Following five successful seasons, Chip and Joanna Gaines determined to end the present in 2018.The pair is return to the silver display screen with Fixer Upper: Welcome residence on discovery+.

Fixer top fans asked, and also Chip and Joanna Gaines delivered: The powerhouse couple is return to TV with four all-new episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

After giving 56 dwellings their lovely farmhouse treatment, the Gaines" hung up their tool belts in 2018 to emphasis on widening their Magnolia brand and also family (They invited their fifth child in June of the year.). Now, the couple is all set to go back to the spotlight, yet this time they"re doing it on their very own terms: The show"s brand-new season will be produced by their manufacturing company, remote Nil, and air on discovery+, a brand-new streaming company with a roster of reflects from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, pet Planet and also more.

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Here"s whatever we know about Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

When go the new season that Fixer top start?

Fixer Upper: Welcome home will premiere top top discovery+ top top Friday, January 29 with an episode titled, "A Neglected home For Newlyweds." indigenous that allude forward, a brand-new episode will certainly air every Friday through February 19.

The display will at some point be accessible exclusively ~ above Magnolia Network, a new channel with Chip and also Jo in ~ the helm. Magnolia Network is slated to launch in 2021.

What can fans suppose from the new season?

Everything Fixer Upper is well-known for — shiplap, Demo Days, and also Chip"s funny antics — will be earlier in the upcoming season of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. "In a many ways, the display is walking to pick up right where that left off," Chip created in a blog post. "These year in between have taught united state a lot around ourselves and also how we run best, therefore we’re likely to do a few things a little differently this time around."

Here"s the main show description from Magnolia Network: "Chip and also Jo are earlier with brand-new ideas for transforming outdated dwellings into jaw-dropping, innovative life spaces. Having increased their business (and your family), the Gaineses currently juggle an ext while renovating, which keeps things unpredictable."

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home has actually a comparable look and feel to your old show, as presented in this two-minute trailer.

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Is Fixer Upper: Welcome Home still casting for the brand-new season?

In short, yes! If you own a residence in or near Waco, Texas, climate you might be eligible for remodel through Chip and also Jo. Fixer top also needs you to:

Be 21 year or olderHave a $50k minimum remodeling budgetBe ready to come hand over an imaginative control come Chip and also Joanna Gaines, their design and construction teams, and Magnolia NetworkBe able come vacate the property throughout the renovation, i m sorry is supposed to start in fall 2020

If you accomplish the over requirements and also are interested in applying, click here.

What have Chip and also Joanna said around the show"s return?

Interestingly enough, Chip mutual in a blog post that the pair originally swore turn off returning come Fixer Upper ~ they said goodbye in 2018. Then as they started dreaming increase the Magnolia Network, "it dawned on united state the we want to be a part of this lineup with a new season the Fixer Upper."

To Chip, it"s simple: "The thing about Fixer Upper was that we obtained to do the work-related we love appropriate alongside all of you. Every week, we could feel you cheering on these family members from the various other side of the screen. And the point is we’ve to let go sharing this stories v you."


Now the the brand-new season is a reality, castle "feel like a couple of youngsters trying our best to store down a couple of butterflies." more than anything, they room "just giddy around getting the band ago together again for this reason we can share the story of this families and also their dwellings with you."

How deserve to I clock Fixer Upper: Welcome Home?

Magnolia Network was originally collection to beginning on October 4, but it was pushed back due come the pandemic. At this time, it"s unclear once Magnolia Network will officially launch, yet it"s still intended to take it over because that the DIY channel at some time in 2021.

Chip and Joanna didn"t desire to keep their pan waiting, i beg your pardon is why they room partnering up through discovery+ to air the first couple of episodes that Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. Starting January 29, you have the right to watch one illustration each mainly on the new streaming subscription service. Some Verizon customers may be eligible for a 6 or 12-month discovery+ cost-free trial — examine your eligibility here. Everyone else deserve to score a seven-day complimentary trial before choosing between two payment options: $4.99/month for a arrangement with advertisements, or $6.99/month because that no ads.

At that is launch, discovery+ provides 55,000 episodes from over 2,500 shows, including favorites from TLC, HGTV, Food Network, OWN, Lifetime, and more. There"s also plenty an ext Chip and also Joanna to enjoy: girlfriend can obtain a preview of all of the new Magnolia Network reflects coming transparent the year and also stream weekly illustration of Magnolia Table v Joanna Gaines, a show that takes you into the Gaines" kitchen.

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