Do you love HGTV? Of food you do. That doesn’t love watching all the residence shows and also seeing the new decor patterns or what residential or commercial property values are in various parts of the country? Or better yet, you clock to view the large reveal at the end. Even if it is it’s a renovation show or a home hunting display there’s always the large reveal at the end. Have you ever before wondered how human being end increase on those shows and also what that is favor to film a “reality” TV show? Here’s my experience of 30 minute of fame native HGTV’s Beachfront cheap Hunt on the external Banks.

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My road to TV fame started back in November the 2015. It to be a common day in ~ the office. Ns was sitting at my workdesk working away once I was interrupted through the phone call ringing. It was a number i did no know, but it come up as a brand-new York number. Because we have many civilization from brand-new York the buy and sell holidays rental or 2nd homes ~ above the Outer banks I to be excited the it can be a contact for a new listing or a the person who lives interested in purchasing. It to be neither.

The phone contact was from a production company called Magilla. They film the display Beachfront bargain Hunt that airs top top HGTV. They defined that they to be going to be filming in my area and wanted to know if I would be interested in filming an episode of the show for them. Ns was ecstatic! They described the process and the criteria, and also my adventure began.

The search for the Perfect Client

The search began for the perfect customer to film the present with me. The style of the show follows a couple or family members that is looking come buy a beach house on a budget. A real estate agent shows the buyers several homes and then they expose their an option at the end. Typically people use for this show and also are prepared. Indigenous what I know most human being are top top the show due to the fact that either they are the buyer, have bought your home already and submit their story and home to be on the display or a genuine estate agent uses on instead of of your buyers the are already under contract or have actually recently purchased. Yet I to be sought out and was taken totally off guard.

I had actually 2 months to submit my customer choice to the production company. Because this is a show around finding a bargain I to be up versus some challenging criteria. My buyer had to it is in under contract or had actually to have recently purchased their home. The property had actually to be waterfront or have actually a water view. And the price had to be under $400,000.

If you recognize a point or two around Outer financial institutions Real Estate, you know that to uncover something waterfront for under $400,000 is not simple task. At the time I had actually a grasp of buyers i was working with all of which to be in the market for houses over $600,000 so plainly they weren’t going to occupational with the budget plan restrictions. Every day ns hoped the phone would ring and it would certainly be a new client that want to to buy a home with a water view and their spending plan was just $400,000.

As mine deadline approached i still did not have actually a buyer that met all the criteria. Ns felt a small bit of heartbreak over potentially miss out ~ above this great opportunity.

One an excellent Idea adjusted Everything

One job in so late January i was driving residence from photographing a house in Kill adversary Hills and the idea suddenly hit me. I called my husband, Andy, right away and also told him the I had actually a an excellent idea because that the show. He to be a little hesitant as few of my concepts can it is in a tiny out there sometimes, yet he patiently listened. Ns told him we have to do the show. He to be confused. I explained that we personally met all the criteria for the show. The asked me that the genuine estate agent would be if we were the ones acting together the buyer. I nicely reminded him the we taken place to be actual estate agents and also we could do the show representing oneself in to buy a new home.

Andy and I stayed in Corolla for 9 years and had just recently moved to Kitty Hawk. Our son, Charlie, was gaining ready to start kindergarten and also we want him to attend Kitty eagle Elementary school so us made the decision to move from Corolla come Kitty Hawk. Because we are genuine estate agents we represented ourselves in purchase our brand-new home. And also our house fit all the criteria. That was not waterfront, however we do have a water view.

Andy i agree that us didn’t desire to miss out on out top top filming and also suggested I speak it over through our casting producer to watch what lock thought. Later that day ns sent an e-mail to the production agency with mine idea and they said they would have actually to get approval indigenous HGTV directly since it did no fit their common format of having actually a couple and a real estate agent. The following day i received an e-mail from the producer speak HGTV loved the idea and also wanted to proceed. Currently that the an initial hurdle was jumped, it was then on to the truth that i was going to movie a show for HGTV!!

Filming Began

Fast forward to march of 2016 and also it was finally time come film. I had actually no idea what come expect. The production agency tried to prep us as lot as possible in advance, however it is fully different to actually be there v the crew in human being with cameras and also lights and also fuzzy microphones in mine face and people everywhere. It took 4 days to film our episode. Us did 12-14 hours of filming each day and also it to be exhausting come say the least. Yet what an remarkable experience.

We filmed in March, yet they wanted us to act together if it to be summer. Us had solid winds and cold temps throughout our 4 days of filming, yet we were in shower suits ~ above the beach and in shorts and also sleeveless tops. Our teeth were chattering and also our bodies to be shivering, however somehow we controlled to smile through it all and get it done.

Since we had currently purchased our home, the section of the show that has actually us looking at various homes was much more of an example of what we would have actually done and not actual dwellings we taken into consideration buying. Before we purchase our home we walk look at countless homes everywhere Southern Shores, Duck and Kitty Hawk prior to finally buying the home we did. So they simply recreated the process and we filmed in houses that can have been alternatives we would certainly have thought about that every fit the criteria the the show.

We additionally decided the filming the show would have actually been much easier if we had actually a script that we could have memorized. We would certainly walk right into a house and also they would film our initial reaction and also comments and then they would ask united state to the again for this reason they can get a various camera angle. And, “oh yeah please repeat what you simply said.” we were constantly questioning “What did we say?” together it was difficult to remember whatever we had just said around what we were seeing. For each room and also house we had actually to movie it at the very least 2-4 various times therefore they can get different angles the us and also the room. And that doesn’t counting all the time they’d yell “CUT” since something wasn’t best or we said something we weren’t supposed to.

We had particular words or phrases that were banned. You never realize how often you to speak a specific word or phrase until you’re called you can not say it. Mine word was nice. I was not enabled to say the word nice. Ns quickly discovered that ns really favor to say the word nice. They allow a few slide here and there, yet we had to start numerous scenes over.

We spent many of someday doing what they dubbed interview scenes. The was just the two of us sitting what answering concerns that you don’t hear asked once watching. We visited a few local restaurants (thank you black color Pelican and Blue allude for hosting us!), sat on an oceanfront deck(thanks to a wonderful client that enabled us to film at his home) and also had numerous scenes of united state driving in our car. The ar producer would certainly ask united state a question. We would have to repeat the concern in our answer and then elaborate. It was the same procedure for these interview scenes as it was for the house hunting scenes. We would go through all the questions, think we were done, and also they would certainly say that was an excellent now let’s execute it again from an additional angle. It to be grueling in ~ times, yet again, an exceptional experience.

There were several fun scenes the we got to movie too. Charlie got to walk hang gliding off Jockey’s Ridge, us went tubing and boating in the sound, us played at the coast (and in the freeze cold ocean!) and we went cruising in our 1968 Mustang convertible to walk crabbing and then had a crab feast through steamed blue crabs in the backyard the our brand-new home.

On the fourth day the filming, ~ a small over 12 hours, us were finally done. Among the cameramen has actually been top top the production team because the show started several years ago. The told united state he has filmed thousands of episodes and has never filmed an episode quite choose ours before. In the common format the the show, when the real estate certified dealer is filming, the buyers have actually a break. When the buyers are filming climate the agent has actually a break. Since we to be both the agents and also the buyers we had actually to carry out it all.

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When it was anywhere we were exhausted and excited. But then the waiting video game began. The production company wasn’t sure once the illustration was going come air, yet told us it could be 10 to 12 months. They to be right!

Our episode ultimately aired top top HGTV top top Sunday January 8th, 2017. Originally, we were called it would be so late January, but they relocated our illustration up to early January. This provided us very small time to obtain the word the end to ours friends, family, and clients. There will certainly be a 2nd airing of the present in the near future. If friend missed the show in January and also would favor to be educated of the next airing, you re welcome send me an email. I’d it is in happy to let you recognize when that airs again.

Have you ever wanted to be on HGTV? If so, call me. Ns have been in talks through a production agency to movie 4 much more episodes. The criteria is a little bit different, but if you space thinking of to buy a residence in the Outer banks we would certainly love to be part of her story!