If you play 3-5 gamings of Madden 21, you are bound come run into a male who just sits in sheathe 3 all game and also refuses to obtain out of the no matter what you do. That is why it’s so important to have actually a bunch of various ways to beat sheathe 3.

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In today’s Madden institution tip, we space going over exactly how to absolutely damage Cover 3 in Madden 21.

Check it out below!


Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: total Doubles

Play: Y Shallow Cross


Hot route your Y/triangle receiver come a streak routeMotion your X/square receiver come the rightMax Protect(Optional) twin team the outside most pass rusher top top the best side


Your primary read on this beat is the X/square recipient deep. If the isn’t open, scramble with the QB or litter the ball away.

Overview: Make certain to run this play native the appropriate hash note for best effectiveness. If your foe knows this beat is coming, he’ll be able to stop that so make certain to mix this beat in with other plays native the total Doubles formation.

Let’s take it a closer look at exactly how this works.


This is exactly how the last play art need to look right prior to we snap the ball.


In covering 3 defenses, the cornerback responsible for the deep 3rd of the ar on the appropriate gets distrcated by ours B/circle receiver on the out route


ur X/square recipient on the post has lots of an are for us to make the throw. Notice how our quarterback rolling slightly come the ideal to do the litter angle a tiny easier.


We make the record with no one roughly our receiver.

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And we space able come walk right into the endzone untouched.

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