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You more than likely recognize Maddie Ziegler from her newly-minted function as "Mini Sia" in a slew that videos and live performances by the Grammy-winning Aussie singer. Or perhaps it's her occupational with the upstream Abby Lee Dance company on the highly bingeable life time reality collection Dance Moms. However you most likely didn't know that, at the ripe age of 12, she's additionally a bona fide beauty expert. One look at her Instagram (run by her mom, natch), will reveal snaps that the young talent doling out tips come her three million-plus followers, v the savviness of a seasoned beauty, beauty editor.

As it transforms out, in the midst of a grueling practice schedule, Ziegler makes time to carry out her own hair and makeup for performances, and also that of her younger sister, Mackenzie (pictured below), likewise a dancer top top the show. I recently had actually the satisfied of recording up through the pint-sized rising star—with her small sis in tow—at the glossesweb.com offices, and also she bequeathed me some gold nuggets of beauty, beauty wisdom that she's picked up throughout her 10-year-long career as a vain dancer. Below, nine things I learned.

1. Embrace setup spray."I put it on after I apply makeup to save it intact, and it renders it stay on forever. Urban Decay setting Spray ($30; ulta.com) is my go-to."

3. Spray her hair before curling it."It hold the curls much much better . I also flip my hair upside under after curling that to do looser waves. The Bombay Curling Wand ($160; bombayhair.com) walk a an excellent job through curls."



5. Never ever underestimate the strength of long-term lipstick. "When i perform, I use Lime Crime's Unicorn Lipstick ($18; limecrime.com). That takes a while to come off, but you never have to reapply."

6. Once in doubt, use a heavy-duty assembly remover."Spirit Gum Remover ($6; amazon.com) is pretty much the only thing the will totally remove challenge paint."

7. Placing on a wig is no as straightforward as that looks.

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"Before I placed on the Sia wig, us braid my entirety head, put it in a spiral bun, then put on a wig cap, pin it, placed on the yes, really wig, then add more pins. It harms really badly sometimes."

8. Naimie's is beauty mecca."It has every little thing you can imagine. I can be in there all day. It's favor Sephora times a thousand."

9. Expensive makeup is worth the bank. "If it's on your face, it should make you feeling great. Plus, it's more pigmented."