The finest in men’s layout is uncovered in classic, American barbershops. As a barber, you obtain to specialize in the designing and also styling that men’s hair, beards, and moustaches. Michigan is a an excellent place to obtain started in her barbering career, offering barbershops such as Berkley Chop Shop in Detroit— which is among the finest places in the nation to gain a correct, vintage haircut.

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Even further, the Michigan department of Technology, Management, and Budget expects the variety of barber licenses in Michigan to boost by 3.2% between 2010 and 2020 to store up through the need for men’s grooming solutions throughout the state.

Before you have the right to work together a barber in Michigan, you must be license is granted by the Michigan room of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, board of Barber Examiners. This plank regulates the licensing requirements for barbers, barber colleges, barber instructors, and barbershops throughout the state.

For a thorough explanation of how to come to be a barber in Michigan, monitor the procedures in this guide:

Graduate from an 1800-Hour Michigan Barber maintain Program
Submit an applications for Barber Licensure through Examination
Pass the Michigan Barber license Examinations
Begin your Career as a license is granted Barber in Michigan
Renew her Michigan Barber patent Biannually

Step 1. Graduate native an 1800-Hour Michigan Barber maintain Program

Your an initial step toward becoming a Michigan barber is graduating native a barber training program. In this program, the Michigan Board needs that you complete both theory and also practical cultivate hours. These hrs must accomplish the adhering to requirements:

Theory – 250 hours

History that Barbering – 10 hoursSafety and Sanitation – 60 hoursClient solutions – 30 hoursHaircut and also Shave – 60 hoursChemical services – 45 hoursSecondary services – 20 hoursLaws, Rules, and also Regulations – 10 hoursBusiness management – 15 hours

Practical – 1,750 hours

Safety and also Sanitation – 50 hoursHair Cutting, Styling, and Shaving – 1000 hoursShampooing, Hair Waving, and also Hair colour – 350 hoursSkin Care, Hair and also Scalp therapies – 250 hoursBusiness Ethics, Merchandising, accountancy – 100 hours


In Michigan, friend may become licensed together a college student barber if you cannot finish the classic barber training routine option. To acquire this college student license, girlfriend must have actually completed 10th class (or equivalent) and have great moral character. Upon gift licensed, you will then be able to perform barber solutions underneath the straight supervision the a licensed instructor. This patent lasts because that 2 years, and also you will only be permitted to renew it because that 1 additional year.

Step 2. Submit an application for Barber Licensure through Examination

Your 2nd step towards attaining a Michigan barber license is applying for the patent by examination. You cannot take the licensing exams until you receive approval. You will obtain approval by submitting the patent by examination application. Michigan has actually an digital application system, and to submit an application, you need to register v the Michigan licensing device by perfect the adhering to steps:

You will find MyLicense instructions come download top top the Barber Examination process page.


If you already have a patent in one more state, girlfriend may use for a Michigan barber license based on reciprocity. This method that girlfriend will have the ability to bypass the Michigan license exams, and also your ahead license and also experience will permit you come qualify for a Michigan license. To attain a patent by reciprocity, friend will need to finish the complying with steps:

Attach a Copy of her LicenseAttach $50 application Fee (for even-year applications) or $80.00 application Fee (for odd-numbered years)

If you should mail in any type of application or supporting record materials, you deserve to mail them come the board at the following mailing address:

Michigan room of Licensing and Regulatory work Corporations, Securities & Commercial license Bureau Licensing division P.O. Crate 30018, Lansing, MI 48909

Step 3. Happen the Michigan Barber licensing Examinations

Your following step is taking and passing the Michigan licensing exams. Before you can take the license exam, you will have to register straight with the Michigan trial and error vendor, PSI Services. To do this, make certain you download and also read with the PSI Candidate check Bulletin. You will need to finish your registration online and pay the $161 check fee. When you are completely registered v PSI and also the Michigan Board has approved your trial and error application, friend will receive an examination registration form, and you will be able to take the 2 Michigan license exams: the theory and the practical examination.


You will have 120 minute to end up this composed exam. This exam will be a 100-question, multiple-choice test that will cover the following barber theory subjects:

General principles (31%)Hair and also Scalp (14%)Physical services (19%)Chemical solutions (16%)Haircutting and also Styling (10%)State Laws and also Regulations (10%)

You may take the theory exam at any kind of of the following Michigan locations:

Holt-Lansing exam CenterSouthfield (Detroit area) test CenterGrand Rapids exam CenterGaylord test CenterMarquette exam Center


You will have 170 minutes to complete the practical exam. This is a physics exam, whereby you will carry out barber services. You will require to bring a live design who is over 18 year old and a supply kit through you to take this exam. You will be tested on your ability to finish the complying with barber tasks:

Set Up and DisinfectionShampoo ServiceBlow dry ServiceHair cutting ServiceMock shaving ServiceFacial ServiceChemical ServiceVirgin Hair color on right Front QuadrantPermanent Waving ServiceEnd of exam Disinfection

You might take the handy exam at any type of of the following Michigan locations:

Southfield (Detroit area) exam CenterGrand Rapids test CenterMarquette test Center

If you have actually passed this exams with a score that 75% or higher, you will receive an alert of your passing scores virtual or in the mail at the very least 7 company days after completing the exam. Once you pass these exams, friend will obtain your Michigan barber license.

Step 4. Begin your Career as a licensed Barber in Michigan

The Detroit area in Michigan is just one of the best places to uncover barbershops. Generally, barbers who have much more intensive training and education will excel in the industry. Because that example, many job listings will ask because that a barber who particularly knows how to finish a straight neck shave. Having already perfected this, and also other barbering services, will give you a foot up top top the competition.

As a licensed barber in Michigan, you might now look at for work-related by seeking standard employment, a contract position, a chair rental opportunity, or girlfriend may also open your own barbershop in accordance with Michigan laws.

If you are looking to open your very own barbershop, the will average you require to have actually an inspection, pay secondary barbershop license fee, and submit a barbershop license application. However, if you room looking to work-related in one of the numerous creative, cooperative barbershop environments currently established in Michigan, friend may discover contracted or payroll jobs at any of these barbershops:

Berkley Chop Shop – DetroitGentlemen an initial Shop – DetroitThe harbor Barber – port SpringsPete’s Barber Shop – DetroitCascade Barber Shop – cool RapidsMen’s soldier Barber Shop – DetroitTop Shelf Barber & beauty beauty Team – Detroit

Step 5. Renew her Michigan Barber license Biannually

The Michigan barber and also barbershop patent expire on September 30th every two years. The Michigan Board will certainly mail a renewal an alert to the address you have actually on record 30-44 days before your license expires.

Once you receive this notice, you deserve to submit the virtual renewal form along with your $60.00 rebirth fee, and your new license will certainly be sent to you. Friend will desire to renew timeless to avoid late fees and/or the relicensing process.

Barber earnings in Michigan

The Michigan department of Technology, Management and Budget estimates between 280 and 290 barbers were employed throughout the state in 2011. In that year, barbers earned an average wage that $10.20/hr.

Past work-related experience often impacts how lot a barber deserve to make in Michigan. For instance, in 2011 barbers receiving an entry-level wage earned an mean of $8.09/hr., if their more experienced colleagues were paid an median wage upwards the $11.26/hr.

Michigan employers recently proclaiming job methods for barbers and/or stylists through barber patent included:

Arcade cuts Pit protect against Barber Shop Zoey + Joey Hair Room Cool cut 4 youngsters Bosco Barber Shop

Salary Percentiles because that Barbers in Michigan

In 2013, the United states Bureau of job Statistics helped jobseekers understand barber pay scale in Michigan by giving the complying with salary percentiles for this occupation:

10th Percentile: $16,300/yr. 25th Percentile: $17,100/yr. Median Percentile: $18,500/yr. 75th Percentile: $24,000/yr. 90th Percentile: $35,900/yr.

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Wage Percentiles for Barbers in Michigan

In 2013, the United claims Bureau of job Statistics denote barber pay scales in Michigan by giving the complying with wage percentiles for this occupation:

10th Percentile: $7.84/hr. 25th Percentile: $8.24/hr. Typical Percentile: $8.91/hr. 75th Percentile: $11.52/hr. 90th Percentile: $17.26/hr.

Regional Salary numbers for Barbers in Michigan

In 2013, the United states Bureau of job Statistics post these regional salary averages for an individual care and also service workers, including barbers:

Saginaw-Saginaw Township North: $24,780/yr. Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn: $23,730/yr. Detroit-Warren-Livonia: $23,490/yr. Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills: $23,260/yr. Cool Rapids-Wyoming $20,620/yr. A much more comprehensive evaluation of salary and also wage data, including selective percentile profiles, for an individual care and service employees employed in metropolitan and also nonmetropolitan areas of Michigan is located in the table below: