Stand among the fearless leaders of the Army. The ones through the field of expertise to confidently overview missions because that our nation’s success.

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2nd Lt. Joan Serna, Capt. Ricardo Romo and 1st Lt. Daniel Hernandez, spain female and also male policemans wearing dress blues standing together outside during the day. 2nd Lt. Joan Serna, Capt. Ricardo Romo and first Lt. Daniel Hernandez, spain female and male policemans wearing dress blues standing with each other outside during the day.
as a commissioned Officer, you’re not only connected in leading, problem-solving, and also planning because that upcoming missions, yet you’re also empowered to do decisions that influence the stays of people across the globe.Lead through authority and respectApply progressed skills, knowledge, and also experience Plan and also guide missionsTrain and mentor a team

Group speak to ROTC cadet on campus Group talks to ROTC cadet ~ above campus
earn college scholarships, build leadership skills, and advancement your military career while on campus v the military Reserve Officers" maintain Corps (ROTC).Graduate v a for sure career together a i was delegated U.S. Army OfficerStart in ~ the rank of second lieutenantComplete basic Combat Training and also Officer Candidate institution on summer rest

Military academy in ~ West point graduation Military academy at West allude graduation
Prepare to lead while earning a level from the prestigious U.S. Military Academy in ~ West Point.Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in an immersive military environment meant to construct leaders of characterReceive a totally funded, four-year college education and learning plus an annual stipend the $10,000+Enter the army as a distinguished member that the army communityApplicants should request nomination from a U.S. Congressman or Senator

Instructor MSG Chico wearing OCP teaching inside a classroom of ROTC Cadets Instructor MSG Chico put on OCP teaching within a great of ROTC Cadets
Officer Candidate college is an intensive program designed for enlisted Soldiers and also civilians v college degrees to earn a the supervisory board to end up being an Officer.Join the Army’s 12-week Officer maintain programUtilize your undergraduate degree to advancement rankRefine her leadership skills and gain the chance to command Soldiers

African-American female surgeon wearing scrubs performing surgery on patient with colleague in hospital operating room African-American female surgeon wearing scrubs performing surgery on patient v colleague in hospital operation room
pick to apply your knowledge and skill come a career through meaning. A direct commission appoints civilians with experienced experience straight to one Officer rank.Utilize your professional expertise to become a leader in the ArmyJoin a mission with a purposeWork in cutting edge facilities around the world

Enlisted Soldiers demonstrating unparalleled technical an abilities can knife a location in Warrant Officer Candidate school (WOCS), wherein they’ll attain the location of Warrant Officer and serve as tactical experts and also advisors for strategic missions.Warrant Officers help shape policy and also advise on specialized missionsEnlisted Soldiers can be recruited to use to the institution after two years of serviceCandidates will certainly deepen their skills in your specialty and prepare come instruct and also advise others

Your rank as a i was delegated Officer shows not only your salary grade, but also the lot of obligation you hold.

Start by top platoon-sized devices of 16 come 44 Soldiers in entry-level management roles, working your way up to gift responsible because that as numerous as 1,000 Soldiers. 2nd lieutenantFirst lieutenantCaptainMajor

Advance in location to command battalion and also brigade-sized systems of anywhere in between 300 and 3,200 Soldiers, to ultimately lead division-sized devices of 10,000 come 16,000 soldiers.Lieutenant colonelColonelBrigadier generalMajor general

once you become an Officer in the Army, your opportunity for growth doesn’t stop. You’ll create a fulfilling lifelong career while still having actually many methods for development and training. Becoming an Officer will certainly also help you if you decide to go into the civilian workforce, as employers location a high worth on employees who have the right to lead others in stressful situations.

It depends on which path you choose. If you select to become an Officer with the military Reserve Officers’ training Corps (ROTC) or the U.S. Army Academy in ~ West Point, you’ll come to be an Officer ~ completing 4 years that college. V Officer Candidate school (OCS), you’re commissioned as an Army 2nd lieutenant after completing the 12-week course, yet you still have to earn a four-year level from one accredited university. If you sign up with through direct commission, you’re automatically an Officer once you get in the Army, however your commission might still be dependent upon completion of details courses and also certifications pertained to your branch.

Army Officer salaries room generally comparable with mid-level come senior-level this firm executives. Officers are additionally eligible for other benefits together as military housing and health care, which can have additional financial value.

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Yes, the one simple requirement to become an Officer is that you must have a bachelor’s degree—not necessarily at the begin of the process, but by the moment you’re i was delegated as one Officer. If girlfriend don’t have actually a level yet, the eco-friendly to Gold regime is a means for enlisted Soldiers to knife a commission together an army Officer after completing a bachelor’s degree or a two-year graduate degree.