A new season of My 600-Lb. Life adheres to a year in the stays of 13 morbidly obese individuals as they attempt to rotate their lives around

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My 600-Lb. Life is earlier for season 9, and also the stakes space life-and-death for 13 morbidly obese glossesweb.com who wish to rotate their lives around.

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In this exclusive clip because that the new season, which premieres November 10. Each episode adheres to a year in the lives of this individuals, as they acquire candid about their food addictions, the result struggles and their journeys to a healthier life.

"Every day, I inquiry whether or no I have to keep going prefer this," states 35-year-old Margaret Johnson together she details the ache she endures on a daily basis, weighing in in ~ 750 lbs. "I'm hurting," she states through tears.

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The topics of season 9 open up around a myriad of health struggles, consisting of depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and lymphedema. "My human body is crushing itself," claims Bianca Hayes, 36, that weighs 604 lbs.

"I think other glossesweb.com take for granted the capability to just move and not be in pain all the time," another man says.

The truth of the instance sets in for Nathan, 35, (607 lbs.) and also Amber Prater, 39, (502 lbs.) a couple who access time Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. "This is your life," Dr. Now tells them. "You're throwing that away, killing yourself for the food. If you store this up, ns guarantee you, neither of you will be here five years from now."

"If other doesn't change, I will either be a widow or I'll be divorced," Amber states in a confessional.

Bianca Hayes, 36, also has the support of her husband in her weight-loss journey. "Can friend imagine being an Arabian horse, strong, prepared to run? but you're grounding in the human body of one elephant," that says, explicate his wife's struggle.

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The roadway ahead presents many obstacles for the stars that season 9, however with the help of their families and loved ones, they're up because that the fight.



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