Has anybody ever told you, “You should obtain your son on TV!”? In mine experience, kids who perform well in commercials space the people that have actually a memorable face and also a memorable personality. These same kids are keen to obtain involved, perhaps since they have actually a friend the goes come auditions, and have heard about how lot they reap it.

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What us Look For

Advertising functions from a location of inspiration and storytelling. Us are frequently recreating tiny life moments in family or institution scenarios. Some children are naturally drawn to the structure of this stories, they might be voracious readers, ‘wise beyond their years’ and curious observers of people and also situations. They have the right to embody the hero-kid spirit that is proud and fearless, a soul that we find ourselves rooting for, perhaps due to the fact that they seem choose adults in their smallest forms! Or, the kid is an ext of a ‘one that a kind’ quirky character favor the youngsters in “Stranger Things”; they room self-possessed, curious, and fully original.

In addition, I also look for children who are already on a an innovative path with training in the arts, musical theatre, on-camera scene research classes, dance, or sports. Castle have emerged discipline and also are maybe to follow instructions and type ideas. They recognize what makes themselves unique and enjoy the difficulty of performing ~ above demand. They are not difficult on themselves and also are open up to the random facet of improv and comfortable gift the centre of attention on camera. Castle might additionally be affiliated in institution plays or be producing their own social media content for YouTube and want come share their creative thinking further v auditioning because that commercials and also film/tv. Working with an agent, going to auditions and working on collection is a natural progression because that them together performers, and for your families.


Lastly, children need come be themselves with full confidence, even in stressful moments. They can not fluster easily, must have actually a good sense that humour and also a spark that deserve to make everyone about them smile! Often, these kids are natural leaders, or have actually boundless an innovative ideas and also imagination.

When a child has all the correctly aligned elements of character, talent, drive, interest, confidence, and experience, I can do my task and collection up auditions. I watch auditioning as a very important part of the artist’s journey. However, it’s important that the parents likewise understand their function in this endeavour – namely getting their boy to the audition! The parents are a huge component of the child’s success together a experienced actor, as the parental must be able to pick increase their kids in the middle of the day, take it them come auditions and also make it fun. ~ the audition, the parents must aid their son to ‘let things go’ ~ the audition, to return to their continual life, knowing that castle did your best and the remainder is ‘out of your hands’.



Auditions are generally run by warm, familiar industry specialists who want the children to execute well. There are no Simon Cowell’s in the room! The success, happiness and professionalism that the kids reflects fine on the casting directors as real and inspired options to current to the production team. A successful audition may result in being shortlisted for a callback. With the producer/director and creative team in the audition room directing the session, the case needs a boy who can handle us on need with adults. A successful child additionally must be able to handle rejection, there is no letting it impact their self esteem or enthusiasm. This is wherein acting maintain is vital for lock to check out the procedure as a an imaginative exercise and a fun outing with mom or Dad. The goal is to feel good about the audition or to have the ability to constructively analyze exactly how they can strategy an audition differently the next time!


On the Set

Once the boy actor is ~ above the set, they will certainly shoot with a team of professionals whose job it is to complete their look for the function they room playing with makeup, hair, and wardrobe. There is a lot of technical collection up v lights, cameras, sets and also then the child must be prepared for some serious focus as the director will ask them to reproduce a step over and also over till they get the perfect moment that brings the story together. Over there is, that course, numerous waiting because that the actors till they are ready to role again! The adage the ‘hurry up and also wait’, way that everyone demands to it is in patient in between scenes and then prepared to placed all your energy and also focus ago into the scene when they are lastly ready to shoot again.


Is this for my Child?

It can be difficult to know if your son is suited towards every one of these variables, yet some great signs space there if they: are generally the an initial one with their hand increase to do in school, if lock love entertaining in ~ home, have actually wild imaginations or prefer telling funny stories. This are few of the “Tells” that indicate a boy would be suited to the service of acting. The fearlessness in trying brand-new things is illuminating once you watch a child walk into an audition room (without their parent) and be their natural, wonderful selves, there is no pause. If your boy doesn’t take it rejection personal or feel stress if they aren’t booking, this might mean you have a demonstrate in the family. Parental support is key to making it fun; furthermore to assist your child evaluation the audition constructively, and also to allow it walk if they didn’t acquire the part!

As a parent, I know the actual commitment the takes to support your child. Together a veteran agent to several of the top youngsters working in film/tv, I can say this is a labour of pure belief and commitment sustaining them ~ above this journey. This service requires parents to take their son out of school for booked auditions. The main casting studios are located about Main and Broadway.


Auditions need to be a fun endure without stress. However, please be aware that these auditions are in the daytime, and we are offered the an alert for auditions the work (or also the night) before. If your child is shortlisted, there will be a callback, and also if your child is booked, the shoot dates average 1-2 job on set. It is vital that the child has parent(s), family members members, or a guardian, who can drive and support them without including to the tension of missed institution or work and to do it a confident experience. The goal is to be available, excited, and also to gain to an audition and attend v ease!

It bring away a special schedule come accommodate this requests as commercials space on a tight manufacturing deadline with frequently last minute, or also same job requests or changes. If spreading has selected your child for one audition, these should be attended and given pure priority. You will certainly be provided a details time to attend the audition. Please remember that spreading has regularly reviewed thousands of submissions come hand choose a an option of talent that they think suit the duty they must cast. Audition sessions are set up as per a specific schedule based on when casting tapes need to be received by the an innovative ad team.


On average, one audition will certainly take one hour at the spreading studio and also you will require to element in your travel expense and also time to get to there from your home. Performers room not paid to audition; the performer will only receive payment if castle book. you re welcome remember, that while some kids can it is in lucky enough to publication right far (maybe because the perfect part came along at the right time), for most beginners it might take dozens the auditions/callbacks to publication a job. That, that course, is the can be fried goal because that a functioning performer and for encouraging parents! as a manager, the instant goals for me is to acquire you and your child familiar with the process so they have the right to walk into the room prepared, and also walk out of the room, v a skip in your step, ready to go back to their regular life!

How that Works

When upcoming projects are posted, my task is to enhance the talent come the duty and provide my suggestions to Casting. Casting will then choose who lock would choose to see for daytime auditions the next day. I will email the simple information with a quick development (a slate: the child’s full name, age and agency). In ~ the audition, the talent is regularly asked a simple question to show their personality and/or they might be asked to act out a little scenario with other actors (kids or adults). This procedure needs a son who can improvise and just be themselves, ~ above demand, in any kind of group setting. Auditions are recorded to show an actor’s: camera awareness, emoting, and also other acting an abilities like; saying lines naturally, and also showing a basic knowledge of slang such together ’slate’, ’action’ and ‘cut’.


Safeguards for boy Actors

There are safeguards in location for children working in the film/tv and also a an overview of this regulations and also best techniques is ~ above the Provincial BC federal government site, under “What Parents have to Know around the film Industry”.

My project as a talent agent is to carefully review the terms of each project and also to both advocate for, and also educate my actors. Many commercials come through pre-set terms that ns will interact to you through your audition request. I supply talent only to the top casting teams and trusted production companies the have remained in the service for decades, functioning on campaigns destined for timeless broadcast TV and brand-new media.

Submitting our Talent

There are a variety of services the agents & spreading communicate on for projects. The most usual one used locally has actually beenhttp://www.castingworkbook.com/ which is a successful, user-paid service.

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I’m pleased to be amongst the very first to notice a recently launched spreading database in Canada: https://corp.castingnetworks.com/ca/ We room excited to have actually this an effective database, supplied by every major Hollywood studio & network in ours wheelhouse. V my agent code, we have the right to register our talent v a straightforward profile because that free, and submit come commercials and beyond!



If you think your kid will execute well in this environment and you are all set to assistance your child throughout the process, please view the submissions page for the following step!


About The Author

Pamela wise is a Vancouver-based talent agent who sees v her love & adheres to her intuition. She is passionate around matching fabulous human beings to creative concepts. She to trust that we all bring a story within us that have the right to spark one on-screen personality to life; inspiring heart-based story informing & new authenticity.