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If you desire to learn exactly how to end up being a license is granted bail bondsman in Oklahoma, you must meet the requirements collection forth by the Oklahoma insurance money Department. You have the right to do so by perfect the adhering to steps:

Meet Minimum needs in Oklahoma
Complete education Requirements in Oklahoma
Take the Oklahoma Exam
Apply for her Oklahoma License
License maintenance in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Insurance department is responsible for licensing and also regulating bail bondsman in the State the Oklahoma through four lines of authority: professional, surety, cash, and property.

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Step 1. Satisfy Minimum requirements in Oklahoma

Before pursuing a career together a bail bondsman in Oklahoma, friend must an initial ensure you accomplish the minimum needs for licensure, which include the following:

You have to be at least 21 year old.You have to be a U.S. Citizen.You must have at least one year that Oklahoma residency.You should possess a precious Oklahoma driver’s license.You have to possess either a high school diploma or GED.You must have no impressive warrants or felony convictions.

Step 2. Complete Educational demands in Oklahoma

Many people seeking a career together a bail bondsman choose to finish a formal education program such as an associate’s or bachelor’s level in criminal justice or criminology, as it is usual for individuals seeking other careers in this field to first become a bail bondsman so regarding gain an important experience.

The Oklahoma insurance Department requires that every individuals applying for a bail bondsman license finish at least 16 hrs of pre-licensing education listed by the Oklahoma Bondsman Association.

Pre-licensing courses with the Oklahoma Bondsman association (OBA) are generally held top top the first Thursday and also Friday of every quarter. The it is registered fee for the food is $1,200, and also a $200 breakthrough deposit have to be received at least 7 days prior to the begin of the class. The balance the the fee should be payment on the an initial day the class.


To schedule her pre-licensing class, friend must call 405-524-5920 or 1-866-374-6257.

Step 3. Take it the Oklahoma Bail Bondsman Examination

Upon the completion of her pre-licensing course, you have to take the bail shortcut examination, i beg your pardon is administered by psychological Services Inc. (PSI). After perfect the education course, the OBA will carry out you through an education and learning Verification type (Form BCE3) and a Certificate of course Completion kind (Form BCE4), both that which you will require to provide to PSI on the work of your examination.

Online examination scheduling details through PSI is discovered on the Oklahoma insurance Department’s website. The cost of acquisition the exam v PSI is $100. You deserve to prepare to take the examination by studying the Insurance examination Candidate information bulletin.

You need to score at the very least 70 percent to pass the exam, and you will understand if you passed automatically upon perfect the exam. If friend fail the exam, you should wait at least 30 work to take back it. If you fail the check 3 times, you have to wait at the very least one year to take back the exam.

PSI will notify the Oklahoma Insurance department of her passing score. You must wait at least 2 company days after passing the exam prior to you can use for her bail bondsman license.

Step 4. Use for a Oklahoma Bail Bondsman License

You can apply electronically for your bail bondsman license (and salary the $350 fee, which has the application and also investigation fee) with NPIR.

You have to also provide the Department with the complying with documents:

Copy of your high school diploma or GED certificateA copy of your Oklahoma driver’s licenseOne passport (2”x2”) photoA records examine from her county sheriff’s office reflecting that you have no arrest document or exceptional warrantsTwo fingerprint cards (Take your fingerprint cards come your regional sheriff’s office so her prints deserve to be obtained.)

Mail all papers to:

Oklahoma insurance allowance Department 5 Corporate Plaza Bail Bond division 3625 NW 56th Street, Suite100 Oklahoma City ok 73112

Step 5. Obtain to Work preserve your Oklahoma Bail Bondsman License

You deserve to look up Oklahoma bail bond agencies v the nationwide Association of insurance allowance Commissioner’s virtual search engine.

The Oklahoma Bondsman Association additionally maintains a current list of authorized Surety providers in Oklahoma.

Your bail bondsman patent in Oklahoma should be fix up biennially ~ above the critical day of her birth month. At the time of renewal, you must administer the insurance Department through proof that the perfect of at least 16 hrs (8 hours annually) of proceeding education.

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Continuing education and learning for Oklahoma bail bondsmen is noted by the Oklahoma Bondsman Association. You must renew your license online through NPIR and also pay the $200 rebirth fee.

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