Modern weddings room a many work. For the bride, the groom, the bridal party, the family, and even for the guests, weddings deserve to be an exhausting pleasure filled whirlwind.

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Weddings space wonderful, however they come with a the majority of emotionally charged cases that deserve to sometimes be complicated to navigate. No matter how you"re involved, you room someone who matters to the world who are obtaining married and also that method you space important. V a tiny practical help, you can shine in whatever duty you"ve to be assigned because that this happy day- we"re here to do that much easier to do.

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I"ve shed count of the number of weddings I"ve been connected in.

I"ve been an occasion planner,a day-of-coordinator, a venue representative, a reader,a bridesmaid, a bride, one announcer, an assistant caterer,a bartender, and I"ve even been a guest a time or twenty.

Arguably the most crucial thing to know about my bridesmaid and friendship skills is that ns was a bridesmaid in mine ex-husband"s ex-girlfriend"s wedding a few years ago. It to be lovely.

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When I"m no wrapped increase in the civilization of matrimony, I"m a trip Attendant because that a significant US Airline, a blogger, I architecture items for my Etsy store “Bright & Nerdy”, and also I help my mother run our family businesses in Vermont.I’m married come Joel, an all American hero, and also we enjoy lengthy walks v Ikea, wrangling ours herd of dogs and also cats, and working with each other to take care of a tiny human. He’s quite great.


My expert background is in politics, both together a candidate because that public office and as a field organizer. I"ve functioned for a range of non-profit groups, in retail, in state government, and in occasion planning and also coordination.Fun facts: about a decade ago I was a miss America contestant, (Yes, really. Miss America. Ns serious.) and also I’m currently a Unitarian Universalist seminary student.

“Caroline to be an remarkable asset to my wedding and also I will very recommend she to friend & family. ” — Rebekah Marine,

“Caroline was such a an essential part of my wedding day. I"m very detail oriented and a perfectionist, and also I truly assumed going into my wedding day, I"d have whatever under control. It didn"t take long for me to establish how vital Caroline was throughout the day, indigenous making certain everyone to be on time because that photos to force feeding me throughout the work so ns didn"t happen out. I"d additionally like to include that Caroline was likewise our wedding officiant and also made our ceremony absolutely beautiful. She handled all communication with the vendors so ns didn"t need to worry around anything. Caroline to be an remarkable asset to my wedding and also I will very recommend her to friends & family. Thank you, Caroline, for everything you"ve done for Jared and also me. Us love you!”

- Rebekah Marine, “The Bionic Model”

“If you’re thinking around hiring she - simply hire her. To trust me, you require her.” — Elise D.

“You require Caroline.

We literally might not have had the wedding us did without Caroline. She tackled a wedding that might have had a many problems and made the a spectacular event. From family members wrangling, to setup, come helping discover a kosher seller in a state whereby there space no kosher vendors, she was amazing. Give thanks to you, Caroline! If you"re thinking around hiring her - simply hire her. To trust me, you require her.”

-Elise D.

“Her professionalism and also deep ability were outshone only by her dazzling positivity. Without fail, Caroline had an answer to every question, and a solution to every challenge. She cure everyone v respect, and also ceaselessly radiated joy.” — Hannah W.

As someone who has both plan her own wedding, and who has worked in the wedding sector (as a videographer and also an officiant), I"m a for sure believer the the many telling reviews and recommendations come from other vendors. We see what"s behind the scenes — things choose the hard work the goes into making a wedding for this reason special, or how other sellers handle challenges should castle arise (something friend really want them to be able to do well and also seamlessly!).

Caroline and I functioned together on a wedding i officiated critical summer. Her professionalism and deep capacity were outshone only by her dazzling positivity. Without fail, Caroline had response to every question, and a systems to every challenge. She cure everyone with respect, and also ceaselessly radiated joy. My just regret is that i had acquired married before meeting her; ns was dazzling to job-related with her and would welcome the chance again, and I wish I can have been she client! - Hannah W.

“She to be brilliant - patient, communicative and enthusiastic, and also it felt favor nothing ns asked the her would be too lot trouble. She to be a satisfied to job-related with, and also threw in some an excellent advice on some other tasks I had been given, such together the hen party. ” — Niamh

Caroline assisted me v a wedding speech i was inquiry to give for my best friend, who resides in America when I"m indigenous Europe. I wanted help with avoiding any kind of US-specific faux-pas, and in basic a second, proficient pair of eyes on my first ever wedding speech. Caroline provided me lots of great advice, providing written to edit on a draft, and also direction and also feedback top top a rehearsal over skype. She to be brilliant - patient, communicative and enthusiastic, and also it felt choose nothing ns asked of her would certainly be too lot trouble. She to be a pleasure to job-related with, and also threw in some an excellent advice on some other work I had been given, such together the hen party. The decided went very well, and Caroline aided me give the best feasible version of it.


“Caroline go an absolutely impressive job. She listened to our wants for the work of our wedding and made certain that every little thing went specifically how we envisioned it.” — mark P.

“Caroline walk an absolutely exceptional job. She listened to our wants for the job of our wedding and made sure that everything went precisely how we envisioned it. She kept everyone organized, fielded questions and also concerns so my bride and also I didn"t have to, and also had efficient solutions for issues before they could come to be problems. She take it a real interest in making our day run smoothly so the we might just emphasis on enjoying ourselves, issue free. My just regret is no retaining her solutions sooner in the process. If you have the option, publication her early and also save yourselves mountains of stress and anxiety down the line.”

-Mark P.

“She was able to look in ~ our plan and also find the holes we hadn’t assumed of yet, and make sure that we had actually solutions for every one of them. ” — Jacques B.

“Caroline assisted us coordinate our work of execution. We had a clean idea that what we want our wedding day come look like, and also she was totally in assistance of it. Once we explained the bespeak of occasions she stated "Great, so who is act "x"? wherein will we save "y"? What will be the cue because that "z"?" She was able to look at our plan and also find the holes us hadn"t thought of yet, and also make certain that we had actually solutions for all of them.

Of special note was her help with photos. I was not specifically looking front to having to stand for an hour or much more to take photos (I love mine family but there space a most them), but Caroline retained track of who was on deck to have actually their photograph taken next, and also we to be able to get through everything in around 45 minutes!

She is helpful, friendly, and motivated come make certain your wedding will certainly be amazing. Friend won"t regret hiring her!”

-Jacques B.



For The BridE:

You"ve made decision to commit to her favorite person and also suddenly you"re meant to work, have actually a life, and somehow magically come to be a professional event planner overnight? Don"t you worry, girlfriend, we"ve acquired you covered. From obtaining a manage on the basics that wedding to plan so that you have the right to DIY the heck out that your budget plan wedding, to full-on planning and also coordinating your huge day in person, we have the right to make it occur together. I have the right to be the enforcer that tells your mommy that you need some space, the tequila shot bringer if just an are isn"t enough, and the human who provides sure the you and also your new spouse actually have 5 minutes alone together after the transaction is sealed. Let"s include some patience sanity to your planning process and wedding day. Package suggestion: The totality SheBridesmaid

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For the Groom:

Whether you"re tagging together with your ideal gal, or you"re to plan a wedding through no bride at all, every man can advantage from a help hand to get all the pieces in place. Bachelor parties, showers, pre wedding events, and the huge day itself- you recognize the modern-day groom has to do an ext than pop the question and show up in ~ the ceremony. Need assist writing her vows, or just want a proof reader?We"ll assist you get it every done.

For the family:

Wedding planning is a team sport. Family members today come in every shapes and sizes. Possibly you"re a parent, step-parent, or honorary parent. Maybe you"re technicallynot related, however you know genes aren"t the only method you rally a family. You"re an essential part that this wedding day too, and also your sanity matters. Us can assist you remain happy and proud with the entirety process.

for the guest:

First time wedding guest? invite to your ex"s wedding? If you"ve gained a sticky guest situation, we"re below to aid you resolve it. 

for the pets:

We offer a full choice of Wedding day pet wrangling services! Is your pupper her flower girl? Is her doggo the guest that honor? Someone needs to it is in holding that leash and making certain Fido is hydrated, fed, clean, and also happy top top your large day. We love pet lovers!


Packages begin at $15

Shoot us an e-mail with your situation and also we"ll get earlier to you with pricing!

For the Bridesmaid:

Is this your very first Maid of honor or Bridesmaid gig? Is it her tenth and you love her, but you"re SO over the process?Bridal showers, bachelorette weekends, rehearsal dinner speeches, reception speeches, what to wear, what to bring, and how to stay calm to support among your best friends in the world... It"s just so much. We"re below to aid you shine like the great friend/sister/cousin you are.We can help you with straightforward tips and also tricks to assist you execute it all yourself, or we deserve to tackle all the planning while you get the credit- her call.

For the groomsman:

Your job is simple: look sharp, it is in respectful and also supportive, and plan the ideal bachelor party of every time. No pressure, bro.

Just allow us know what girlfriend need and we"ll make sure it happens. Piece of cake.

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For the Toast giver:

Someone who loves you has actually asked friend to make a decided on their distinct day- we"ll help you make certain it"s flawless.Public speaking has most world shaking in their shoes, however you don"t need to be nervous around this. We"ll assist you craft a speech that fits the moment and also fits you. They"ve asked you come speak because that a reason! currently it"s your opportunity to nail it.