As one avid movie and tv lover, i am constantly trying to find my next binge-worthy watch. One of the finest ways to uncover them is with a "top 10" video. These can variety from ANY kind category. And also when I median any, ns really median any. There is no limit to exactly how deep you have the right to go when looking for and creating a top 10 video.

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I"ve seen anything native "Top 10 Marvel films" come "Top 10 Romantic Comedies" and also so on. This also reaches far beyond movies that course. "Top 10 snacks at businessman Joes","Top 10 tiktok Trends"; gain the gist?

Now, if you someone choose me that likes to create their very own content, then ns am walking to show you exactly how to develop your very own optimal 10 video for Youtube!

How to choose the Perfect Music for her Video

How to add Background Music come a Video

Moving on!

Here is what friend will need to develop your height 10 video:

A topic you space passionate around Edit! Save and also post

Step 1. A topic you space passionate around

Step 2. Making use of

When you have your topic picked out, it"s time to gain that content right into! Head to her workspace and go to "Collections". Indigenous there, select the Animated Text video clip Maker and also then the "Top X Animated text Video" template.



When you"re ~ above the template, you have the right to press "play" on the bottom to watch the sample prompt. This can assist you understand exactly how the animated text flows in and also out on optimal of the videos.

Step 3. Edit

Now come the funny part! EDITING. For a quick and easy way to get a quality video made, keep the pre-created setups on the template and also just replace the photos/videos in the template.. You deserve to do this by following the actions below.

"Select the slide" you want to change.

Click ~ above "Upload" and also choose the brand-new photo or video you want for the slide.

Position the new photo or video on the on slide so it covers the quantity of screen you desire. Then, on the appropriate you will discover a menu. Under "Layers" choose "Send Behind". You could have to click this two or three times to make sure it"s behind the writing and animation.

Click anywhere so the continual slide menu appears on the right. Her uploaded item must be noted at the an extremely bottom under "Layers". Choose the picture or video clip that is above it (or whichever the share footage is) and also delete.

Editing the text on these slides is quite an easy as well. You deserve to either click the message "layer" top top the best hand side (see snapshot above) or relocate the play development bar to whereby the text appears and also click it on the on slide to modify there.

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When you"ve changed your photos and also edited the text, we have the right to move on to some fun parts! A great thing to include to your video clip would it is in an awesome Video Intro, or creating your own Progress Bar ~ above the side of the video. Including some music and added text results are likewise a good way come spruce up the video.

After you"re perfect editing, click the "Publish" button at the top. Watch as your beautiful video clip renders and blossoms into an awesome, experienced YouTube video.

Step 4. Publish

Now it"s time to write-up on YouTube! You have the right to do it straight from the finished rendered video, or you can download it to your computer for a later on time.

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