And the body shows a “high” in the brain after consuming food, like cocaine.

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Eating when you’re emotionally produces real, physiological relief choose taking a Valium.

These are all facts.

So why are human being still suggesting to use willpower and also discipline to fight cravings and also beat the seeks to food?

If we know that we wouldn’t ever before give a drug addict the advice come “fight the craving” – why would certainly we continue to give people who are addicted come food the very same advice?

It’s simple: the world who suggest that girlfriend use self-control obviously have actually never endured from this, and they don’t truly understand the basic science. It’s cheap self help with no experiment formula.

5 Jedi mental Tricks

Your entire method has come be various from just “fighting it.”

Drug addicts need to learn the hanging out through their old girlfriend doesn’t occupational anymore. They require to readjust who castle associate through – they execute this since they understand that when they see friends doing medicine or smoking cigarettes cigarettes, opportunities are they’re walking to want to, too.

You’re fighting a genuine addiction. You have actually no selection but come think “smart” around how to beat it.

What i offer below are methods to manage – no some wonder cures.

For many people truly addicted to food, there is no such thing as moderation.

And generally, these autumn into three broad categories: behavioral shifts like transforming your habits and also routines.

Cognitive shifts, which involve her thinking about food.

And then nutritional shifts, i m sorry involve transforming what type of foodstuffs you eat, and when.

These every truly revolve about training your mind in various means to be an ext aware. There is no awareness, it’s tough to change.

So right here are the 5 Jedi mind tricks that actually work.

Mental Hack #1: number Out her Eating Type… and also Then dominate It


In Mindless Eating, by Brian Wansink, PhD, the cleverly put numerous of us into five main categories based on our eating habits.

Although the categories aren’t new, he placed some clever name that aid you mental which kind of eater you are.

He breaks human being down into 5 common groups:

A. The meal stuffer. Meal stuffers eat primarily throughout mealtimes, yet they ingredient themselves and eat come excess. They frequently eat so easily that they’re uncomfortably full after. These room the youngsters we often say have actually “good appetites.” They frequently go earlier for seconds.

B. Snack grazer. Snack grazers reach for food whenever it’s available. Convenience is normally the key reason – in various other words, food is accessible and they simply constantly reach because that it as long as it’s there. Snacking is occasionally a nervous habit or something they do as soon as bored. Occasionally they snack together an forgive to obtain up and walk around, or they just feel “bored” when watching tv or reading.

C. The party binger. Party bingers room usually specialists or world in that company environments. Food is either a backdrop for company or fun, and also it’s simple to shed track of just how much they eat or drink. Numerous social events and also business meetings means lots of food and also eating out.

D. The restaurant indulger. Restaurant indulgers are human being who typically eat out a lot in ~ restaurants. Sometimes these are just young college kids, other times they’re young specialists who occupational a lot and don’t desire to/don’t have the time to cook. Thus, they eat the end 3x a day.

E. Desktop/dashboard diner. desktop computer diners rate eat when multitasking ~ above the computer or driving. They usually do it to conserve time, but likewise do it just to protect against the hassle of getting a genuine lunch. They’re not busy, they’re simply unmotivated. As soon as you ask castle why lock don’t just chef their very own food or go acquire a genuine meal, they to speak “Eh….”


So now you understand your eating type. You understand your very own kryptonite. You recognize for instance you’re a desktop computer diner. You recognize you are highly unlikely to actually eat a full meal when at occupational – and also that you finish up eating a couple of candy bars throughout the day from the vending machine, leaving you starving for dinner (even though you ate 1,000+ calories).

You know you are prone to not being ready for lunch. And also you recognize that you commonly feel also “lazy” to go out for a meal and also end up feasting ~ above the vending machine. So what deserve to you do?

You have the right to consciously prepare having lunch beforehand and also bring it.

You can set a personal “rule” for you yourself – do yourself go out to having lunch with human being at the very least twice a week.

Or you can collection a rule where friend don’t let yourself eat at your workdesk – come ensure the you formally have some type of lunch.

Let’s speak you’re a grazer.

You understand you continuous reach because that food transparent the day and rarely eat a complete meal. You likewise know that if there’s a candy dish, you’re more than likely going come constantly have actually your hand it in throughout the day.

With that brand-new awareness, you deserve to do a pair things:

Set an alert on her iPhone to remind you yourself every 3 hours to eat a meal.

Never, ever carry snacks through you – forcing you yourself to eat meals regularly.

Avoid instances where you’ve acquired the possibility to constantly have your hands in the cookie jar.

So, here’s psychological hack #1: discover your eating type (AKA your kryptonite) and then be ready for those instances by having escape plans and also strategically building your day around them.

Mental Hack #2: emotionally Learning


For numerous (most?) of us, emotionally eating has end up being a habit of lull – in other words, it’s a actions induced by certain cues prefer situations, feelings, people, commercials, etc.

In studies, animals & people that were an ext stressed finished up eating much more and getting fatter.

In the vast majority of people, uncontrolled eating happens in two (emotion-related) situations:

Boredom (“I’m just sitting city hall TV and eating”)Stress events (“I feel bad, so i eat”)

So here’s how you usage emotional discovering to take it the smart approach come beating food addiction, which at some point revolves approximately your habits.

I’ve previously talked around this fairly a lot of in a write-up called ‘Why all diets fail and why you don’t require a diet to lose weight, yet here’s a recap for emotional eaters.

#1 figure Out her Cues

Most of united state emotionally eat since of cues outside or within of us.

For example: we’re in ~ a company party. Food is there, so us eat it (availability – outside cue).

Another example: It’s 2:30 in ~ work, and also you’re on the residence stretch. Girlfriend start acquiring low energy, and you’re looking for something to do – so you go upstairs to the cafe and also grab a cookie (low power – interior cue).

So the secret for numerous of us is to A. Discover our cues, and then B. Prevent them. 

A an approach I commonly recommend for figuring the end your cues is what I call the Awesomesauce Index map Method.

If you’re interested in that, inspect out this article on food addiction and sugar cravings.

But to keep it simple, spend time for 1-2 weeks recording a couple of things:

What time that the day perform I crave food?What moods do me crave food? (Usually boredom and also stress)In what cases do I generally over eat?With what human being do I typically eat the wrong foods?What places usually finish up resulting in cravings? (E.g. Execute you happen by the bakery every day at 4:30 and have to avoid to get something?)

#2 Swap The Routine

Another incredibly typical origin of poor habits is boredom.

I when was working v a remain at house mom who had sugar cravings, and after law the index card exercise for 1-2 main (see above), she realized the almost every one of her sugar usage happened once when to be “bored” or wanting something to do.

While watching TV mindlessly, surfing the internet, or simply hanging out roughly the house, she just wanted other to perform – which ended up turning into a enormous sugar intake habit.

Fortunately because that her, once she identified the cue, she adjusted the routine.

So, let’s speak you understand that friend eat food when you’re bored. You deserve to do #1 (avoid gift bored), or when you’re bored (and realize it), begin doing other that gives you something come do.

For example: If, in ~ work, 2:30 hits and also you’re obtaining a little bored and tired, and also you understand you usually go up to the cafe because that a snack, find other to perform that stimulates you. Possibly that way stopping end at a friend’s workdesk to chat for a while, or probably that means just strategically placing your lunch break later in the day, or possibly that means saving your most interesting projects for roughly that time to save your brain focused.

Strategy #2 every revolves around three things: the feeling you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it, and finding points that truly deal with the underlying cause (e.g. Boredom).

For an ext reading: Check the end these three posts >

Mental Hack #3: Cognitive Control


Cognitive control revolves all around how you check out food, and also I divide it into two broad categories:

Mental chatterPersonal rules

There’s often a lot of self-talk walking on once we try to fight foods items (or hit anything, really). And also what generally ends up happening is that the more time we try to talk ourselves out of something, the stronger it becomes and also the much more it steals our attention.

Ever tried jumping turn off a high rock? The much longer you wait and talk yourself up, the less chance you will certainly actually jump.

One the the easiest things you have the right to do in to the to your mind is change the psychological chatter.

Rather 보다 looking in ~ cookies and ice cream and saying come yourself, “Oh guy those look good,” tell you yourself the truth, “I recognize I can’t just have one bite… I’m going to eat 20,” and also even remind you yourself of your goals, “tomorrow I’m going to feel favor crap and totally remorse this.”

Jon Grant, in ~ the college of Minnesota, asks patients v a history of shoplifting to compose out a purchase list before they walk to the grocery store and also just put two item on the list: handcuffs, to remind them of their previous history, and also a bologna sandwich, to remind them that what they to be eating in jail.

Basically this just jogs your memory and reminds castle of the aftermath of their behavior, and comparable to saying “I’ll feel destructive after eating cookies,” it instills a feeling of guilt beforehand. (Hat tip to The finish of Overreating for this anecdote).

Food Rules

Setting rule for her food is another way to beat using willpower.

For example, you can make rules prefer “I don’t eat french fries,” or “I don’t snack.”

Rules actually aren’t using willpower – and they have the right to quickly come to be habits i m sorry bypass willpower altogether.

It’s best just to choose 2 or 3 rules to rod to, the you can use in a range of situations. Far better yet, inspect out hack #1, discover your eating type, and collection rules based on what type of eater girlfriend are.

My very own favorite an individual rules? i don’t eat french fries or any kind of fried foods and don’t snack.

These quickly end up being a part of her identity, and when you speak “I don’t eat french fries” it ends the conversation and also doesn’t require any kind of fighting whatsoever.

Mental Hack #4: Leveraging Social

Your social networks deserve to fuel your food addiction and also contribute to gift overweight.

A study excellent in the new England newspaper of Medicine uncovered that social networks deserve to promote weight problems – civilization with friends, siblings and also spouses who are obese space much an ext likely to be obese themselves.

Now, back this wasn’t in recommendation to online social networks (where human being may not see each other in reality), there is proof that reflects that you’re plenty of times much more likely to share the exact same interests as your friends.

This is just the long way of saying that civilization have a substantial influence over her success or failure, and also you’re likely to end up choose the people approximately you in much more than one way.


You can leverage the internet social spheres in your favor too. There space a pair innovative web page to assist you integrate a hopeful social environment with her own an individual goals.



Fitocracy in a nutshell: It’s health and also fitness, gamified. You earn points for doing “quests” (aka specific workouts/objectives/goals), and also then you deserve to level up and reach new levels.

It integrates through a society feed like facebook, and also lets rather motivate and aid each various other out.



Stickk in a nutshell: Stickk is another method to socially integrate betting v attaining your own goals.

It’s based on the totality “carrot and stick” theory of motivation – the to motivate people, you can offer them incentives ($$$), or punish them.

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In Stickk, you collection a goal, and then choose your stakes: if girlfriend fail to reach your goal, her money will instantly be sent to either a friend, a charity, or better yet – an anti-charity, aka a charity girlfriend hate.

The crucial is to choose a charity you dislike so lot that you’d quite die than see your money walk there