Tips on just how to check out the "Pawn Stars" and make the most of her visit to gold & silver Pawn Shop.

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Attention: VIP Meet and also Greets through the "Pawn Stars" are right now paused yet will resume later on this summer. Subscribe to our newsletter because that updates!

Planning a visit come the people Famous yellow & silver- Pawn Shop? here are a few important piece of information to know... Looking to sell? Click right here for info.

We are located at 713 ras Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, NV 89101.

The shop is open up every job from 10am - 5:30pm, we are just closed on Christmas and also Thanksgiving, and our Pawn home window for offering is open up 24 hrs a day. The is always free to visit the Pawn Shop and also parking is additionally free. Us are one of the height non-gaming tourist attractions so you can conveniently just take a cab or journey share here as well. Feel complimentary to take it as plenty of pictures as you wish, but due come state regulation we ask the you refrain from taking images toward the pawn respond to on your prompt left as you enter and also no videos in the shop.

Make certain you leave yourself time to check out rick Harrison"s Pawn Plaza shopping facility just next door, special shops, dining and also nightlife.

Want to check out the guys? Rick, Chumlee and also Corey will certainly go the end on the shop floor indigenous time come time to meet their fans, authorize autographs and also take pictures. Unfortunately, as result of their hectic schedules and NV privacy laws protecting customers pawning items indigenous photos these are normally impromptu, unscheduled appearances. Practically every Saturday in ~ noon Antwaun and Mark hall Patton "the mustache of Knowledge" hold a meet and also greet, acquisition photos v fans and also signing autographs.

Rick and also Chumlee have the right to be seen many weeks right next door come the shop in ~ Pawn Plaza ( Friday and also Saturday nights girlfriend can fulfill Rick when he is bartending in ~ his bar, Rick"s Rollin acting BBQ and Tavern; monitor them below for the latest appearance schedule ( Chumlee can be found most job Weds - Sunday native 12-4pm at his liquid shop in Pawn Plaza beginning at noon (

Visiting family or friend in Vegas? Make certain to lug them follow me as locals gain expedited access to the shop and get some an excellent discounts at particular Pawn Plaza merchants.


We have actually recently partnered v Annie Bannanie tours to market our fans the ultimate "Pawn Stars" experience! all guests room guaranteed a personal meet and greet with either Rick, Chumlee or Corey in which they can gain their photo taken, asking questions and have them authorize autographs. Guests will likewise visit the houses of "Counting Cars,""Welder Up," Shelby American and "Pawn Stars" experienced Jeremy"s keep "Ultimate Sports and also Memorabilia!"

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What You have the right to Expect

Las vegas Reality show VIP tour Guest will visit the renowned Gold & silver- Pawn Shop, residence of the hit TV present "Pawn Stars." spend time viewing distinct items prefer rare dinosaur bones, an Egyptian mask, silver coins published with Pawn Star characters and also more. Then head "behind the scenes" to see the inner working of the well known pawn shop and learn more about exactly how production of the present goes on a usual day. The tour culminates v an separation, personal, instance meet and also greet with among the guys and also a Q&A session.

Cruise by Pawn Stars constant Danny Koker"s automobile restoration and also customization company, Count"s Kustoms, home to the present "Counting Cars". There, guest will certainly preview Danny"s an individual collection that cars, which contains a europe Lamborghini Countach, a Cadillac Hearse Limo, GT 350 Fastback, 81" Corvette…to to speak the least!

You"ve viewed the experts on Pawn Stars and during her tour, you"ll visit some of the expert"s shops. You"ll pop right into Ultimate sports Cards & Memorabilia, residence to professional Jeremy Brown. As the surname suggests, this store carries a wide selection of sports cards and also related collectibles prefer autographed jerseys and baseballs.

Last, but not least, guests will protect against by the no traditional vehicle customization shop Welder Up, house of the discovery Channel television present "Vegas Rat Rods." Owner Steve Darnell draft award-winning rat rods which have earned the attention of nationwide publications including hot Rod Magazine, Diesel human being Magazine and Rat stick Magazine.

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Transport through air-conditioned mini-coach Driver/guideBottled waterLive comment on boardGuaranteed come skip the lines and entrance feesVIP Badge


Gratuities (recommended)

Additional Info

Confirmation will be obtained at time the bookingA moderate quantity of wade is involvedNot recommended for infantsAside from "Pawn Stars" the possibility to meet and greet various other shows" stars is no guaranteed. Inside tours rely upon filming schedule.Rick"s Restorations is closed on Saturdays. It will certainly be changed by a prevent at the non-traditional car customization shop Welder Up.

Departure point

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Pick-Up Locations and Departure times

Tropicana – 12:30pm endowment Island – 12:45pm Circus Circus – 1pm


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