So I've been working for around a month now. The first pair of weeks they placed me in the front acquisition orders and collecting money. Lately, they've been placing me in Drive-thru a lot of more. The mcdonalds I occupational at is really really busy. I have to take order while in ~ the exact same time collect the money from the cars. It's frustrating due to the fact that I haven't yet figured out a multi-tasking device that works. Go anyone have any type of tips? should taking orders be prioritized end collecting the money?

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Keeping the line relocating should be her priority, ergo: prioritize acquisition money. However you have to definitely try to number out miscellaneous that functions for friend as much as multitasking goes. I'll typically see if the customer at the window has a map or cash, if card: begin taking next order while handling the card. Cash is a small more complicated and can take a bit getting used to acquisition cash and orders at the very same time, but it's doable. The large thing is getting over the psychological block that you can't be doing anything else while taking an order. Once you number that the end it becomes a breeze, great luck!

Don't feel bad around it, I've gone to McDonald's for virtually 3 years and I cannot take orders and also collect money in ~ the very same time, i tried it and I feel prefer I acquired a small too stressed the end counting money and also simultaneously psychic the orders and also than I would mess increase a bunch of times, so ns don't try to do it anymore due to the fact that personally I would certainly rather do what's comfortable because that me and get it right, there's also a couple of other world at my save that can't perform it one of two people which make me feel a little better about myself :p

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I've learned to do both in ~ the exact same time. Greet the client at the speaker then while the customer is ordering, take it the money native the car. Easily put in the items being ordered while taking the money or charging the customer's card. Climate just easily turn turn off the mic if you desire to talk to the human being at the window. The just time this doesn't work-related is when the customer at the home window tries to speak to friend or desires to stimulate some an ext things.

It's it's just you functioning with few of your bois tell everyone that you can only take it cash, then break-up it up when u near