once safeguarding our nation’s secrets. It’s a vast mission, and a the majority of trust has actually been granted to them by the American world to lug it out.

But that takes a special sort of human being to thrive in the CIA.

Who, or what, are they feather for? and do those who served at the reminder of the spear if in the military have a competitive advantage? If so, is a U.S. Marine SEAL better than a U.S. Military Ranger? Or go a environment-friendly Beret’s suffer hold more weight when completing for among the couple of spots accessible as a gray man?

The CIA doesn’t publicly answer any kind of of those questions, rather opting to store their appropriate candidate’s qualifications vague. So we got to out to a couple of veterans the the company to check out if lock noticed any type of trends.

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Photo courtesy of Bob Baer.

He also went therefore far regarding say that elite Tier 1 operator (that countless would assume to be perfect for the job) regularly don’t job-related out. “For them, it’s therefore low-speed — there’s not as lot excitement as they’re offered to. Ns don’t think I’ve ever before seen a Delta or SEAL Team Six man make the adjustment.”

Baer echoed Hafer’s sentiment towards the U.S. Marines, saying, “It seemed the Marines go a an excellent job adjusting.” and also admitted that he usually wanted a army background over a straight academic: “All in all, world who were in the military were best because they learned around dealing with federal government BS, if the least equipped were always the academics.”

Robyn, previous CIA instance officer

Robyn, prefer Baer, was a instance officer for the CIA and also spent years running sources roughly the world — to include active combat zones. She request that us not use her last name but was happy to sell her think on not simply the ideal army resume, but additionally what it in reality takes to be a successful case officer regardless of background.

“At the end of the day, you’re selling a lemon. You’re convincing someone to go espionage and carry out intel against their country in exchange for every little thing is beneficial to them,” Robyn explained. “You have to convince them that you care, the their life problem — whether it go or not.”

“So the males that execute well space the guys that understand the person factor,” she continued. “They have to understand what renders someone tick and also pretend to it is in concerned. People are no going to placed their resides at danger for someone that doesn’t care. You need to care.”

“They’ve gotta run without mental, emotional, or personal boundaries.”

Robyn recalled a previous state trooper that she functioned with the did well, noting the a regulation enforcement background to adjust a solid foundation for talk to world who deserve to be difficult to extract info from, such together witnesses and also victims.

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“The militant men don’t perform well,” Robyn said, noting that there’s a difference in between being militant and being from the military, and also that that takes a distinct person to operate in the gray because that months or also years at a time. “They’ve gotta run without mental, emotional, or an individual boundaries. There’s no commander’s intent, and the mission isn’t always clear. A renaissance guy will do much better than the fire-breather, even if lock both come from distinct Forces. We require the guys who can jump between philosophy and tactics if maneuvering in all various environments.”

The one point that Hafer, Baer, and also Robyn every agreed on is the no single bullet point on a resume qualifies someone because that the daunting work that the CIA. They every emphasized that it takes a distinct person, and the finest people in ~ the firm often have certain intangibles that you either have or you don’t. It appears it bring away much an ext than a trident or a tab to do it right into the nation’s many elite intelligence firm — and that’s a good thing.