My Stepdaughter and also her new boyfriend pertained to visit united state recently and she treated me really rude by no appreciating the points I walk for she like chef delicious meals etc. She did not say thanks to me or appreciate anything I carry out for her.We take it them both to play golf v us (I hardly ever play) and also paid for their rounds and also cart fees etc. And I think it pissed she off once I request her wherein she and also her BF to be taking us to dinner! I know that it would never take place unless ns took the step to ask! They go grudgingly!Her brand-new BF is really close come his mother and also so she is now acting favor the daughter she should have actually been to she Father. ( i think that is just to imporess this brand-new BF) she parents divorced once she ase 9 and also she has played the two dads come her benefit to get what she wants Anyway she feels endangered by me and also wants to make sure that she it s okay a huge part the his estate due to the fact that Dad is top top the outs v her brother, the drunk.Whenever she pertains to visit us and also it is often 4 time this year she never, I median never, provides to pay for anything. She makes over 125k per year and in the 12 years I have known she she has actually bought me coffee twice. Dad constantly jumps through hoops because that her.. As an example she conserved money by flying into an airport 100 miles far last spring learning that her Dad had actually to drive the end of the method to pick her increase which is fine v me, but I think selfish.Her Dad is so afraid that he is going to lose her due to the fact that I became really upset with her and also let her have it before she left town to go ago home.I called her that she necessary to brush up on her manners and that i felt the a give thanks to you would go a lengthy way. Additionally told her that she acted favor royalty and also that this was my home too! well shockingly she Father sides v her!!!!!He think that ns looks for means to pounce on her and also that i am to never do this again there is no talking an initial with him!I know that she is a textbook Narcissist since she is not interested in talking about anything however her. That is so sad that she manipulates everybody and also uses people, yet her Dad think she is wonderful. Ns now understand why she is this way because that has constantly told her exactly how special she is. She works for one of the vast internet software suppliers where every one of the employees feeling entitled and are better that anyone else.Now my husband has actually turned ~ above me and thinks that I have alienated his entire dysfunctional family. They room passive-agressive and I to be one who offers it come you directly if you have actually pushed me too far. Husband is just one of these wonderful guys who lets civilization walk almost everywhere him.I"m thinking that we must do counseling and he is willing to go,but he claims that transforming anything around his relationship with his children is off limit. Think we will certainly go anyway and see what transpires... Help??? walk anyone have actually some wisdom for me. I love him and want come stay!


"Well shockingly her Father sides with her!!!!!He think that i looks for ways to pounce ~ above her and that ns am to never ever do this again without talking an initial with him!"

No shock aspect here - this is yes, really quite typical . Your story is so comparable to mine - it"s scary!! ns too, faced my adult SD - boy, it felt for this reason good. Ready to execute it again if important }:)


Thanks for her reply!It certainly felt an excellent for me too to unload and tell her just exactly how ns feel after every these years, however if you have actually done any type of research ~ above Narcissists (NPD )they only dig their heels in harder and fight back. You can really tell now that she doesn"t like me due to the fact that I ignore every one of the nonsense about her hair, job, car, take trip plans etc.She never is may be to keep a man because she is such a sponge in so plenty of ways.It"s fun, but I still have to attend to her BS and also see her sometimes at our home. We"ve to be to her house once every these years and it"s a drag because she has only one bedroom and we have to sleep on her sofa.When us do pertained to visit she invites her friends the end to have dinner with us and guess who pays???Did friend get any type of therapy with your husband end this?


Yes, we did walk to counseling – and it did help.

I felt the I just couldn’t be permitted to be treated choose a doormat anymore. Ns mean, SD (age 20) was destroying my belongings in my house - what type of a nutjob does that?? I had to perform something quick of beating the crap outta her LOL. Daddykins was too scared come say anything due to the fact that she was ‘too sensitive and also might get mad’. If she wants to ‘dig in her heels & hit back’ – let’s go – ns ready.


I recognize that she is no complement for me either, yet my hubby now thinks that ns am the one here who is gift unreasonable!!!So we space now acquiring along better, but I think I thrust him come the limit v my strong reaction to her.I will certainly be blamed if she punishes united state by not wanting to come see united state ( just to job-related on her golf game )and possibly that will work for a while, yet I just might not take she coming to visit 4 time a year and having us roll the end the carpet because that her as soon as she visits.She provides so lot money and also is for this reason stingy the last Christmas she basically provided me a vital chain for a gift!LOLWhat a bi..h!We will definitely go come counseling soon just to save my marriage!!!

I would certainly tell my husband (if he got knocked on the head and had mind damage since this is the only way he would ever want come think like this) the it is about time he checked out his daughter in her home town. It would certainly be nice for him come go and visit she without the feeling of tension and he deserves time alone through his daughter.

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Do not discuss the daughter. If he announces she is coming to remain for a week, educate him he demands to invest time with his daughter without you since her mindset is unattractive. Yet he is welcome come entertain she himself and you will be safety the 7-10 days at a hotel

I suspect when you space not around to act together a buffer he will certainly realise what a slug she is. Or the won"t and also you won"t have to put up v her.

I have come to believe some parental don"t want to agknowledge how awful their kids are since that is unAmerican. So instead when the s/parent voices what castle secretly recognize in their heart, the fact is out there and also all the parent needs to carry out is agrue around it. The s/parent is the loss guy.

I would never stay in a hotel while she visited, yet I can fly to an additional state and visit someone who I would enjoy.I think my husband has remained in competition with his daughter"s stepfather that he has actually gone come extremes to pamper and also spoil her through words that lavish praise!She unfortunately lives in a dreadful climate and since we currently live in the sunbelt and her new BF plays golf she suddenly now wants to take up the sport and also since us belong come a club below she has actually designs to game her brand-new sweetie at our expense. Through the means she never ever expressed one interest till she met this guy and also now she wants to come under here and also play all of the time v her brand-new clubs!Yuk!

Oh say thanks to yougoforit...this is good advice and the one that renders a most sense. I have made decision that I will not chef again for her, but this way that we need to take her the end for every meal and also pay for it and whoever she choose to lug along which she go often. At some time in the previous I offered to encourage her and her Dad go the end without me and that is fine but it is miscellaneous I should do again.We will never be close..unfortunately due to the fact that she is a narcissist and there is no cure for this disorder. Deep under they are really insecure so supposedly this is why her behavor is therefore nauseating. Can"t fill that hole.I have the right to see her chomping in ~ the little to get her hands on our new beautiful house that we have developed a wonderful atmosphere to live in.Hell no, I"m gonna hit this tiny witch and beat she at her own small nasty game.We have functioned too much to permit her damage what us have.He states he is ready to walk to therapy so ns think we will go.Has anybody else had actually any kind of therapy for a narcissistic family member?All of the study that I have actually done says the best form of partnership to have actually with a narcissist is None!!!Any much more words that wisdom? thanks for letting me vent..this is a an excellent forum and I"m happy I uncovered you all!

Oh, but she is a princess and she is walking to get her daddy to invest money on she every chance she gets!She also times the trips come coordinate through her birthdays so she can gain a gift indigenous us.Never recriprocates. If she does carry out something nice, I hate to speak it but there is a reason and also she has an ulterior motive.Her new plan is to take up golf and bring her brand-new golf lovin" sweetie down here and entertain him.I am starting to watch that she father is a huge component of this entitlement thing she has going.When that told me that this was her house too I practically threw up! Both my hubby and I worked hard to make this our dream home and also I resent this really much. Us are obtaining along very well now that the storm has actually passed, however I am sure that us will have head knockin in the future. Great advice and also thanks come all!Am ns crazy to think that he is off base informing her that this is her residence too?

Her home?!? go she salary the mortgage? You"re no off basic at all. She"s an adult through her own place to live i presume.

Dealing v a very comparable issue myself with my SD20. I wish I had actually all the answer *sigh* I need to think treatment would help, due to the fact that he probably does react so badly due to the fact that he to know deep under you"re right. Great luck!

My think exactly. You"re make the efforts too difficult to acquire SD to choose you, to expropriate you. When she doesn"t matter. Stop offering her that power over you. Allow DH store jumping with hoops, he shows up to constantly have been. At some point he will stop seeking she approval for his life and stop gift a puss her emotional manipulation. It reminds me the the high school story wherein everyone is do the efforts to get in great with the well-known girl. Yet when its all over, years later, we discover how really problem she was. As soon as you prevent kissing her butt, she"ll gain better. Besides, in ~ $125K she have to be acquisition you males out. Next time, rather of them coming over, fulfill them external your home. I truly think we need to be mindful who us let right into our homes, even family. Everyone doesn"t have your best interest in ~ heart.

:jawdrop: five my!! This case sounds familiar. I have actually been dating someone because that over 2 years currently who has actually 3 "adult" youngsters (20, 23, 25). The boy (23 y/o) is the just one left in the house, and the 20 y/o moved back in through the ex-step parent due to the fact that she could not take it the narcissist son anymore! I carry out not have actually children. So, the human I am date is a Dr., and is a therapist - and so to be I...which provides for a doubly amazing situation. Us both recognize that narcissism develops from trauma-related experiences, so our approach with him (mind girlfriend I carry out not live there) is understanding and we never yell or obtain angry - as the solution will just promote defense mechanisms. However, that is verbally abusive, and also feels that he can go turn off the manage for 3-4 hrs into the middle of the night, when his mother simply sits there and also tries to administer what he demands to hear. However, the goes off on her every the time, and also is abusive.

So, in mine opinion - she is acting more like his therapist 보다 what she really requirements to act favor - i beg your pardon is a parent with clear, for sure boundaries. In some ways - i feel the she is cultivating the narcissism by no being together straigh front (in a type way) that she needs to be...which may be forcing him right into moving out. I"m sure it is challenging in she position, knowing what she knows around trauma, etc. - however likewise appears rather blind to the situation because it is she son. Her 2 other kids are fine through us, and also know that he is not right.

More recently I"ve talked to her about my feelings, and what i feel can be advantageous (e.g. Setting more firm boundaries, giving therapy information as to who to see). My issue is about witnessing the linguistic abuse, together there have actually been times whereby I action in the room whereby it is walk on due to the fact that I can not tolerate it - then he goes turn off on me and also tries come wedge himself in between us and create troubles (e.g. "why is she here when I should talk to you"). She requirements her time with her kids, but when it involves abuse - i cannot tolerate it. She shouldn"t either.

Any suggestions? Recommendations?

Our days of handling my Husband"s daughter, whom us finally came to understand, has actually narcissistic personality disorder (she"s 37) space over, but it took 7 year of taking care of her to get to that point. My good fortune was the from the moment we agreed to marry 6 year ago, my husband assured me that us were a bonded pair and that his challenging children would certainly not come in between us.

Of course, the was no perfectly true. His daughter, a an extremely highly paid professional, increasingly stepped up she punitive treatment of she father for remarrying and also the trouble we had was that he took it out on me. Being a counselor, myself, i asked the to walk to therapy so i didn"t need to be his therapist in the situation, so he went because that 3 years. It allowed me to be a wife with all the feelings and reactions to the situation that to be normal. We were fortunate that in the 2nd year the therapy, she moved fifty percent way across the country. Her abuse that him to be withholding love in the form of distancing and also silence and it felt much less painful indigenous a distance, but it tho went on in full force. If she to be nearby, it prospered from 2 month to a year at a time. As soon as we did see her, she would be cold to him when they"d formerly had a close relationship. We all went to the beach the very first year (she to be 30) and she clung to him prefer a jealousy 13-yea-old, laugh at me coyly, had actually 6-year-old tantrums once she didn"t obtain to choose the night restaurant, and also pretended to have actually an ingrown tonail (she didn"t) that i was to nurture for she (she"s a physician).

Sigh. I took it every in mine stride, i think both because I have tendency to it is in laid back around civilization but also because the behavior was therefore shocking ns didn"t recognize what else to do!

It was my husband who was directly and definitely endangered with ns of her love, as so numerous dads v daughters favor this threaten, but she in reality did it instead of acquired in our faces and also made us miserable in our home. I was simply invisible to her. Possibly her reaction ws because her dad consistently confronted her with an excellent courage. This is not a disorder to coddle, favor I"ve read above. This is a disorder that cannot be operated with. Parents of adult youngsters make this mistake instead of taking treatment of their own relationships, whereby the actual emotional food is.

Finally, a year back last summer, the daughter acquired married and also with no warning, did not invite her father. He"d been exchanging letters through her for 2 years, but she lied come her brand-new family and brother that they had not remained in touch in that long and also there was no factor to invite him. She additionally lied in the critical of those letter to her dad the no one in either of the bride or groom"s household was coming to the destination wedding in the Carribbean except her brother, but the cd with pix and video the son gave his dad proved otherwise. The grooms substantial family was there and also very few people for the bride.

After that, she created a newsy keep in mind to she dad 2 months later, together though they to be still communicating. Since she rarely wrote first, i knew she was testing the waters after excluding him (and her mother) from she wedding. He wrote her earlier a loving but firm note that their relationship was at an end, that she appeared happy and he to be glad for her but that there partnership was no much longer working. No argument from her, no communication because then.

With that weight off of us, our marriage has actually grown happier and more secure. Still issues with the kid who is external inspection to the sister indigenous childhood (mother was mentally ill) and that reasons occasional problems, however nothing prefer we went through from the daughter. Us hear she has actually over-extended it s her in a grand home, high-quality car and also grand vacations, yet that service is not going well. Well, she has a husband to occupational on that v now. No our problem.

My husband continues the same tough love v his son, who newly told his dad that doesn"t prefer our marriage, that us were both too strong willed, and also didn"t want to concerned our home. This from a man who married one 11-year-youger mrs who"d been a stripper for 6 years, was bipolar and got pregnant by another man if they were married - the marriage lasted 3 years. She"s currently in one more state, prenant by someone else again. Funny, the son and she were having to go v fertility treatment since of a problem she had. The fertility problem must have actually been the they slept in separate bedrooms native the start of the marriage. This son is not liking our marriage??? Goodness.

Don"t get me wrong. My husband was terrified of shedding the love that his children. That"s why he allowed the daughter to go on hurting that so long, but he finally melted out - and also had a lovely male counselor to talk through - that by the way, never really offered up expect they could reconcile. And also yes, my husband"s simply as worried around losing his son. But he feel he and also I space his life. We spend our days and nights together and do no live v them. They could be a pleasant addition to our lives and also visa versa, however they aren"t and also they, not we, determined to live favor this. We room old sufficient in our 60"s to recognize we require peace and safety, no to be battling because that what does no exist.

My kid calls us "his parents," and shows up for holidays, treats us well, takes treatment of our computers and also there is peace. My parental adore my husband and every one of this puts mine husband"s kids into the view they belonging in. He knows he doesn"t have to turn right into a pretzel to it is in loved and doing the isn"t worth it quiet - not as soon as it lugged chronic uncomfortable to ours lives. After every incident, we"d it is in upset because that a week and venting to one another. However it took a most years to get to the point. I choose to say i cried sufficient tears over the issue to cry because that a week. But the parent of the troubled child/children simple has to take it a stand and hold it and also without arguing with the boy who"s enmeshed and also engaged in the disastrous behavior. Permit them go work-related it out somewhere else. This is the limit, period.

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There"s a publication called step Wars because that older world who marry and the adult children reason trouble. It was renamed in succeeding printings, however I think friend will discover it under that to gain started. It aided us. It permitted my husband to watch that that was not alone in the problem. Not enough is composed on this topic. I recommend this analysis - great luck and courage to all.