Andrew Lincoln is the perfect stack Grimes ~ above The wade Dead. However did you recognize that Lincoln practically didn’t gain the part? The walking Dead‘s initial Showrunner may have had actually someone rather in mind. Plus, there to be several big Hollywood names attached come the part, consisting of one of your favorites from The walking Dead.

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Let’s begin with one of your favorites indigenous the show, Jon Bernthal. Bernthal initially auditioned because that the component of rick Grimes. The original Showrunner and also the human responsible because that bringing The wade Dead, come television, Fank Darabont, had actually Bernthal audition side-by-side with Lincoln. Darabont also had the pair audition sitting together in a car, eat burgers. Bernthal, ultimately, to be awarded the part of Shane and also lasted two periods on the present until his character was killed.

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Bernthal would go on to play Frank lock in Netflix’s very acclaimed The Punisher TV series and a slew that other an excellent roles.

Speaking the Darabont and also The Punisher, originally he want his front collaborator, cutting board Jane, come star together Rick. Jane is best known for play Frank lock a.k.a. The Punisher in the function film.


Darabont had actually collaborated v Thomas mrs on the Stephen King adaptation The Mist. If that film sounds acquainted or you feel like there might be some various other familiar encounters in it from The walking Dead, then you are a spot-on super-fan! Melissa McBride (Carol) and also Laurie Holden (Andrea) both had actually roles in The Mist.

Darabont had actually originally tried to market The walking Dead come HBO (my word, how amazing would certainly the show had to be on HBO – can’t you just hear Negan now?). As soon as Darabont pitched it come HBO, thomas Jane was actually all collection to beat the part of stack Grimes! Whoa! happy for us all, HBO walk not move forward through the show. Instead, Darabont sold it come AMC and also with thomas Jane now no longer available, because of being collection to star in the show, Hung, it was important to uncover a brand-new star to play stack Grimes.

Other actors that auditioned for Rick Grimes contained Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber; League of particularly Gentlemen star Stuart Townsend; and Mark Pellegrino (Lost).

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And guess what? There to be one an ext actor that was top top The walking Dead that nearly played stack Grimes too! Ethan Embry, star the Can’t solid Wait. He later came on come play the character, Carter, who, if pan remember, didn’t make it too far on the show.


We’re definitely thrilled v the method the occasions unfolded and landing ~ above Andrew Lincoln together the star of The walking Dead. Now, it’s time to get those rick Grimes movies to the huge screen!

What room your think on these actors? let us know in the comment below!

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