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COLIN CHANNER was born in Jamaica to a pharmacist and also cop. Junot Díaz calls that “one that the Caribbean Diaspora’s ideal writers.” His poems have showed up in Prairie Schooner, Harvard Review, The Common, and Renaissance Noire, among other places. Channer has served together Newhouse Professor in an imaginative Writing in ~ Wellesley College and Fannie Hurst Writer in Residence at Brandeis University. His many publications of prose encompass the novella The Girl through the golden Shoes, “a really moving and also mesmerizing journey” in the native of Edwidge Danticat. He won the silver- Musgrave Medal in literary works in 2010 and also currently resides in brand-new England. Providential is his an initial poetry book.

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steel Balloons: hit Fiction from Jamaica’s Calabash Writer’s Workshop

Edited by: Colin Channer


Jamaica’s literary lion Colin Channer presents brand-new fiction from the freshest young Jamaican authors and also the Calabash global Literary Festival’s prolonged Family.

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Excerpt from “How to Beat a son the Right and Proper Way” by Colin Channer, native Iron Balloons

Good evening, fellow classmates. I’m really please to show up before you to current my five-minute “how to” decided in decided 112 this evening.

I know countless of you had actually a long day in ~ work, therefore I’m walk to it is in brief and to the point. I had a day off today, yet that don’t typical I should simply go on and also on since my power is up.

By the way, professor, we can open the door? this trailers hot like jail. And while you doing that, have the right to I ask friend to offer me a little break if i go over 5 minutes, please? I have actually a lot of on my mind tonight. You’re shaking your head. Consider it a graduation present. After ~ this semester girlfriend won’t have to see ol’ Ciselyn again. You laugh now. You small devil you. Girlfriend smile just like my youngest son.

So, other classmates, I need to describe something come you before I start. If friend notice, ns don’t have any cue cards. What occur is that now I change what i had setup to speak about. So what ns did the cue cards for don’t yes, really make any sense again. So, together the young people say, I’m going to do it ~ above the fly.

So permit me begin over again. I’m really please to show up before girlfriend to current my five-minute “how to” decided in decided 112 this evening. Ns know many of you had a lengthy day at job-related today so I’m going to it is in brief and also to the point.

My decided this night is referred to as “How to Beat a kid the Right and Proper Way,” and also the factor I decision to speak ~ above this subject is based upon the truth of something ns saw this particular day that repeat me of something the took location on a Tuesday night in Jamaica thirty-four year ago, in 1972. Few of you never also born yet.

Anyway, today when I remained in a Duane Reade on Broadway, over by wall Street, buying some panty hose and some coco for mine grandchildren, I experienced this boy of about seventeen back-answering she mother. Every little thing the mom say, the child back-answer. Girlfriend know how these children nowadays deserve to go on. Simply rude. Once the mother talking to her, you recognize what she to be doing? Popping her bubble gum and also rolling her eye. She wrinkles her arms and also shaking she leg, and also sometimes once the mother say something serious to her, she look at on she mother and laugh. The child just rude and out of order. Anything the mother say, she contradict her. If the mother say, “A,” she say, “B.”

But anyway, i wasn’t really paying them any kind of mind, girlfriend know, because I’m not a human being that prefer to put myself in people’s business. Plus, I remained in a mood wherein not a point was walk to bother me, because I was coming from a luncheon for my daughter Karen. Ns can’t really remember the place. An elaborate place though. When you go in there you see class. What it surname again? It has actually a name choose a person. Yet for the life of me i can’t psychic what. An elaborate name though. French. But anyway, a lovely ar though, down wall Street v plenty columns and chandeliers. Her office provide her a large honor today, that’s why you view me dress up choose this, through my hat like I going to church. Cause you understand me. I’m simple. I don’t like fuss.

But anyway, when I with the it is registered now, the mother and the daughter come increase behind me, and also the saying was quiet going on. Just bloo-bloo-bloo-bloo . . . Bloo-bloo-bloo-bloo . . . Mother and also daughter earlier and forth, and my bad ears couldn’t eat grass.

So once I sift v all the bloo-bloo-bloo, I choose out that the tiny girl obtain into bad company. She won’t perform her school job-related or go to school, and the mommy went approximately her college to speak to the guidance counselor, and the tiny girl tell her off. Tell her off in former o’ the guidance counselor, the principal, and also her English teacher. Denounce the mother and also call she all kind o’ names.

So this is what the mommy was trying to talk to her about in the pharmacy now, once the dispute start.

Some things the small girl phone call her mommy I couldn’t even say in class. No child suppose come say those kinds of points to your mother. As soon as you look at the small girl, you know, you can see that deep under she is a nice small child. However nothing much more than she feeling she huge now because she rotate seventeen, for this reason her mother mustn’t to speak nothing come her. As soon as I tell you, nice looking girl too, girlfriend know. Small in body but you can see she have a pretty shape. She have actually hips. And her hair is for this reason tall and nice. Tall down almost to she bottom. And when girlfriend talk around wavy and also thick. And don’t talk about shine. And to peak it off, she have a beauty spot on she cheek next to her nose. Have actually an Italian look. Pretty girl in her green plaid uniform, therefore you recognize the mom spending money to send she to the great Catholic school. Yet just the end of order. Just out of order. Just out the order. And rude. Simply calling her mommy stupid and denouncing her just how she don’t know anything, and also shouting after her how when anything occur she always take the indict counselor and also the teacher side.

When she speak that, you know what happen? i feel choose turn approximately to her and say, Whose next she expect to take? She’s your mother.

But I store my mouth shut.

So anyway, ns couldn’t get the tiny girl and also her mother out o’ mine mind also after i leave Duane Reade. But I had a lot o’ time before class, so i went to gain me exercise—you know, walk around.

That is how I store myself fit, girlfriend know. I like to walk. That’s just how come ns don’t relocate from one thirty-five indigenous I concerned this country. I lose a small o’ the elevation though. Girlfriend know, the bones and also age. Yet I born with elevation to provide away.

By the way, when I to speak I favor to walk, that don’t median I favor to to walk any and anywhere, friend know. Ns don’t like to walk in parks and all that type o’ thing. I favor to go in Manhattan. I favor to walk in the city. While i walking, if I watch anything because that my kids or grandchildren I can stop and also pick the up. Or if I desire some tea or something to eat, favor for circumstances if I acquire some gas, I can stop and also take mine time, then begin to walk again. Plus, as soon as I watch brand-new York 1 i hear ’bout too lot women who obtain rape off while they working out in the park in broad daylight. Ns don’t understand why they bother go and tempt fate for. Girlfriend think is yesterday male like to rape woman in bush? for this reason you understand this now and also going to walk out and also run alongside the bushes through you leg reveal in shorts? hear to me, I never once hear ’bout a woman getting rape in prior o’ Rockefeller facility at half past 12. Therefore what the tell you? continue to be with the crowd!

So anyway, wall Street is one o’ the locations where I favor to walk. Under there is favor England to me. You have your tiny streets and your old white buildings. And nearly anything you want to shop for you can get down there. Plus, is a orderly kind of place. Is a organization place. Under there, friend don’t have actually nobody running up and also down like they wild. Take for instance Times Square or additional down whereby I job-related in Herald Square—too lot wildness increase there, man. Too much young human being idling with no ambition or nothing to do. Simply running ’bout the place and also talking loud. If castle bounce friend by accident, they wouldn’t even say, pardon me. And when lock ask you a concern is like they don’t understand the native please. Yet sometimes friend can’t yes, really blame them. When kids come choose that, is the parents’ fault.

Speaking the fault, you recognize if castle don’t organize a luncheon because that me in ~ Macy’s, is my fault. As I cite Herald Square i remember the this month do it thirty years since they take it me on. If they understand what ns know, they better have a luncheon for me choose my daughter office had for her this afternoon. Also if is just bookkeeping alone. Or is hell come pay!

But anyway, when I say i couldn’t obtain the girl and her mommy out of my mind, it was the mother I couldn’t forget, in truth. And also when ns walk around two block I begin to hear a voice informing me to turn back. And also I retained telling the voice that is not my business. Yet the voice wouldn’t stop, and also all the fight I save fighting it, you know what i do? i spin round and also turn back down come Duane Reade.

The means I was stepping under Broadway, world must be think ns was mad. Because you know how down there stay—everybody relocating like they have actually battery, or someone wind them up. Simply voom-voom-voom-voom . . . Voom-voom-voom-voom. Worse, is summer, so all the tourists come and make the place much more pack. And they don’t know how to walk.

So imagine my dilemma now. Friend know exactly how the sidewalks down there stay. Solid two world can pass. And also is me walk one way, and also is them comes the various other way. And is me boring through, and also is them getting mad. But I don’t care, because I had to speak to the mother. I had actually to talk to her. Since when i take a stock, i realize the her hands to be so full and she don’t recognize what to do.

And . . . Hmm . . . Let me tell you . . .

Hmm . . . Ahh bwoy . . .

You view my daughter Karen, that I saw the luncheon for? She can be a senior Vice president at JPMorgan chase now, but don’t think that did constantly look prefer she was going to turn out the right and also proper way. At one time it look prefer she to be heading because that the gutter fast, fast. However you recognize what conserve her? I, together mother, did what I had to do. Because, le’ me tell you something, girlfriend know: when they go past a details point—these children?—don’t think it straightforward to carry them back. When particular kind o’ rudeness come, you need to nip it in the bud. When they desire to feather up favor they fertilize themselves and also act favor they big, yet you know for a reality that lock small, don’t it must be in former o’ them. Stand up firm! host your ground! press them back. Sink them down again below the grass, and also stand up end them prefer you have actually a machete in her hand. If they press up castle head again prior to they time, don’t hesitate. Take it one swing and also chop that off.

So anyway, when I with by this huge store right here . . . The one where you have the right to buy whatever from garments to luggage but your mind constantly tell you to yes, really look ‘pon the label good—Century 21—I think i glimpse the 2 o’ them, and I protect against to focus. And you recognize what? It to be the 2 o’ them in truth.

When I virtually reach them now, I speak to out to the mother.

I say, “Excuse me, miss. You to be in Duane Reade?”

I might touch she on she shoulder, but I don’t choose to touch human being in this place. Since 9/11—especially down that side—everybody obtain extra jumpy, m’dear. Next thing, you touch somebody and also them turn round and also think is terrorist and shoot you.

So, as soon as I speak to her now, the mom stop and also look at me and also say, “Yes. Is miscellaneous wrong?” She have to be see a tiny thing in my face. Reason I’m a human like this, you know. Ns can’t pat hypocrite. And also I can’t take it hypocritical people. I’m favor Flip Wilson. What she surname again? Geraldine. Don’t girlfriend cry and also don’t girlfriend fret, cause what you view is what you get.

Anyway, the mother had actually on a tan cloak that capture her to her knee. Not a dark tan, but more like . . . You know those Clarks shoes? Same shade as these chairs here you sitting on. It to be a feather coat through a belt round the waist, and also from I see that I recognize her dress was not in good condition. Because now is May, and also is simply too warm for that. Plus, she didn’t polishing her shoes. Some twenty-dollar pumps. And also the pair of shoes itself was lean.

And as soon as I see that now, ns say come myself, too ~ God. Imagine, this woman sacrifice for this child so much and this kid treat her prefer dog mess. The parental who do the most gain the the very least thanks.

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Breeze was blowing. And also like how they don’t have the civilization Trade facility again, it was coming right through . . . Whih-whih-whih . . . From over by the Westside Highway. I had actually to rotate my ago and take off my glasses before it blow off. Because that if it blow off, is me same one have run that down, and next thing dirt blow into my eye and also blind me.

You’re laughing. But is true. Girlfriend can’t take any type of chance again, girlfriend know. Not when you’re old. I expropriate that fact. As soon as the breeze start, ns say come myself, Glasses, hat, and also frock. You wonder why i say frock? Heh! people nowadays wi’ scrutinize you very same way. No matter just how you’re old. So anyway, ns ease end underneath one o’ the awnings down by Century 21, and also the mother and also the daughter monitor me. And also when i straighten out myself now, ns say to the small girl, “Sweetheart, i overheard friend in the Duane Reade. Why you speak to your mother like that? I can see you’re a quite girl, from a decent home. Look exactly how your mother work and also send you come school, eeh. And also look just how your uniform neat and also nice. Why friend speak come Mummy favor that? You no to carry out that, sweetheart. As soon as you talk to Mummy prefer that, you will certainly make her feeling embarrassed, like she don’t train you at home.”

That little wretch! girlfriend think she pay me any kind of mind? No sir. She just take her mom hand and also say, “Come on, Ma. Let’s go.”