We room seeking flexable people who are willing to take time out of his/hers liven schedule and also have that passion to aid the communities.

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The Chaplain volunteer will administer spiritual and also emotional support for hospital patients, education homes, prisioners and family and also where ever before they space needed. Exemplifies, support, and promotes the international Chaplains the America Inc, mission, values and service excellence standards. Likewise will carry out support for churches and NYPD.

Requirements :

New candidates should be encourage by your Pastors.

Applications need to be authorized by the starting President and also the administrative Board.

The minimum period to join ICA is that 18 years and older.

Must have a Pastor and a place of a congregation.

Must go v a elevator check.

Must be an energetic member in their neighborhood Church.

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Must have actually a state id /driver’s licenses, or passport. If no a us citizen a residence VISA id is acceptable

Must happen all the classes

Must pay the intuition before graduation

Our volunteer needs

We require volunteers who are cost-free at these times


Volunteer chance location(s)


225-41 eastern 118 StreetNew York , NY 10035

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International Chaplains of America Inc.

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